Top 160 Alternatives to Cricfree for Live Sports Streaming in 2023 [Latest Updates]

Are you in search of a site where you can stream sports channels for free? CricFree is one popular website that caters to your needs. It has become well-known for its live-streaming services and wide range of available channels.

In this article, we will explore the different features included on CricFree along with its potential dangers, best alternatives, key updates, FAQs and more – so you can safely stream the sports events or shows that you love.

Our goal is to provide readers with all the necessary information to make a safe and informed decision when it comes to using any online service dedicated to streaming sports content.

Content Highlights

  • CricFree was an immensely popular streaming site for watching the latest sports tournaments and matches until it shut down in April 2023.
  • Other live sports streaming services like Stream2Watch, VipBoxTV, Sky Sports, Firstrowsports, ScoresInLive, and MyP2P offer users access to broadcast their favorite leagues and games free of charge.
  • Despite some of its benefits, CricFree is often questioned for its legality and potential security risks associated with streaming illegally such as malware or phishing scams.
  • To ensure safe online experiences when using any live streaming service people should use a VPN connection as well as install anti-virus software to protect against malicious code or threats.

What is CricFree?


CricFree is a live sports streaming service offering access to a wide range of channels and games, for free.


CricFree is an immensely popular online streaming site for watching the latest sports tournaments and matches, with a history dating back nearly two decades. Initially created in 2003, it has since grown to become one of the most-viewed free live-streaming sites for sports.

It was originally established in Serbia as part of Adedge Internet Technologies’ network and soon expanded globally. In 2007, the website registered more than 20 million unique visitors per month, making it one of the 50 most visited websites.

CricFree continued to grow after partnering with major companies such as ESPN, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, BBC Sport, and BT Sport — allowing users to stream tons of sports venues worldwide without compromising quality or reliability.

Current status

CricFree is one of the most popular live sports streaming services on the web, but unfortunately, it was shut down as of April 2023. This shutdown has left thousands of fans searching for alternative websites to stream their favorite leagues and matches.

This closure has been quite a blow for many die-hard sports fans who have traditionally used CricFree. It also points towards the need for reliable alternatives offering quality streaming capabilities if people are to enjoy watching their favorite team in action or follow major tournaments like the FIFA World Cup or cricket’s IPL with ease.

Luckily there are several great options that provide an equivalent service as CricFree, including MyP2P, CrackStreams, and WiziWig – each providing access to thousands of games from around the world free of charge throughout the year.

Why People Use CricFree?


People use CricFree for its live sports streaming channel with a wide range of free channels to watch without needing a subscription.

Live sports streaming

Live sports streaming is becoming increasingly popular for sports fans, as it provides an easy and convenient way to watch their favorite teams and matches from the comfort of home.

Many platforms offer live streaming of a wide range of games from cricket, to football, to baseball – all in real-time. Popular sites like CricFree and its alternatives provide access to broad catalogs of available streams and allow fans access without any associated subscription or cost.

This makes watching live sports easier than ever before since all you need is an internet connection. Moreover, there are no geographic restrictions often attached to traditional television broadcasting either; instead, anyone can tune into a match regardless of where they are based in the world!

Wide range of channels

CricFree and its alternatives provide a wide array of channels to stream sports from different parts of the world. This makes it an excellent platform for anyone interested in following international sports events or catching up with matches they may have otherwise missed out on.

Most platforms feature various sports such as football, cricket, basketball, baseball, hockey, etc., along with other televised events like Movies, TV Shows, and reality shows. Additionally, you also get devoted channels offering anime streaming services as well.

With so many options at hand, there’s always something for everyone no matter which field or genre appeals to them the most.

Free to use

CricFree is a highly popular free sports streaming website among its users. It can be accessed freely from any part of the world and offers reliable streaming links for live sports events such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and other major tournaments.

This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to watch their favorite games without any cost involved. The website redirects users to other platforms containing the necessary streams for different sporting events that people prefer watching.

Despite some security risks associated with CricFree, people continue using it due to its lack of subscription costs or monthly charges.

People have many alternatives when it comes to accessing live sports on the internet in 2023. Some websites providing similar services include; Stream2Watch, VipBoxTV, Sky Sports, Firstrowsports, ScoresInLive, MyP2P, Sportp2p, ATDHE Strikeout, and SportStream, etc with each offering differently attractive features than one another so viewers can choose what works best for them.

