Digital Bangladesh Day: The Road to Smart Bangladesh by 2041

Bangladesh has already passed over 12 years to become a digital nation. Digital Bangladesh is one of the nation’s dreams, significant focus is placed on the use of digital technology to realize Digital Bangladesh: Vision 2021. Today (December 12) is the date of Digital Bangladesh Day 2022. 

The Road to Smart Bangladesh by 2041

By 2041, according to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina‘s announcement on Monday, the nation would be a “Smart Bangladesh”.

The prime minister made the statement while addressing the opening ceremony of Digital Bangladesh Day 2022. She also gave awards to the winners of the online quiz competition 2022. “We’ll make Bangladesh a developed country by 2041, and that Bangladesh will be a Smart Bangladesh,” she added.

She added that in order to transform Bangladesh into a “Smart Bangladesh,” the Bangladesh government has established four pillars: smart citizens, a smart economy, a smart administration, and a smart society.

What exactly is digitisation?

The process of transforming analog information into digital information that computers can store, process, and communicate is known as digitization.

We might also state that the process of digitisation transforms information into a digital format. A representation of an object, image, sound, text, or signal is produced as the output.

Few would dispute with Gartner’s IT Glossary’s definition: “Digitization is the process of transitioning from analog to digital form.”

There are various examples of digitisation in businesses today, as has been the case for many years. Digitization is essential in the enterprise context for managing analog information as well as “paper-based” activities, where “paper-based” is a metaphor for analog.

Theme 2022 : Advanced Technology Inclusive Development

“Digital Bangladesh” has been a popular buzzword since the launch of Vision 2021 in 2008, as Bangladesh continues to undergo a digital revolution.

The government has adopted a vast number of digital technology projects, many of which are already underway. The National ICT Policy-2009 was created with the goal of achieving middle-income status for the country by 2021 and developed status by 2041.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina started the day’s main program and addressed the prize-giving ceremony at the capital’s Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC).

The event was organized by the ICT Division with the topic “Advanced Technology Inclusive Development.”

Digital Bangladesh: Vision 2021 Announcement

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced “Digital Bangladesh: Vision 2021” on December 12, 2008. On that day, the Cabinet Division issued a notification designating December 12 as National ICT Day to commemorate the vision and exhibit the achievements and significance of the Information Technology sector.

On December 12, 2017, the country celebrated National ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Day for the first time. In a cabinet meeting on November 26, 2018, the day was renamed Digital Bangladesh Day.

Bangladesh Digital Awards Policy 2021

The Cabinet Division developed the Digital Bangladesh Award Policy 2021 to inspire and support individuals, groups, and organizations for their exceptional contributions to the ICT sector. Every year on December 12, the division also holds noteworthy programs.

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