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Damian Lillard’s Biography, Net Worth, Achievements, and Awards [Latest Updates]

Damian Lillard Net Worth

Are you curious about the current net worth of Damian Lillard? Have you ever considered how he achieved success and earned untold wealth in his career? This blog post outlines Damian Lillard net worth and complete biography.

Damian Lillard is one of the most skilled and prominent point guards in the NBA today, famous for his shooting range and late-game heroics for the Portland Trail Blazers. His clutch plays have made him a revered figure among Blazers fans. In this article, you will get his impressive achievements, income sources, and recent updates.

Be prepared for an insightful journey through Damian Lillard’s full story.

Content Highlights

  • Damian Lillard is an NBA basketball star with an estimated net worth of $100 million. He earns over $30 million annually from his contract with the Portland Trail Blazers, alongside numerous endorsement deals.
  • The Trail Blazers drafted him in 2012, where he immediately impacted the team and established himself as one of its best players, earning seven all-star selections & multiple All-NBA Team selections along with countless other awards & honors throughout his eight years thus far within the organization.
  • In addition to his immense success on the court, Damian has extended wealth through investments such as real estate & business ventures while taking part in various philanthropic projects, including Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation, aiming at poverty alleviation among youths worldwide, making champion not only sport’s arena but social advocacy too!

Damian Lillard Net Worth & Biography

Full Name

Damian Lillard


Dame D.O.L.L.A.


July 15, 1990 (age 33)


Oakland, California


6’2″ (1.88 m)


202 lbs (92 kg)


Point Guard


Milwaukee Bucks


Weber State


2012, 6th overall by the Portland Trail Blazers

Rookie of the Year


All-Star Selections

2014, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

All-NBA First Team


75th Anniversary Team



Dame D.O.L.L.A.

Net Worth

$100 million

Table: Damian Lillard Brief Biography

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Damian Lillard Net Worth

Damian Lillard was born and raised in Oakland, California, and developed a passion for basketball early on.

Here are some key facts about Damian Lillard’s early life and the beginnings of his basketball career:

  • Born on July 15, 1990 in Oakland, California. Grew up in a rough neighborhood in East Oakland.
  • He attended Oakland High School where he led the basketball team to a 23–4 record as a junior. Was named Oakland High MVP.
  • Played AAU basketball for the Oakland Rebels, gaining exposure to top coaches.
  • Received little interest from Division I schools due to his small physique. He was only 5’11” as a junior in high school.
  • Attended Weber State University in Utah. Grew to 6’3″ and led the Big Sky Conference in scoring with 19.7 points per game as a sophomore.
  • Named Big Sky Conference MVP in his junior year after averaging 24.5 points and 4.3 assists per game.
  • He decided to forgo his senior year to enter the 2012 NBA Draft. Was selected 6th overall by the Portland Trail Blazers.
  • Named to NBA All-Rookie First Team after averaging 19.0 points and 6.5 assists per game in his first season.
  • Won the NBA Rookie of the Year Award unanimously after leading all rookies in scoring and assists.
  • Became just the 3rd player in NBA history to win Rookie of the Year after playing four years in college.

Damian Lillard’s Upbringing and Early Passion for Basketball

As a child, Damian Lillard was an avid basketball fan and developed an early passion for the sport. His childhood dream of being a professional player began in youth leagues, where he first stepped onto the court.

While attending Oakland High School, his skills began to take shape as he joined the varsity team and contributed to their success with his deft shooting skills. This success solidified Lillard’s status as a rising star within the Bay Area basketball scene. Eventually, it earned him a full scholarship to Weber State University, where he quickly became one of its stars on the court – ultimately launching him into becoming one of the top players nationally and earning himself being drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers in 2012.

College Career at Weber State University

Damian Lillard excelled during his college career at Weber State University, quickly becoming one of the top players in school history. After playing on a basketball scholarship, he earned the title of  Big Sky Conference Freshman of the Year after remarkable performances, including 11.5 points per game over his first year.

The following years saw him rewrite scoring records for the school, including setting a new single-season record with 729 points and leading all Division I scorers in 2010/11.