Concerns About CricFree

CricFree is often questioned for its questionable legality and the potential security risks associated with streaming illegally.

Questionable legality

CricFree has long been subject to legal scrutiny due to its hosting of unlicensed, free streaming links for various sporting events. While the company claimed that it was not involved in any illegal activity and is protected by U.S copyright law, multiple shutdowns and suspensions have led some to doubt its legality.

In fact, CricFree may be banned in several countries if using a nationwide ban on access to certain websites or apps is enough to prevent people from viewing pirated content. This means users could face fines or other legal repercussions when accessing the site while abroad, as well as potential security risks from malicious code associated with illegitimate streaming sites like Cricfree.

These concerns indicate that CricFree should be used cautiously in 2023 and beyond.

Security risks

When streaming with CricFree and similar services, users should be aware of the potential risks they may encounter. As these websites offer free streams of copyrighted content, they are subject to legal action from the companies who own rights to that content.

Although some countries have laws that allow for ‘reasonable private use’ in certain situations, it is still important to stay aware of the various regional regulations before using sports streaming sites such as CricFree.

Furthermore, several security risks are associated with these platforms due to their open-access regulative system. Malware can find its way onto personal devices through unfamiliar links or ads within the stream pages.

Best Alternatives to CricFree in 2023

In 2023, there are several options available for those looking for alternatives to CricFree such as Stream2Watch, VipBoxTV, Sky Sports, Firstrowsports, ScoresInLive, MyP2P, Sportp2p, and ATDHE.

Strikeout and SportStream are also great contenders worth considering.


Stream2Watch is widely recognized as one of the top alternatives to CricFree in 2023. It is a website that can solve any online sports streaming issues, making it possible for users to enjoy their favorite sports regardless of time or location.

Stream2Watch has earned an excellent reputation due to its all-around services and capabilities – they have everything from live streaming links, pre-recorded content, multiple language sources, and more.

As such, Stream2Watch has become increasingly popular among individuals looking for a reliable alternative to stream sports on demand without delays or interruptions. This platform locally stores data in real-time, ensuring high-quality streaming experiences without buffering, a standout feature compared to other platforms like CricFree, which often sacrifice speed for security concerns.

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is a top-rated live sports streaming service that has become heavily popular in recent years. Its extensive catalog of sports events and channels makes it one of the leading competitors to CricFree in 2023.

Fans all around the world have come to love VipBoxTV for its seamless streaming experience – whether you’re looking to stream major international or local competitions, it offers an unbeatable selection without missing a beat.

VipBoxTV allows users from around the globe to access exclusive content directly through their computers, smartphones, or tablets, oftentimes free of charge and with minimal interruptions.

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is considered one of the best alternatives to Cricfree in 2023 for watching sports and streaming live events. With access to a wide range of channels, Sky Sports allows users to keep up with their favorite teams and take advantage of its free-of-charge service.

For sports fanatics, it offers unparalleled coverage in different international leagues, ranging from football to rounders. Since its launch in November 1992 as part of British Satellite Broadcasting (BSB), Sky Sports always gets first dibs when it comes to the latest news on players and teams around the globe – especially those belonging to the Fifa family.

Despite its questionable legality and some security risks that come along with it, many people still use this platform as it provides them an opportunity that no other subscription service can offer: Watching their favorite sport without spending a cent!



Firstrowsports is one of the main alternatives to CricFree for live-streaming sports. The site has been around since 2010, providing a safe and efficient way to access streams from worldwide events.

Firstrowsports allows users to watch a variety of sports including soccer, American football, baseball, tennis, boxing, and MMA just to name a few. Users can conveniently browse through hundreds of channels with both HD and SD quality available for streaming; additionally, there are links that direct you straight into live streams with no additional programs needed.

No matter what kind of sport an individual wants to watch or when they want to watch, Firstrow Sports has something that fits all tastes!


is an incredibly reliable alternative to CricFree for watching live sports online. As one of the top 20 alternatives available today, it has been highlighted as a trustworthy spot for streaming live games and matches.

