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Every Details of Trump’s Legal Lioness Jenna Ellis in 2023 [Biography]

Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis has become one of the most prominent and controversial figures in former President Donald Trump’s inner circle, serving as his campaign advisor and personal attorney. Her fierce loyalty and outspoken defense of Trump has earned her nicknames like “legal lioness” from supporters and fiery criticism from detractors.

In this article, we will discuss who exactly Jenna Ellis is and how she became so close to Trump.

Who is Jenna Ellis?

jenna ellis

Jenna Ellis is a constitutional law attorney, political pundit, and former professor. Born in 1975, she grew up in Colorado and attended Colorado Technical University. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and a Master’s in Legal Studies. Ellis went on to earn her Juris Doctor degree at the University of Richmond in 2007.

After law school, Ellis clerked for the Supreme Court of Colorado before entering private practice. She specialized in municipal law, acting as a prosecutor for multiple Colorado jurisdictions and a city attorney for Weld County.

Ellis’ career soon expanded beyond law into academia and media punditry. She joined Colorado Christian University as an assistant professor of legal studies in 2007. She also started appearing on television and radio as a legal and political expert, offering conservative commentary.

Ellis gained wider prominence with her early support of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential run. She embraced Trump’s outspoken style and controversial stances, helping legitimize him with evangelical voters.

After Trump’s election victory, Ellis’ media profile rose significantly. She left her professorship and became a senior fellow at the conservative advocacy group Family Research Council in 2018. Ellis also was appointed to Trump’s re-election campaign advisory board in 2019.

Is Jenna Ellis married?

Yes, Jenna Ellis is married. In 2015, she wed David Rives, an evangelical minister and promoter of biblical creationism. Rives hosts a TV show called Creation in the 21st Century on various Christian networks.

Ellis and Rives reportedly met in 2012 when they were both speakers at a conference focused on creation science. They married three years later and often made public appearances together supporting conservative Christian ideals and candidates like Donald Trump.

Jenna Ellis’ husband, David Rives, has faced some controversy related to accusations of emotionally manipulative behavior with female staffers and improper financial activities with his ministry. However, no formal charges have ever materialized.

Jenna Ellis Husband

Jenna Ellis’ husband is David Rives, whom she married in 2015. Rives is an evangelical Christian minister known for preaching biblical creationism on his television program.

Rives was born in Montana but later relocated to Texas, where his TV show is produced. He is the founder of the Biblical Creation TV network, which airs his program and other creationist content.

Rives embraces and promotes conservative causes aligning with Ellis’ political commentary. They frequently make joint appearances advocating for principles like religious liberty, anti-abortion policies, and “traditional family values.”

Critics have accused David Rives of emotionally and spiritually manipulative behavior with women employees and questionable financial practices with his network. However, Ellis has always stood by her husband against what they jointly call persecution for their faith.

Biography of Jenna Ellis

Jenna Ellis grew up in Colorado and attended Colorado Technical University, graduating with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. She went on to earn her law degree from the University of Richmond in 2007.

Ellis clerked for the Colorado Supreme Court before entering private practice as both a prosecutor and city attorney. She also began teaching legal studies at Colorado Christian University in 2007.

Year Event
1975 Born in Colorado
1997 Graduated from Colorado Technical University with a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice
1999 Earned a Master’s in Legal Studies from Colorado Technical University
2007 Received Juris Doctor degree from the University of Richmond School of Law
2007 Clerked for the Supreme Court of Colorado
2007 Joined Colorado Christian University as assistant professor of legal studies
2007-2010 Worked as a prosecutor for multiple Colorado jurisdictions
2008-2011 Served as city attorney for Weld County, Colorado
2011 Named director of the Legal Studies Program at Colorado Christian University
2012 Met future husband David Rives at a creation science conference
2015 Married David Rives
2016 Joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign as legal advisor
2018 Left Colorado Christian University; joined Family Research Council as a senior fellow
2019 Published book “The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution.”
2019 Appointed to Trump 2020 campaign advisory board
2020 Launched Constitutional Freedom Fund legal defense fund
2020-Present Continued serving as legal advisor to Donald Trump after his election defeat
2021-Present Frequent media commentator on Newsmax, Real America’s Voice, podcasts, etc.

Table: Jenna Ellis at a Glance

Ellis would establish herself as an influential voice in conservative politics and media in the coming years. She served as director of the Legal Studies Program at Colorado Christian University and became a frequent commentator on outlets like Fox News.

Ellis’ profile rose significantly when she joined Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign team as a legal advisor. She helped build support among evangelical voters.

After Trump’s victory, Ellis left her professorship and joined the conservative Family Research Council. She also continued advising Trump, becoming a senior legal advisor for his 2020 campaign.

When Trump lost re-election, Ellis remained one of his most vocal defenders. She assisted with legal challenges to the 2020 election results and continued making media appearances supporting Trump.