Lillard finished his college career as the second-highest scorer in Weber State’s history with 1,934 total points while also helping to lead them to two appearances in postseason tournaments, both being firsts for the program since 2007.

His success and outstanding performance had led to an expectation that he would go high into NBA drafts after college – something which came true when he was selected 6th overall by the Portland Trail Blazers on 2012 draft day.  If you want you can also read- UFC President Dana White’s Net Worth in 2023 [Latest Updates]

Nominated for the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2012 NBA Draft

Damian Lillard became the sixth overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft, selected by the Portland Trail Blazers. He has since immediately impacted the team and has proven himself one of the game’s best players.

During his rookie season, Lillard averaged 19 points and 6.5 assists per game, displaying strong court vision and playmaking ability despite sometimes playing under challenging circumstances.

As a result of his stellar performance, he was named to both All-Rookie teams that same year while also becoming only the third Trail Blazer ever to be awarded Rookie of The Year honors.

In subsequent years, Lillard continued to grow into one of basketball’s top superstars – leading his team deep into playoffs multiple times while earning numerous accolades such as 4 all-star selections, 1 Most Improved Player Award, and many more awards and honors, a too-lengthy list to mention here.

NBA Career and Achievements

damian lillard career and achievements

Damian Lillard quickly established himself as a force in the NBA, winning multiple accolades and awards throughout his professional career.

He established himself as a Perennial All-Star

Damian Lillard has been one of the best point guards in the league since entering in 2012. He is widely regarded as a bonafide star with an elite skillset. Over eight seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers, he established himself as a perennial All-Star and earned respect from his peers for his success on the court.

His physicality at such a fast-paced game broke new grounds while going toe-to-toe against veterans on defense, securing statistics highlighting 27 points per contest, almost 40% 3pt shooting rate, and 6.5 assists throughout each season displayed Lillard’s prowess as an influential player on both sides of the ball to secure wins for them during playoffs.

Furthermore, NBA championship contenders recognized him in attempts to lure him away to join forces. Most notably, winning back-to-back Western Conference Player Of The Month awards underlined how dominant Lillard had become within this period alone, earning accolades from sports media outlets alike, further establishing himself as a cornerstone of his team’s long-awaited playoff runs lions share victories attributed directly.

Notable Achievements and Awards

Damian Lillard has received tremendous recognition over his 10-year career including 6 All-Star nods, All-NBA honors, Skills Challenge winner, and USA Basketball Athlete of the Year. He holds many prominent franchise records for the Blazers, though an NBA title still eludes him.

Career Achievements Awards and Honors
NBA Champion (TBD) NBA Rookie of the Year (2013)
6x NBA All-Star (2014-2019, 2021) All-NBA First Team (2018)
4x All-NBA Second Team (2016, 2017, 2019, 2021) 3x All-NBA Third Team (2014, 2015, 2020)
NBA Skills Challenge Champion (2021) NBA All-Rookie First Team (2013)
Portland Trail Blazers all-time leader in:<br>- Points<br>- Field goals made<br>- 3-pointers made<br>- Free throws made J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award (2021)
Led NBA in minutes played (2019-20) USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year (2014)
50-point games: 3 Big Sky Conference MVP (2012)
60-point games: 1 Big Sky Conference Freshman of the Year (2009)

Table: Career Achievements and Awards for Damian Lillard

Contributions to the Portland Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard is one of the most influential players in Trail Blazer’s history, becoming a leader on and off the court since his arrival in 2012. He holds multiple team records, including the highest points per game average (24.6) and total three-pointers made (1,690).

Throughout his career with Portland, he has been an All-Star five times and a four-time All-NBA selection. In 2015, he led the Trail Blazers to their sixth Western Conference Finals appearance and, along with CJ McCollum, single-handedly revived a flailing franchise into legitimate playoff contenders every year since 2013.

He has also contributed significantly to Portland’s national popularity by frequently appearing on late-night talk shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live! Since joining the team in 2012, Lillard’s loyalty to the Portland Trail Blazers never wavered despite numerous trade rumors throughout his career, further cemented him as an icon for fans in Portland.

