Financial Cyber-crime- How Cryptocurrency is The Gateway of Cyber-crime?

With the rise in blockchain technology and trading in digital currencies, cyber-crimes are also rising rapidly. Various cyber experts have observed that cryptocurrencies are becoming the gateway for hackers to get into your computer system and take all your money. 

In a recent study conducted by the cyber security department, it has been found that cyber-criminals have taken away almost 1 trillion USD. In the last few years, they have also predicted that by the end of 2025, this number will rise to 10.5 trillion. This amount is enough to crash down the global economy. Therefore, security has become the key aspect while dealing in cyberspace.

If you want to know more about how cryptocurrencies are related to cyber-crime and how hackers can steal your personal information, then keep reading this article. This article has also suggested one of the safest platforms that you can use to trade in cryptocurrencies.

How is Cryptocurrency related to cyber-crime?

Anonymity is the main weapon used by cyber-criminals to conduct their crimes. They get into your computer to steal data by using links you often click while you are trading on the digital market or even when you are working normally on the internet. This technique is known as ‘Ransomeware’. Various experts have noticed that around 4.4 million people have faced this issue over the years; their computers have got infected from a ‘Ransomeware’ attack. 

Hacker targets your data, such as your bank details, credit card details, and personal information. They use the bank details to steal your money or purchase various things using your credit card. And they also sell your personal information on the dark web. Therefore, it is crucial to stay aware of all this and keep your documents safe and secure.

Moreover, it has often been observed that hackers install a backdoor and make sure that they have continuous access to your computer or trading account. So that they can control your machine and your trading account without your knowledge, therefore, they can misuse your account according to their will, and if you have any profit, they steal that from you. Hence it is important to be aware and use a platform that provides high security.

Platform to use for safely trade-in Cryptocurrency

If you’re looking for a safe and secure trading platform where you can trade easily without any worry. Then you must try Bitcoin Bank. this platform uses the latest technology that makes sure your data are safe and secure from any third party. They also use broker verification and privacy and compliance regulations that ensure your provided information and data are not disclosed to anyone else. 

The bottom line

It is important to have a legit and reliable platform that offers you high security when trading in digital currencies. Else there is a high risk of getting hacked by cyber-criminals.

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