What E-commerce Solutions Can Be Introduced in The Fenestration Industry?

Until recently, many people thought that some industries would focus only on stationary sales for many years to come. The coronavirus pandemic has successfully changed the rules of the game. Many companies responded promptly to the increased demand for products available in online sale. The industry that responded to the emerging changes was also fenestration.

The new reality made it necessary to find new ways to manage business. At a time when people-to-people contacts became as limited as possible, it became almost mandatory to move your business to the Internet. That is why tools have been created that allow the customer to go through the entire online shopping path – from the first familiarization with the product to its order. How can this be done? Below are some hints.

First of all – quotation

The offer of companies from the fenestration industries includes countless combinations and personalization options that make up the final appearance of the finished product. As a result, the preparation of a commercial offer can take a very long time, which makes it easy to discourage customers. Therefore, it is a very good idea to create a website with a configurator that will price the desired product in real time.

Second – presenting the offer

To present a wide range of products anywhere, anytime? A website will come in handy for this. However, any distributor of third-party products will immediately notice the related problems. First of all, the high costs of building and maintaining the website. Another obstacle is the need to update the offer and price lists with each change made by the manufacturer.

A great alternative is the page creation system for distributors. Thanks to this, each of them will be able to present the manufacturer’s current offer without their own effort. This solution effectively improves business cooperation.

Third – all customer service in one place

Modern solutions also help to maintain the transparency of transactions. Each stage of the order can be accessed quickly and conveniently. You can find information about offers, invoices, deliveries or complaints in one place.

Are you wondering how you can introduce similar solutions in your company? Contact our consultant.


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