6 Best Tips to Prepare Your House For Upcoming Summer

Summer is coming: Is your house ready? Some houses are going to be less ready for summer than others. There are always things you can do to make each subsequent summer more bearable than the last. That said, right now, there are only a few weeks before the full-on July sun is peeking through your windows in the morning.

Whether you’ve got a lot to do or a little to do, getting started in advance is smart. Here we’ll cover a few simple ways you can prepare your home for summer, as well as a few more in-depth strategies you might want to consider.

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1. Air Conditioning And Humidity

Maybe this is the year you finally install a strong air conditioner—or, perhaps even more appropriately, a “swamp cooler”. Swamp coolers provide humidity in arid environments and can help you sleep better at night by removing things like nasal discomfort.

That said, humidifiers, air conditioners, and other HVAC solutions can be a bit expensive; budget carefully.

2. “Organic” Environment Controls Through Prep

If you don’t have the budget either for HVAC solutions or swamp cooler humidification, there are other things you can do. For one thing, at night, open up all the windows. By seven in the morning, close them all and draw the curtains. You’ll be able to keep the cool of the night in for most of the day doing things like that.

There are tactics that can be used to organically cool your home, and preparing in advance by getting into the habit of doing those things can be a very wise move as summer approaches. Learn the cycles, and which windows should be opened or closed for both safety and airflow. Here’s a site with some more information worth considering.

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3. Perhaps Install Kitchen Cabinets For Decluttering

You’re going to spend a lot of time in the kitchen over the summer. Whether you’re enjoying meals with your family or preparing food for a picnic, you want a clean working space. The thing is, over time, kitchens get cluttered. What do you do about it? When things get hot, cleaning is not something you’ll want to do—the warmth can sap your energy.

Well, there are a few considerations here, one is making storage more convenient. Sometimes the problem is, you don’t have enough cabinets. Sometimes, the cabinets you have just don’t quite work, and you may well want to replace them. In either scenario, white kitchen cabinets like these are worth looking into. Pre-summer installation is ideal.

4. The Hot Chores: Perhaps Get Them Done In Advance

Do you need to get some roof repair done? If you’re going the DIY route, you may want to start on that repair in May or April. As of 2021, May is almost done—but if you’re up north, there’s still a month or so before the hottest days. Many people wait for repairs like roof work until the fall, so summer hail storms and rain can be fixed after the fact.

Well, the truth is, provided you do a good job, one season isn’t going to make a huge difference; not unless that season is the one when a tornado comes or something; and in that case, what does roof repair matter? When the whole house is gone, it’s time to look for another. If you’ve got the resources and wherewithal, now is always better than later.

Before things get too hot, get the outside repairs done you need to. Painting, siding, roofing, window replacement, etc.—all are ideally completed either before the summer or toward the beginning. In most regions of the United States, the hot months are from mid-July to mid-September; so there’s still a little time if you just now realized you should get after it.

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5. Yard Sales And Garage Sales: Prepare For Them

There are times when you should sell junk rather than simply throwing it out. If it doesn’t sell, donate it to The Salvation Army or Good Will. But before either throwing it out or giving it away, you might want to have a yard sale. If you don’t have a yard, use the garage. Preparing in advance is smart because this can be an organizational task that takes a few weeks.

If you’re selling from the garage, everything has to be organized and labeled. Signs have to be put up. You’ve got to park the cars away from the garage for a bit. Whatever works best, selling prior to the summer is smart to declutter your house in advance. Sales can be done after the summer, too; but fall cold is annoying, and if you sell at the end of summer, it’s hot out.

6. Making Your House Ideally Situated For The Warm Months

Preparing garage sales and yard sales, getting exterior repairs done, installing new cabinetry, exploring “organic” internal temperature controls, and installing new HVAC solutions if appropriate—all these things represent fine summer preparation solutions, and now is the perfect time to get them done. Be proactive. Get your house ready for summer.

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