How Fencing Darwin Can Enhance a Northern Territory Property’s Value?

Are you planning to sell your property? Sometimes, building a fence all around your property can help to enhance the value of the property to some extent. It is true that professionals who deal in real estate will tell you that fences around your property do not increase the overall value of the property. Nonetheless, it does not mean that the fence around your house and backyard is of no use at all.

It is needless to say that a beautifully made fence around your property, with a decorative finish or a fresh coat of paint, becomes a creative expression and not just a simple boundary. It is also seen that if you have tall fences in your backyard, it can easily inspire buyers with pets to make you an offer. As far as the question of price increase of the property is concerned, it basically depends upon the materials used to make the fence, the condition you keep it in, and the neighborhood.

Average Cost of Building a Fence

It is good for you to know that building a fence around your property is certainly not a cheap affair. Depending upon various factors, the cost may range from around $1700 to $4000. When it comes to the factors that can determine the cost, these include:

  1. The material used for the fence
  2. The length of the perimeter of the fence

Every linear feet of the fence can cost between $1 and $45. Add to that the fact that the perimeter of the backyard fence is around 150 linear feet to 170 linear feet. Depending upon the property, the front yard fences are normally smaller. The height of the fence also plays a role in determining the cost. Those bordering the front yard is around 3 feet high and those surrounding the backyard is around 6 feet to 8 feet high.

You should also consider the other services that you may need to enlist to ensure you do everything by the book. For example, you should reach out to C & A Surveyors to carry out a detail and level survey, which will look at all the existing features around your property, like adjoining neighbors and trees, elements that may impact where you place your fence. You can properly determine your property boundaries before putting a fence down with this service, so bear in mind the cost of this, too.

Will A Fence Increase The Value Of Your Property?

When you decide to go for a fence around your property with TW Fence Darwin, you need to understand that it will not be a small project to carry out. If it fails to add any direct value to the property before you decide to sell it off, it is always suggested that you concentrate on improving the landscaping and the house itself.

However, if the fences are well-maintained, it will surely add some value to the property. Even if you do not wish to sell, you can certainly enjoy some benefits that come with having a fence all around your house. It can make your property look like a private oasis and also allow your pets to run around freely. Curb appeal is also an added benefit of a charming fence bordering your property.

When you decide to sell your house and hire an appraiser to evaluate your property, will either add or subtract some value from your property after looking at the fence, which will be based upon its condition. Even if it fails to add some value to the property, a well-maintained fence can surely help you sell your property faster.


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