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Estimated Net Worth of Logan Paul in 2024 [Detail Analysis]

Logan Paul Net Worth

Finding the vast wealth of a popular internet personality like Logan Paul can seem like an overwhelming task. Known for his successful ventures as a YouTuber, boxer, and entrepreneur, Logan Paul’s net worth in 2024 is $75 million.

In this article, we’ll deconstruct the multifaceted ways in which Paul has built his immense fortune and provide insights into how he manages it.

Ready to peek behind the curtain? Dive into our deep dive into Logan Paul net worth.

Content Highlights
  • Logan Paul is a famous person on the internet. He makes funny videos and is also a boxer. His net worth in 2024 is $75 million.
  • He earns money from YouTube, selling goods, endorsing products and boxing matches. He also sells expensive Pokémon cards, which he collects.
  • Logan owns many big houses as part of his wealth plan. His total property investments are more than $50 million.
  • Despite making big bucks, Logan’s net worth does not match that of top boxers like Floyd Mayweather, who has $450 million.

Who is Logan Paul?

Logan Paul's Net Worth

Logan Paul, an Ohio-born internet personality, started his career on the video-sharing platform Vine before transitioning to YouTube. He’s a popular YouTuber, actor, podcaster, amateur boxer, and professional wrestler.

His bold content makes him one of social media’s most controversial yet engaging figures today.

Early Life

Logan Paul was born and raised in Ohio. He has a younger brother named Jake. As kids, they loved to make home videos. Logan played football and wrestled while going to school at Westlake High School.

He went on to study at Ohio University but left early to follow his dream of fame in Los Angeles. In addition, you can also read an article on- Jorge Masvidal’s Net Worth and Full Biography [Latest Updates]

Career Overview

Logan Paul started out as a social media influencer. He made funny clips on Vine, an app for short videos. After Vine closed down, he moved to YouTube. Here, he posted longer videos and vlogs about his life. His fun personality won him many fans.

He soon became a YouTube star with over 23.6 million subscribers. As an internet celebrity, Logan found more ways to make money. He showed off his tough side by becoming a professional wrestler.

Entrepreneur skills also came into play as he founded Prime Hydration, his own brand of drinks and other items.


Logan Paul’s journey to stardom has not been without controversies, including the notorious Suicide Forest incident and other situations that have generated significant backlash and criticism.

Suicide Forest

Logan Paul made a video in the Aokigahara forest. This place is also known as the ‘suicide forest.’ It lies inside Mount Fuji’s large woods. The forest is famous for its high suicide rate.

Inside this area, signs tell visitors to think about their lives. These signs were shown in “The Sea of Trees”. This film came out in 2015. When Logan Paul’s video went up, it got a lot of attention from people all over the world.

In his video, he showed someone who looked like they had killed themselves. Because of his actions, people started to talk more about mental health and sharing content responsibly on social media platforms such as YouTube.

Other Controversies

Logan Paul got in trouble for a thing called CryptoZoo. It’s like a scam. He didn’t like when Coffeezilla, another YouTuber, said mean things about him because of it. Logan even talked about suing Coffeezilla.

Despite all this drama and conflict, Logan still makes lots of money and has many fans online. Additionally, you can also read about- Gervonta Davis Net Worth: A Look at the Young Boxer’s Wealth in 2024

Biography of Logan Paul: At a Glance
Here is the table on Logan Paul’s bio-data, including his net worth:

Category Details
Name Logan Alexander Paul
Birthday April 1, 1995 (age 28)
Birthplace Westlake, Ohio, United States
Occupation YouTuber, internet personality, actor, boxer
Spouse None
Children None
Siblings Jake Paul (brother)
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight 199 lbs (90 kg)
Net worth $75 million (estimated)

Boxing Matches

In this part, we take an in-depth look at Paul’s unexpected yet lucrative venture into the world of boxing, analyzing his high-profile matches against KSI and Floyd Mayweather and their direct impact on his net worth.

KSI Fights

Logan Paul put on boxing gloves against KSI. These fights made a big splash in the world of celebrity boxing. The first fight ended in a draw, but the rematch saw KSI as the winner.

This pumped up their fame and wealth. More people watched their YouTube channels because of these fights too. From ticket sales to pay-per-view earnings, both YouTubers made big bucks from these events!

