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Harvard is No Longer Among Top Colleges in USA 2022

Harvard university

Harvard is often mentioned when people talk about college admission in the best universities in the world, especially in the United States. When we were kids, TV and movie characters wanted to go to that school, which made it seem even harder to get in: who could get in? Only the best students who would […]

Google’s AI ‘LaMDA’ is Now Ready for You to Use


LaMDA became very popular recently after a Google employee talked about his theory about this artificial intelligence made by an American company. He said that it was so sensitive that it could be thought of as having a type of consciousness. Given that we live in a unique time when it comes to technology and […]

20 Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening [With Infographics]

health benefits of gardening

In this modern era, we are so busy with work and other things that we do not have time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are always on the go and in search of some relaxation. Home gardening is one of the best ways to relax and spend time with yourself, and the health benefits […]

How Climate Change is Impacting The Business Landscape?

Climate Change Impacting the Business

Whisper it quietly, but the world could be at something of a tipping point when it comes to climate change and rising global temperatures. With the recent COP26 event in Glasgow also drove home awareness of the growing climate catastrophe, while reaffirming the role that businesses can play in creating a better and more sustainable […]

7 Common Solar Panel Maintenance Errors to Avoid for Homeowners

Solar Panel Maintenance Errors

Solar power is gaining traction in the US, with 3% of all electricity coming from solar installations! More and more homeowners are opting for solar panels due to the cost savings they can make, along with the chance to go green. Once you have your solar panels, you might think that there’s not much more […]

What E-commerce Solutions Can Be Introduced in The Fenestration Industry?

E-commerce Solutions for Fenestration Industry

Until recently, many people thought that some industries would focus only on stationary sales for many years to come. The coronavirus pandemic has successfully changed the rules of the game. Many companies responded promptly to the increased demand for products available in online sale. The industry that responded to the emerging changes was also fenestration. […]

What Should I Look for When Buying a Second-hand Car?

Second hand Car

People often buy a used car to sharpen their driving skills. But buying a brand-new or second-hand vehicle is undoubtedly a thrilling event. It could be your vintage ride you have been yearning for years.  Do you know several challenges while purchasing a second-hand car? It’s indeed a lingering process, as it might have a […]

Disney Plus September 2022 Schedule: New TV Series and Movies Release Dates

All New Movies on Disney Plus

New movies on Disney plus September 2022, and along with the shows we already knew about, there are a few surprises. Disney+ will have a party with some of its biggest new releases and specials about some of its most popular shows and movies. New movies on Disney plus September 2022 will be celebrated with […]

WorkinTool PDF Converter Review- A Free and Practical PDF Editor

WorkinTool PDF Converter Review

In daily life and work, we handle PDF documents frequently, like contracts, study materials, eBooks, etc. Since PDF is a non-editable file format, people are increasingly extending their needs for PDF editor software. A free and practical PDF editor is crucial in the office. In this article, I’ll introduce an accessible and efficient PDF editor […]