3 Innovative Garden Design Ideas to Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Whether you’re an avid gardener or not, everyone can appreciate the natural beauty of a garden. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time in their yard? However, the traditional straight rows of flowers or vegetables aren’t always exciting, and they don’t make the best use of your space. Luckily, there are some innovative garden design ideas that will improve your backyard space while also spicing up the look of your garden! Read on to learn about four creative ways to use your space, so you can make your neighbors green with envy.

1. Vertical Gardens with Outdoor Furniture

If you’ve got a small backyard but still want some greenery, then vertical gardens with some outdoor chairs at Vidaxl are an excellent option. They’re also space-saving and perfect for urban environments where more space is limited, and when you can’t decide what type of furniture to use in your back patio area. 

To add even more appeal to these awesome space savers, have vertical gardens with outdoor furniture. Take advantage of every inch of that wall by using it as another sitting area inside it or even better outside it! Here’s some inspiration from around the world. 

Do you enjoy sipping coffee? I bet most of us do – that’s why we think about growing our own coffee beans so we can get fresh beans every day without having to go out there into those traffic-filled streets to buy them from our favorite café around. Well, if you like gardening and drinking coffee at home, how about combining both hobbies together?

2. Smart Gardening System

Rather than spending all your time trying to water and maintain your plants, why not just let them do it themselves? The Smart Gardening System is a small box that attaches to any type of potted plant and uses an advanced soil sensor that tracks moisture levels in real time. 

When plants get too dry, they send an alert via Wi-Fi or 3G that you can respond to immediately by adding water or checking up on other aspects of your home life through an app. This saves you time and money while ensuring that none of your potted friends go thirsty for long.

3. The Greenhouse

This idea is especially useful for people in cooler climates, as it will allow you to extend your growing season by providing a cozy indoor space for gardening during winter. If you’re planning on spending most of your time outdoors during the summer months, consider building a greenhouse that can be used as an extra room or guesthouse. 

You might even choose to use it as a private place where you can relax and enjoy beautiful sunsets while enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables grown right in your backyard! Use some outdoor furniture ideas for your garden or your newly built greenhouse if you have limited outdoor space—not everyone has acres of land where they can build greenhouses! Adding one will not only make gardening much more enjoyable and healthy, but it will also add value to your home if/when you decide to sell it someday!


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