Floyd Mayweather Match

Logan Paul stepped into the ring with Floyd Mayweather in a major boxing match. This event was full of high stakes due to its huge payday and impact on both fighters’ net worth growth.

The fight brought Logan $14 million, boosting his wealth greatly. It also helped raise Floyd Mayweather’s already massive fortune further beyond $1 billion. People all over the world watched this pay-per-view event, putting more money in both their pockets.

Sources of Income

Logan Paul’s wealth generation is quite diverse, with YouTube content creation providing the bulk of his income. The popular YouTuber also gains substantial earnings from selling merchandise and endorsements, while his recent venture into Pokemon card sales has proven profitable.

YouTube Channel

Logan Paul shines on YouTube. His channel grabs the eyes of over 23.6 million people. That’s where he shows off his life and crazy stunts. It is a big part of how he makes his money.

This online platform paid Logan Paul $10 million in 2019 alone. He gets cash when people watch ads on his videos. Brands also pay him to talk about their products in his clips. His fun, wild style pulls in many young viewers, which brands like to see.

Merchandise Sales

Logan Paul makes a lot of money from selling things. He sells clothes that his fans love to buy. His clothing range is part of why he is so rich now. Selling this merch has brought in $40 million for him.

This cash adds to his net worth and shows how good he is at different trades. His brother Jake also does well with merch sales on YouTube.


Logan Paul makes big money from endorsements. He works with popular brands like HBO, Hanes, and Nike. They pay him to use and show off their products. This makes his fans want to buy them too.

Some other companies he partners with are Bic, Dunkin’ Donuts, Verizon, and PepsiCo. In total, these deals give Logan more than $50 million! That’s a lot of money just for promoting things he likes! If you want, you can also read- Hasbulla Net Worth, Full Bio, and Latest Career Updates in 2024

Pokemon Card Sales

Logan Paul loves collecting Pokémon cards. He spent a lot of money on them. Once, he paid $3.5 million for fake Pokémon cards by mistake. The box had GI Joe trading cards instead of Pokémon ones! But he also owns the most expensive Pokémon card in the world.

It’s a Pikachu Illustrator card with a value of $5.25 million! So, Logan earns big from Pokemon card sales, and his collection is prized high among other collectors in the market.

Real Estate

Discover the luxurious and extravagant real estate portfolio of Logan Paul, including his multi-million dollar mansion and other investments. Dive in to see more!

Logan Paul’s House

Logan Paul owns many big houses. In 2017, he bought a mansion for $6.55 million. This house was on sale before for $8.5 million! Having more than one house is part of his wealth plan.

He also has a huge mansion that cost over $25 million! All these are part of Logan’s real estate set that adds to his net worth of more than $50 million.

Other Investments

Logan Paul loves real estate. He puts a lot of his money into properties. His property investments are worth more than $50 million! You can find these in New York, Miami, and Kansas City.

Plus, he lives in a big mansion too! But that’s not all. He is also renting a costly place. It is over $13 million, and it’s in Puerto Rico! This shows us how Logan Paul uses his money wisely to grow his wealth even more daily.

Annual Earnings

Uncover the staggering figures behind Logan Paul’s yearly earnings, from his YouTube channel to boxing matches and other entrepreneurial ventures. You won’t believe just how much this multi-talented Internet personality rakes in annually!

Earnings From YouTube

Logan Paul makes a lot of money from YouTube. He had about $10 million in his pocket by just creating online videos in 2019. This digital entertainment platform helped him earn well.

More people started watching his video-sharing channel, and he made more money. In 2021, he took home a cool $18 million from this online streaming site alone! He was even the ninth-highest earner on YouTube that year with 23.6 million subscribers.

Earnings From Boxing

Logan Paul makes a lot of money from boxing. By stepping into the ring, he has made over $50 million in 2024. Each match brings him more cash and boosts his wealth. His gloves hit hard not only on opponents but also big on paychecks.

His next fight is with Dillon Danis, and it will add even more to his rich pocket. Boxing is more than a sport for Logan; it’s a gold mine pulling out prize money like no other for this YouTube star-turned-boxer.

Earnings From Other Ventures

Logan Paul knows how to make big money from many places. He earns a lot by starring in social media, WWE, and Prime shows. These projects add millions of dollars to his bank account each year.

