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How to Edit Image by Using Microsoft Edge? [Step-by-Step Guide in 2023]

The web browser Microsoft Edge has recently been updated with a new image editing capability, which enables users to alter photos directly within the browser itself.

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This function includes a set of tools that allow users to make necessary adjustments to images, such as cropping, modifying brightness, exposure, saturation, Tint, Shadow, and more. This program also has a feature that allows users to immediately download the altered image onto their personal computer.

The following is a step-by-step guide that will show you how to modify an image using Microsoft Edge:

1. Obtain the most recent version of the Microsoft web browser from its official website and install it. It is possible to accomplish this by going to Settings, selecting About Microsoft Edge, and then selecting Update.

2. Once you have completed that step, open the image.

3. At this point, navigate to any website that contains the image. It is versatile enough to be used as the thumbnail image for any article or on a standard website together with a picture.

4. Locate the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen.

5. Select the option to edit the image from the drop-down menu.

6. Make any necessary adjustments, such as cropping, color grading, and so on, in accordance with the requirements.

7. The seventh step is to either download the image to your personal computer (PC) and save it there or save a copy of the image to your clipboard.

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Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation, Satya Nadella, has stated that the company intends to implement artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT into all of its products and make these capabilities available as platforms on which other companies can develop.

At the annual event of the World Economic Forum, which is being held here in the Swiss Alps, Mr. Nadella stated that his company will move quickly to commercialize tools from OpenAI, the research lab that is responsible for the ChatGPT chatbot as well as the image generator Dall-E 2, which turns language prompts into novel images. Mr. Nadella made these remarks while speaking on a panel moderated by the Wall Street Journal. One of the earliest investors in the company was Microsoft.

Microsoft has already stated that it will provide additional clients with access to the software that lies underlying such capabilities through its cloud-computing platform known as Azure. During the panel discussion, Mr. Nadella stated that the objective was to make Azure “the venue for everybody and anybody who thinks about AI, ” “both for commercial enterprises and individual customers, including making ChatGPT accessible to commercial customers.

“Some of the same AI capabilities that will totally revolutionize the product will be included in each and every one of Microsoft’s products,” “Mr. Nadella added.

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The Journal has previously reported that Microsoft has been in advanced talks to expand its investment in the firm OpenAI, which has been at the core of the recent surge in interest in artificial intelligence that has been seen in the technology industry.



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