Is Travelling has to be Difficult?

Travelers’ and tourists

What is the distinction which counts in and makes them apart, travelers? And tourists are not the same though, they are the same beings from the corresponding community, but the way they take to travel is unfathomed.

The one who endures the food and appetite, and overlook the strange state of affairs, disregard unfamiliar people, and neglect the norms and practices of their lifestyle, and have the power to look in the eyes of fear, and the immunity against unusual environs, the one who has that will, and tough spine these are the true travelers, to be called.

Or in the direct manner, those who wants home comfort and all the facilities of luxe and all the splendid array of dishes, and all the Home comfort, and having all the services for twenty-four-seven, with all the accurate Temperature measurement, the restful snug, five-star hotels, relaxing baths, comforting spa’s, carrying Bugatti Chiron, sipping Dekopon and all the enjoyment.

Without knowing the customs, without greeting with strangers and without testing the food, without experiencing the nature, feeling the weather, knowing the behaviors and hospitality of habitats, then tell me what is the use to spend that much amount of money, if that is all they want: home comfort and not to entropy their routine than it is thousands of times better to stay at home and enjoy all the home comfort and if the weather is problematic than pray for it, why not stay back at home? Why waste all the money? All the time?

After all, it takes a flight for both a traveler and a tourist to reach a corresponding destination, use travel trolley discount codes, and online discount codes to get an extra percent discount on the flights

Travelers’ are foreign not the land

What is contrasting here? What are the things which are foreign? The sun? The moon? The stars? But isn’t it the same world, and the very same Andromeda galaxy and the very solar system, so what is different? Are the roads, places, and streets are different and foreign? Or the inhabitants who live here are different? All the buildings and architecture? Nothing is contrasting or equivalent to your home town, here you are different, you are foreign, you are the one who does not know their language, accent, their history, the norms which they follow, the food they eat, the clothes they wear and the sites which they possess, here you, you are unfamiliar with all of them. They are not interchangeable and are not going to change in any other coming day.

His value does not count

Seven point eight billion population in the world, and one hundred ninety-six countries in the world, have you ever count yourself? But when you travel the world and visit some part of the world, and probably have taken different means of transportation, and maybe you had once hit the nerve, and at once your head sucks, by the population, the space had made you bewildered and the time which had exhausted you, and you see the difference; a traveler for once thought about the great truth which is the subject matter of universe, and the system from the surrounding universe and its phenomena.

Per sec

Just the mere per sec where your life touches against the life of others, who are still the strangers, they only come to you to leave, but this per sec can change the whole object, as nature, man and his inherent abilities, choice of action, and responsibility in determining his own fate., his hospitality, kindness, and compassion can leave the world with hope.

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