Jenna Ellis’s Net Worth

jenna ellis trump campaign
Washington, USA. 19th Nov 2020. Former President Donald Trump’s campaign advisor Jenna Ellis held a press conference

While Jenna Ellis’ exact net worth is unknown, estimates put it between $1-2 million. As an attorney and law professor, Ellis earned over $200,000 annually during parts of her career.

In recent years, Ellis has likely made substantial income through book deals, media appearances, and consulting fees. She published her first book, “The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution” in 2019.

Here is a detailed table estimating the net worth and income of Jenna Ellis over the years:

Year Estimated Net Worth Total Income Key Income Sources
2007 $50,000 $60,000 Clerkship, professor salary
2010 $150,000 $200,000 Legal practice, professor salary
2015 $300,000 $250,000 Legal practice, professor salary, book deal
2018 $500,000 $300,000 Family Research Council salary, media appearances
2019 $750,000 $400,000 A book deal, TV commentary, campaign advisory fees
2020 $1 million $500,000 Media deals, Constitutional Freedom Fund donations, consulting
2021 $1.5 million $600,000 Media commentary, fund donations, consulting
2022 $2 million $700,000 Increased media deals, fund donations, consulting


Key assumptions:

  • Salary about $80-100K as professor
  • Legal practice and city attorney earned $100-150K
  • Income increased significantly starting in 2018 with media deals
  • Fund donations and consulting for the Trump campaign increased earnings
  • Net worth based on estimated assets and savings from earnings over the years

Ellis also brings in revenue from online donations and sales through her website. Her non-profit Constitutional Freedom Fund solicits contributions to support her legal work and political advocacy.

As Ellis maintains her presence as a conservative media personality, demand for her commentary and consulting services continues to generate sizable income. Combined with her husband David Rives’ assets and income, their net worth likely reaches into the millions.

Jenna Ellis Defense Fund

In November 2020, Jenna Ellis established the Constitutional Freedom Fund, described as a legal defense fund. The stated purpose is to protect constitutional rights and combat “lawlessness” in America.

Donations to the fund support Ellis’ legal work, including assisting election-related lawsuits brought by Donald Trump and allies. The money funds Ellis’ own fees and covers court costs and other expenses.

The fund has raised over $200,000, with Ellis soliciting ongoing contributions through her website, social media, and email lists. She claims the fund is necessary to fight back against “dangerous anti-Christian agendas” and threats to American liberties.

Critics contend the Constitutional Freedom Fund serves primarily to enrich Ellis by tapping into her political notoriety. But Ellis insists the money allows her to be an active voice defending constitutional principles in the legal arena.

Latest News and Rumors on Jenna Ellis

jenna ellis updates
Former President Donald Trump’s campaign advisors Rudy Giuliani(left) and Jenna Ellis(right)

Jenna Ellis continues to make headlines regularly with her commentary on political and cultural issues. She still ardently defends Donald Trump and promotes unproven claims about the 2020 election.

Ellis recently co-authored a letter with Trump urging Wisconsin lawmakers to decertify President Biden’s 2020 victory in their state. The letter repeats thoroughly debunked assertions about fake electors and voter fraud.

There are also rumors Ellis may run for public office herself. Some speculate she could seek a Congressional seat in her home state of Colorado or join a 2024 presidential ticket with Trump or a Trump-aligned candidate.

Meanwhile, Ellis remains a fixture on conservative media like Newsmax, Real America’s Voice, and podcasts. She attacks Democrats, liberal ideologies, and politicians like Liz Cheney, who break with Trump.

Recently Jenna Ellis has pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the 2020 election controversy in Georgia. Ellis was arrested last month on allegations of making false claims related to voter fraud in the state.

Facing mounting evidence, Ellis agreed to a plea deal, admitting guilt to charges of conspiracy and making false statements. She confessed to knowingly spreading disinformation in coordination with other Trump allies about supposed election irregularities when no substantial evidence existed.

The guilty plea marks a stunning fall for the conservative firebrand attorney, who vociferously backed Trump’s baseless assertions that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. Legal experts say her admission of fabrication deals a major blow to ongoing efforts to dispute Joe Biden’s decisive victory.

Sentencing is expected in the coming weeks. While Ellis could face years in prison, prosecutors may seek leniency in exchange for her cooperation with investigations into other parties responsible for pushing election falsehoods in Georgia and beyond.

Final Words

No matter what you think of her politics and rhetoric, there’s no denying that Jenna Ellis has become a significant figure on the American right. She worked her way up from small-town legal practitioner to presidential advisor, crafting a career through sheer willpower and a flair for controversy.

Ellis is an enigma to many. Her critics see an opportunist who hitches divisive figures like Trump for fame and fortune. Her admirers see a principled warrior unafraid to battle the establishment and elite on behalf of the common citizen.

Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between. Ellis is undoubtedly ambitious and has capitalized on her talents to gain the influence most lawyers only dream of. Yet, she also seems driven by a passion for her conservative interpretation of the Constitution and Christian faith.

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