With all these ventures, Logan Paul’s riches grow more every day. His smart work helps him fill up his pocket and shows that he is not just a YouTube star.

Logan Paul Net Worth Comparison

We’ll compare Logan Paul’s net worth and the wealth of other renowned boxers and MMA fighters, highlighting the magnitude of his earnings.

Other Popular Boxers and MMA Fighters

Logan Paul has a big pile of money. He is worth $75 million in 2024. But other boxers and MMA fighters have even more money than him. Floyd Mayweather, a top-notch boxer, is one example.

He has $450 million! That’s much more than Logan Paul.

The earnings of these sports stars are bigger because they’ve worked longer in their fields. They also get paid quite a bit for each fight or match they join in on. So while Logan Paul makes plenty of dough with his boxing matches, YouTube channel, and other projects, he still doesn’t stack up to people like Floyd Mayweather when it comes to wealth.

How Logan Paul Spends His Wealth

Logan Paul's Net Worth

Delving into the various ways Logan Paul invests and splurges his massive fortune, from backing startups and buying NFTs to indulging in luxury items and coveted collectibles. To find out more about his spending habits, keep reading.

Investments in Startups

Logan Paul puts a lot of his money into startups. He has put more than $50 million into new businesses. These firms come from social media, pro wrestling, and even Prime Hydration.

This drink company helps people stay hydrated. Logan’s choice to fund these companies shows he can see what will be popular before others do. His betting on social media firms also helped him become a top YouTuber.


Logan Paul loves NFTs. He used a lot of his wealth to buy them. Last year, he spent over $2.5 million on these digital items! His collection had a high value of more than $2.6 million at one point.

Now, the worth has gone down. It sits at just above $1 million today. One sad story is his Azuki NFT buy. Logan bought it for quite an amount: $623,000! Today, this NFT is worth only about ten bucks! Even with lost money, Logan still keeps all his NFTs in his portfolio.

Luxury Items

Logan Paul loves to spend his wealth on luxury items. He makes over-the-top buys that are both wild and amazing. From costly watches to fancy cars, he does not hold back. His net worth allows him to buy these high-priced things.

Buying cool stuff is not new for Logan Paul. His wealth gives him the power to enjoy such a lifestyle with ease. Despite many talks about his online actions, he keeps growing richer every day.


Logan Paul is big on collectibles. He spends his money on rare and costly items. Pokemon cards are one of those things he loves to buy. Also, he has thrown about $2.5 million into NFTs, a new type of digital asset.

His NFT stash is now worth just over $1 million! These collectibles are part of Logan’s strategy for growing wealth. They also show off his love for the finer things in life.

Logan Paul’s Investing Strategy

This section will delve into Logan Paul’s unique investment approach, uncovering how he utilizes his substantial fan base to steer his investments. We’ll examine the risks he is willing to embrace for potential financial success and share some of Paul’s own insights on wealth accumulation.

Leveraging His Fanbase

Logan Paul uses his fanbase to make money. He makes use of social media in smart ways. His fans love him and follow his advice. Logan offers them products from brand partnerships. This is called influencer marketing, which adds much to his wealth.

His online entrepreneurship also plays a key role here. With strong personal branding, he keeps fan loyalty high, leading to financial opportunities for him.

Taking Risks for Success

Logan Paul proves that taking risks can lead to big wins. He often steps out of his comfort zone, even if it means facing failure. This part of his investment strategy has helped him make a lot of money.

One great example is when he jumped into the boxing ring without any past training.

His risk-taking approach doesn’t stop there. Logan makes success-driven decisions daily in his work life and personal projects. He buys pricey Pokemon cards hoping they will be worth more later on.

In these ways, Logan’s bold choices have helped grow his wealth over time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now it’s time to learn some FAQs about Logan Paul.

1. Who is Logan Paul?

Logan Paul is a popular YouTuber and social media influencer known for his vlogs and podcasts.

2. How does Logan Paul make money?

Logan Paul makes most of his money through YouTube views, merchandise sales, brand deals, and podcasts.

3. Is all of Logan Paul’s wealth from YouTube only?

No, while a large part of Logan Paul’s wealth comes from YouTube, he also earns from other ventures like merchandise sales, boxing matches, and hosting podcasts.

4. Did boxing help increase Logan Paul’s net worth?

The highly publicized boxing matches have significantly added to Logan Paul’s overall wealth.

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