Damian Lillard Net Worth

Damian Lillard Net Worth

Damian Lillard has achieved incredible financial success in basketball, with an estimated net worth of $100 million and growing.

Estimated Net Worth in 2023: $100 million

Damian Lillard’s net worth in 2023 is an astonishing $100 million, as per estimation, propelled by his immense success on the basketball court. As of 2023, his NBA career earnings and endorsements have increased to around $93.3 million.

His current contract nets him over $30 million per season, and numerous endorsement deals earn him millions more yearly. Over his prosperous eight-year NBA career thus far, he has brought tremendous success and popularity to the Portland Trail Blazers, allowing them to reward him handsomely.

Other sources of income include investments such as real estate and business ventures where he is currently involved or looking into growing. Involved in prevalent causes like the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation also contributes towards making significant donations to charities that mean something special for supporters across America & Canada. Additionally, you can also read about- Kevin Hart’s Net Worth

Sources of Income, NBA Salary and Endorsements

[Video Credits @Courtside TV]

Damian Lillard’s primary source of income is his NBA salary, which has been increasing due to his performance on the court. During the 2019-20 season, he earned around $28 million via a base salary and signing bonus.

Apart from this, endorsement deals have also been playing an immensely crucial role in driving up Damian Lillard’s net worth; according to Forbes estimates, endorsements contributed around $16 million (pre-tax) for 2019, heating public heat, making him one of Portland Trail Blazers biggest stars over time.

Besides that exceptional deal with Adidas, which makes a profit for Lillard these days, includes his signature shoe line known as Dame 3 & 4 plus vibed alongside Adidas Athletics footwear and apparel collection brand GAITERZ.

Partnerships and Endorsement Deals

  • Damian Lillard has a 10-year brand endorsement deal with Adidas worth over $100 million.
  • He has his shoe line with Adidas called the “Adidas Dame.”
  • Alongside this, he earns around $13 million from endorsements alone.
  • His partnership with PEAK includes apparel and products representing the Damian Lillard story.
  • He has also partnered with State Farm to create Nike ‘Team Lillard’ commercials to boost awareness of both brands, showing commitment and dedication to their craft.
  • Recently, he announced an exclusive sponsorship deal with JBL Headphones & Speakers, Mod Pizza, MGM Resorts International, and body CARE Naturally Product Line, which honor leadership on and off-court success as well as personal achievements outside of basketball by motivating fans towards similar successes in their everyday lives.

Investments and Business Ventures

  1. Lillard has invested in a range of ventures across different industries. These include a record label, a venture capital firm, and a footwear company.
  2. In May 2020, Damian Lillard joined forces with Portland Trail Blazers owner Jody Allen to launch the Allen & Lillard Capital Fund. This fund offers early-stage investments and innovation, technology, and business disruption projects.
  3. In 2021, Damian Lillard co-founded Panel Ready!—a professional networking app designed to connect people from all career and life backgrounds for mutual benefit and growth opportunities.
  4. Lillard is an investor in Roy Road Brewing Company—a Portland-based brewery owned by his former Trail Blazers teammate Jeff Green.
  5. His participation at the Shareholder Spring Conference 2021 was optimistic as he was Paramount Picture’s first NBA player to attend an entertainment industry event of this magnitude, which intends to focus on diversity and inclusion within the market space by bringing together key industry players from entry to executive levels around the world.
  6. Lillard also owns Dame 5 LLC, which grants licensing rights of his name and likeness for the use of commercial products or services associated with him like sports equipment, apparel lines, or even video games.
  7. He specialized in investing in South Africa’s fast-growing tech sector, especially fintech, through his founded NorthInvestmentCooneywq, which aims to deliver tech startups with better infrastructure beyond African borders, connecting them with global resources.

Personal Life and Family

Known as a family man, Damian Lillard keeps his personal life fairly private. He purposely doesn’t live in a flashy mansion, preferring a modest suburban home. Lillard’s parents are Gina and Houston Sr. His father was a semi-pro baseball player and cook. His mother worked in a shipping yard when Damian was young.

