What are Forklifts – Their Uses and Safety Tips

A forklift is an industrial vehicle with a front-mounted power platform. It has a fork that may be raised and lowered, as well as put underneath a load for lifting and moving. Combustion engines or electrical batteries can be used to power forklifts.

Every one of us has seen forklift trucks transporting big items high above where a regular human’s arms can’t reach in supermarkets or warehouses. If you run a warehouse, a storage facility, or work on a construction site, a forklift is one of the most helpful and crucial pieces of equipment you should invest in.

There are forklift models that allow drivers to sit while operating the truck, and others that require them to stand (standup forklifts). Buying forklifts is very easy now in Thailand. You can order a forklift online from home.

Generally, forklifts are used to transfer items and commodities.

Where Forklifts Are Used?

In numerous professions, forklift trucks have changed the storing and shipping of items. Forklifts make it simple to move goods around and get products to places that are difficult to reach by hand. With correctly functioning forklifts, you can reduce the amount of time it takes to move things across the plant. Reduced time equates to increased efficiency and productivity.

Forklifts have been the essential machine in industrial workplaces since their invention at the turn of the twentieth century, including:

1. Dockyards

Since the first world war, forklifts have been used to unload and stack barges and ships. Forklifts are utilized to handle and transport heavy cargo today, from delivery vehicles to dockside storage areas to ships. Forklifts are commonly employed in the transportation of steel and timber goods.

2. Recycling Facilities 

Forklifts are also important in recycling activities, in addition to dockyards. Before their loads are carried to the sorting bays, they are used to unload recycling containers or lorries. In these operations, forklift trucks are favored because they can load and unload tractor-trailers, elevators, railway wagons, and straight trucks quickly.

3. Construction Sites 

Forklifts designed for industrial applications can also be used on construction sites. Forklifts are used by construction workers to haul and transport large building materials over long distances and across tough terrain. Forklifts are used as both lifting equipment and vehicles on construction sites. Forklifts are useful for unloading and carrying pallets of blocks/bricks, steel joists, and other construction equipment and supplies from delivery vehicles.

4. Warehouses 

In warehouse activities, forklift trucks are also extensively employed. They’re mostly utilized to load and unload trucks as well as deliver cargo. Several types of forklifts can be used in a warehouse. Each one is different in size and purpose for the work you’ll be doing with it. The plate on a forklift determines the maximum weight it can lift.

Forklifts Safety Tips

Here are some pointers on how to use a forklift safely:

  • Maintain a safe speed.
  • Approach blind spots and corners with caution.
  • Pay attention to the maximum load capacity of your forklift.
  • Driving with a heavy load is never a good idea.
  • To guarantee safe functioning, do routine maintenance checks and inspections.


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