Comparing Live Sports Betting with Traditional Betting

There are many avenues open to people who like to spend money on sports betting.

Not only can you look at the latest NFL betting lines for games and other outcomes, but you can also bet on sports matches in real-time.

There is even virtual sports betting, where you bet on virtual events or e-sports. Whether you have an interest in real sports or virtual sports, you may want to have a better understanding of live betting.

Below is an analysis of live betting and an explanation of its differences from traditional betting on sports games and other events.

What is Live Sports Betting?

The concept of live sports betting is that you are putting a wager on a game as it happens. You are not only experiencing changing odds as various in-game events occur, but you are able to make bets on the fly as you see the game unfold in front of you.

Gamblers have a great attraction towards live sports betting, as there is an adrenaline rush associated with betting in real-time. You are not taking your time to think about how a game may unfold – you are making a snap judgment at that moment and putting your money on the line.

The specifics of how you can live sports bet depends on the online casino you join. Each casino or sports betting site has its own rules, which determine how often you can bet live on a game and how quickly the odds refresh.

Betting on Various In-Game Actions

Live sports betting is not only about gambling on the outcome of a game but the prediction of various events that may happen in-game. Say you are watching a soccer game, and a player gets a yellow card within the first five minutes. You may want to put in a quick bet on that player getting a red card, as you believe they will commit other offenses as the game unfolds.

Such in-game bets can be a lot of fun, while they are also a way to make money when you have expertise in a particular sport. If you watch a lot of games from a specific sport or league, you have in-depth knowledge that should help you predict specific in-game actions.

Even if you are not great at predicting the winner of a match, you can make money by correctly guessing what specific in-game events will happen.

Live Betting vs. Traditional Sports Betting

There is a significant difference between betting on sports live and betting before a game starts. When you engage in traditional sports betting, you assess the odds of matches pre-game and put your money on the result you believe is most likely to occur.

You can also bet on specific in-game events before a match, but such betting options are usually limited compared to live betting. Another difference is that with traditional betting, you cannot take advantage of fluctuating odds on a team to win or lose.

Maybe you are watching a basketball game between a fancied team and an underdog. The favorite may have short odds pre-game, but then they are behind by 15 points at the end of the first quarter. Now, the odds of the underdog winning are shorter, while the pre-game favorite is at longer odds. You could bet on that team if you believe they can make a comeback and make a lot of money.

Avoid Chasing Your Bets During a Live Event

One of the issues gamblers can experience when live sports betting is called “chasing your bets.” That phrase means that you placed a bet pre-match or early in the game, which was not successful, and now you are continuing to place more bets in a bid to even out your results from that game.

Chasing your bets is a huge mistake, as you are not thinking clearly during a game when you have already made one or two unsuccessful bets. You are reeling from losing a wager, and you will over-bet on another in-game event in the hopes of breaking even or netting a profit.

Rather than trying to chase your bets during a game, you should decide beforehand how many bets you will make as the match unfolds. If you make one or two bets, and they are unsuccessful, call it quits for that game. Try again the next day, and you are likely to have much better luck.

Betters who know when to walk away and when to bet are the ones who make the most money in the long term.

Bet Responsibly in Real-Time

One of the challenges for people who are betting in real-time is that they have to be very careful about how much money they spend on a particular wager.

When you are watching a game live, whether in person or on television, you are in the heat of the moment. You may even consume one or two alcoholic beverages during the game, which clouds your judgment.

Ensure you set limits on how much you will gamble when you are live sports betting. If you have pre-agreed limits, you are not going to overspend on any wager.

Remember that you are betting to have fun and enjoy yourself, not to try to make a profit.

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