His sister LaNae also had a college basketball career before becoming a chef. His brother Houston was a highly recruited high school player before injuries derailed hopes of going pro.

Lillard has been in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Kay’La Hanson since college. They have three children together – son Damian Jr. (born 2018) and twins Kali and Kalii (born 2021).

Wife/Girlfriend Long-term girlfriend Kay’La Hanson (since college)
Children Son – Damian Jr. (born 2018), Twins – Kali and Kalii (born 2021)
Siblings Sister – LaNae (played college basketball, now a chef), Brother – Houston (played high school basketball)
Parents Father – Houston Sr. (semi-pro baseball player and cook), Mother – Gina (worked in a shipping yard)
Hometown Oakland, California
Community Involvement Renovated Brookfield Park in Oakland.
Hosts free youth basketball camps in Oakland.
Music Career Released 4 rap albums under the name Dame D.O.L.L.A.
Latest album – Different on Levels the Lord Allowed (2021)
Endorsements Signed with Adidas (2014)
Career NBA Earnings Over $245 million total
Keeps Private He prefers a modest suburban home.
Keeps personal life reasonably private.

Table: Personal Life and Family Details of Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard’s Wife and Children

Damian Lillard is happily married to Kay’la Hanson, an entrepreneur and a registered nurse, with whom he shares three children: Damian Jr., Isaiah, and Dylan. His wife often makes public appearances at the big games, supporting her husband as he establishes himself as one of the all-time greats.

Since his entrance into fatherhood in 2018 with their first child, his family life has become increasingly important, which likely encourages him and helps fuel his passion for basketball.

Alongside balancing parenthood, Lillard also prioritizes giving back through philanthropy endeavors such as The Dame D.O.L.L.A brand, which offers character education programs and scholarships rewarding Detroit students who embody leadership traits that lead them to be more confident individuals within classroom settings and beyond graduation lines, all demonstrating how crucial family is for Damian’s personal development both on and off court success.

Philanthropy and Charity Work

Damian Lillard is committed to giving back and making a positive impact with the platform he has as an NBA star. He actively participates in philanthropic initiatives beyond the basketball court, such as Elite Youth Camps and Special Olympics.

Damian ensures youth access to quality sports training, safe activities, and mentorship opportunities through these organizations. In addition to his involvement with children’s charities, Damian donates time and money towards animal welfare causes in Portland and shelters in Malawi.

Beyond donations of time and money, Damien encourages others to get involved by leading nonprofit events such as charity games where all proceeds go towards various charitable causes or through campaigns that rally fans around a worthy cause for donations and attraction of volunteers and resources on behalf of critical non-profit partners focusing on the well-being of others across numerous sectors including assisting children facing adversity caused by poverty or disability who require additional support both financially or emotionally. In addition, you can also read an article on- James Corden’s Net Worth

Off-Court Interests and Hobbies

damian lillard hobbies

Damian Lillard has a passion for music, a rap career, and other hobbies and interests that will surprise you; read more to find out!

Damian Lillard’s Passion for Music and Rap Career

is an integral part of his life, with the Portland Trail Blazers All-Star showcasing lyrical talent and a career as a rapper since 2016. Going by the stage name “Dame D.O.L.L.A.,” Lillard has released several albums and singles featuring hip-hop music with lyrics exploring themes of personal storytelling, social commentary, and more.

The initials in Lillard’s rap name, “Different On Levels the Lord Allows,” represent his unique journey as a professional athlete and musical artiste. As well as working on solo projects, Lillard has collaborated with other major artists such as Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg to create cohesively stimulating songs that have received massive acclaim from fans worldwide.

Music provides him a creative outlet away from basketball where he can express himself uniquely, which many respect because it genuinely comes from within him, so authentically captured in his portfolio of popular tracks!

Other Interests and Hobbies

Damian Lillard is a multidimensional man, purposeful in what he puts his time and energy into. Away from the court, Lillard has interests and hobbies that keep him just as busy as being a professional basketball player does.

