Ranking The Three Most Important Esports Trends In 2021

The gaming industry, especially the Esports industry has been one that has been under constant evolution year after year thanks to the never ending reach of technology. The Esports world is one that experiences rapid and continuous growth almost on a daily basis. From massive growth in viewership and demographics, to Esports betting platforms becoming a new outlet for wagering fans to dive into the world of professional video gaming, Esports have gone through continuous lines of massive growth and constant reshaping.

With 2021 being yet another year in which the Esports industry has gone through massive growth and has amassed very hefty amounts of revenue, let’s look at the three most important trends that the Esports trend has benefited from in 2021.

Mobile Esports Are On The Rise

When gaming fans think of Esports, their first thought is usually either one of those epic video gaming sessions people have at home either alone or with their buddies or those fascinating professional video gaming competitions that have become one of the most watched sporting events in actuality. While all that sounds amazing and tons of fun, with the constant evolution of technology, the mobile gaming scene has also gone through some major changes and upgrades to be able to offer gaming fans the same experience they can get from their gaming consoles but from the comfort of their phones or tablets.

Today’s mobile devices are as user friendly and tech forward as ever which has allowed major video game producers to be able to offer some of their biggest selling and most popular games in the mobile market as well. Games like CoD, League of Legends, FIFA, Fortnite, Minecraft and others have all made their way into the mobile device world, which has helped the mobile gaming industry grow substantially especially in 2021. As this trend sees no real time line for stopping it’s growth it is only expected for it to continue growing in the near future.

The Esports Demographic Continues Its Massive Growth In 2021

It is expected by Esports marketing experts that the industries´ demographics will continue to see a substantial growth of about an extra 10 to 14% towards the end of the year 2021. According to the numbers, by the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 there will be approximately 550 to 600 million Esports fans across the world. Now, while the majority of fans of the industry are young, affluent and mostly male individuals, there are continuous trends that have seen a rise in the popularity of Esports and their activities in female fans as well as young adults who are driven towards recognizing Esports as a professional sport and video gamers as professional athletes.

While the largest part of the Esports demographic resides mainly in Asia and Europe, the United States and South America are starting to gain more and more ground as the popularity for Esports and especially its athletes continues to grow. Professional video game players, or Esports athletes are transitioning from only being people with what many could say is one of the coolest jobs in the world to becoming actual superstars of their trait who have cultivated immense and loyal followings from fans all over. These followings usually end up transforming into new revenue streams for the athletes who benefit greatly from live streaming shows, merchandise sales and other lines.

5G Networks Have Made All The Difference

The Esports industry has been one of the industries in which the implementation of 5G networks has benefitted them greatly. These 5G networks have come to help transform download speed as well as streaming capabilities, something in which Esports professionals thrive as it’s one, if not the most important revenue stream that they hold, even more important than Esports events and tournaments themselves. Another way in which the 5G network implementation has helped the Esports industry is the transformation of real-time gameplay experiences. Gamers are now able to bolster their gaming experience without the necessity of downloading or installing any other programs or infrastructure for their gaming needs and wants. Apart from this, do you know the impact of wasted on LOL in gaming? 

Last but not least, 5G networks have helped better the viewing experience for fans who watch Esports tournaments like regular fans watch sporting games, events and competitions. Thanks to 5G networks, spectators are now able to enjoy 3D augmented reality experiences while also being able to experience instant replays and a 360-degree viewing experience of all the action happening in the tournaments. 

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