Reusable IBC Tote Safety Advice

If you need to use reusable intermediate bulk containers, you’ll want to read the following safety tips and advice from Verde.

1. Always Use One IBC Tote For One Substance

Never mix two or more chemicals in a reusable IBC tote. Various substances may react with each other, this being a hugely hazardous situation you must avoid at all costs. Also, in case the washing is not complete, you may have to face a mixing problem.

Both situations are risky, so you should prevent them from occurring.

2. Wash The IBC Tote Before Use

Even if your customer has washed the reusable IBC tote before returning it to you, you shouldn’t assume that the container is ready to use. Wash it again with water or with appropriate washing substances.

Dirty containers may contaminate the product or even trigger its decomposition.

3. Perform A Physical Check Before Filling

Check that the bottle and the drain valve are in good condition and don’t leak.

Furthermore, check the condition of the frame and pallet. Using damaged IBC tote is extremely risky, so you should never do it.

4. Limit The Useful Life Of The IBC Tote

A reusable IBC has a specific useful life. You should determine this lifespan and limit the use of the IBC. Don’t wait until you notice obvious signs of wear and tear, leaks or other such issues.

In addition, make sure that each reusable IBC tote has its own identity, in order for you to be able to check its life span at a glance.

5. Never Use Contaminated IBC Tote

Never use contaminated IBC tote, even within its lifespan. Mixing incompatible chemicals is a serious hazard.

6. Never Use Damaged IBC Tote

No matter how tempted you may be to use a damaged IBC tote, refrain from doing that. This is a high-risk situation.

7. Keep A Track Record Of Your IBC Tote Traffic

Managing a dozen IBC tote containers is much easier than managing hundreds of thousands of such items. When you need to manage huge numbers of IBC totes, you should keep accurate records of all of these items.

Failing to track these items may lead to rendering them unreliable for future use.

8. Keep IBC Tote Storage Separately

Assign storage areas for each reusable IBC tote. Have at least four categories: new IBC tote, cleaned IBC, dirty IBC, damaged IBC. This is the easiest and the cheapest method to prevent mixed usage.

Also, consider using labels to make your life even easier.

9. Observe The Stacking Level

Check out the IBC tote specifications in regard to the maximum acceptable stacking level. Ensure you observe this stacking level, particularly when it comes to filled IBC tote.


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