Video games have also been an interest that Kobe was known to enjoy, participating in esports tournaments weekly featuring NBA 2K21, among other titles where performance earned monetary prizes during the current pandemic times.

He hasn’t strayed away from giving back even then by organizing free online showdown events every month, awarding console donations, and providing over 200+ participants with kids wanting to get involved in video gaming entertainment without needing any rules or restrictions within competitive brackets setup.

Recent Updates and Trade Rumors

Staying true to his loyalty in Portland, Damian Lillard has so far denied numerous trade offers from other NBA teams – read on to explore the story behind this and much more!

Trade Rumors and Speculation Surrounding Damian Lillard’s Career

In July, Lillard took to the media to request a trade away from the Portland Trail Blazers. With Miami being his preferred destination, Lillard’s current team started entertaining offers from other teams around the league, including an unnamed Eastern Conference team, which has since been identified as Milwaukee Bucks.

Talks regarding a potential trade are ongoing despite reports that dampen any optimism of him leaving the Portland Trail Blazers, such as the lack of a no-trade clause in the contract and a recent word from Shams Charania of The Athletic adding more uncertainty with potential new destinations.

We’ve to see if these rumors will come to fruition or if Damian Lillard will remain in Portland, but what is certain is that this could change not only change Damian’s future but also shape rivalries between different franchises if he ends up elsewhere in pursuit of better chances at winning championships.

Inspiring Quotes and Lessons from Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard is known for his relentless work ethic, mental toughness, and authenticity. His words inspire others to believe in themselves, embrace the journey, and stay true to their goals.

Lessons on Perseverance, Success, and Resilience

Damian Lillard, a perennial All-Star point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers, is an excellent example of how dedication and hard work can manifest in success. Throughout his career, he has espoused the importance of understanding that immediate gratification will not lead to true success.

“Be patient; success takes time” is a favorite quote of his, which speaks to the core value of perseverance. In 2012, when the Trail Blazers drafted him, no one expected him to be as successful as he is today. Still, through grit and determination, Lillard became one of the most dynamic players in recent history.

Through numerous accolades on and off the court, including being named NBA Rookie Of The Year and Most Improved Player Of The Year in the 2013/14 season, along with 4 All-Star appearances, it’s safe to argue that patience paid off immensely for him! Furthermore, his net worth stands at $100 million in 2023, a testament to his extensive efforts throughout his career journey – highlighting that without unwavering commitment, even seemingly lofty goals like being a top-tier professional athlete with considerable wealth are achievable if you persevere long enough.

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Inspiring Quotes of Damian Lillard

Here are some inspiring quotes from NBA star Damian Lillard:

“I am determined to be consistent in my approach and be mentally tough. I know I have a job and will do it professionally.”

“I’ve always been overlooked and I refuse to let it stop me from becoming the player I want to become.”

“Don’t let situations dictate how you react or who you become. Be who you are through it all.”

“I know what I’m capable of. I don’t need reinforcement from outside sources to feel good about myself.”

“People who succeed must go through struggles and failures and learn from them.”

“You gotta be willing to feel stupid before you try to do certain things. You gotta get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

“Have a passion for whatever it is you do. Even when things get tough, that passion will pull you through.”

“I won’t expose myself too much to where my mystique is all gone. I keep my edge that way.”

“I’ve always found power in the sound of my own voice. Always speak up for yourself.”


Damian Lillard’s story is one of incredible success and financial accomplishments. The 6’2″ point guard has developed into a household name in the NBA, accumulating a wealth estimated at $100 million and signing impressive multimillion-dollar contracts—the last being an extension worth $122 million for 2 seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers.

His draft pick status, athletic achievements, and international recognition placed him in a unique position to negotiate lucrative endorsement deals that have helped further supplement his earnings.

Off the court, Damian creates opportunities through investments and remains active in philanthropic endeavors focused on poverty alleviation, education access, arts funding, healthcare initiatives, etc.

As Damian continues to break records on and off the court, we can only look forward to what he might achieve next – still learning valuable lessons about perseverance from this modern-day basketball icon.

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