What further makes this website stand out is its selection of different channels which enables viewers to watch a variety of tournaments happening in different parts of the world. Most importantly, ScoresInLive is free from advertisements making it even more appealing to users looking for quality content without interruption or annoyance.

Additionally, compared to many other prominent websites such as Ronaldo7 or Stream2watch, ScoresInLive might be a better option when it comes to experience and reliability while providing access worldwide while keeping users safe from legal implications at the same time.


MyP2P is considered one of the best alternatives to CricFree for watching sports in 2023. An online streaming platform, MyP2P provides a wide variety of live sports content such as football, cricket, and more from around the world for free.

Thanks to its fast servers, user-friendly interface, and excellent quality streams, MyP2p has become increasingly popular with fans who simply want to stay up-to-date on their favorite sport without hassle or extra fees.

Plus, it offers an org chart that shows upcoming events making it easier than ever before to find your games quickly & conveniently! As a reliable streaming platform with no ads or popups either during stream loading or while playing game videos viewers enjoy hassle hassle-free viewing experience and can easily switch between multiple options without facing interruptions.


Sportp2P is one of the best alternatives to CricFree in 2023 for reliable live sports streaming. It is a platform that allows users to watch a wide range of popular sports events from around the world.

SportP2P provides all users with robust service and supports different formats, including superb HD quality and adaptive streaming technology, helping you easily stream with any device or OS.

Besides its high-quality streams, it also has an extensive library that can meet every fan’s needs as it covers almost all major tournaments from cricket and basketball to hockey. Moreover, Sportp2P also offers detailed info about teams/players, making it easier for any user to follow their upcoming matches quickly and accurately while adding more entertainment value than other potential competitors on the market.


ATDHE is one of the most popular sports streaming websites in 2023. It offers free live sports streaming on a wide range of channels and has been around for over 15 years, making it one of the oldest and most reliable platforms available today.

With ATDHE, users can stream a variety of sporting events as soon as they become available. This includes football, basketball, hockey golf, tennis, etc., without any fees or registrations required.

Furthermore, users enjoy high-quality streams with low buffering times on standard connection speeds. Plus, since ATDHE provides only links to other content sources such as YouTube and Dailymotion its hosting services comply with copyright regulations ensuring it remains legal for viewers to use this platform meaning people can stay safe while using ATDHE to watch their favorite sports games online.

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Strikeout is considered one of the best alternatives to CricFree in 2023. It allows users to stream a wide range of sports events for free and offers reliable and high-quality streaming.

It is easy to use, enabling users to access their favorite teams, live games quickly, and highlights with the click of a button. Furthermore, Strikeout’s reputation has grown among fans thanks to its impressive selection of popular and lesser-known sports, making it an ideal choice for any avid viewer who wants uninterrupted streaming, no matter what sport they want to watch.



SportStream is a great alternative to CricFree for all sports fans looking for dependable and quality live sports streaming. The platform offers a wide range of channels dedicated to the most popular leagues in the world, from MLS soccer and NBA basketball to English Championship Football, plus more than 70 international channels where you can watch any sport imaginable including boxing, professional wrestling, cricket and golf.

You’ll find everything from 2023 MLB games to European football matches on SportStream – making it one of the most versatile options available as an alternative to CricFree next year.

All streaming is free with no hidden charges or subscription fees so users can access high-quality content without worrying about their budget. With its great reliability and an impressive selection of live events across multiple sports, SportStream stands out as an excellent choice among alternatives in 2023.

Top 150 Cricfree Alternatives for Live Sports Streaming

  1. Vipbox .tv
  2. nba-live .stream
  3. ripple .is
  4. nbalive-stream .net
  5. mygoaltv .com
  6. livepremiumtv .com
  7. fbstream .io
  8. potatostreams .net
  9. boxing-live .stream
  10. vipbox .im
  11. vipbox .lc
  12. vipleague .mobi
  13. vipbox .me
  15. vipboxtv .se
  16. vipstand .se
  17. vipbox .st
  18. nflstream .io
  19. oomovie .net
  20. jokerlivestream .net
  21. tvsportguide .com
  22. sportstreamings .com
  23. rugby-stream .net
  24. buffstreams
  25. worldcupfootball .me
  26. vipboxseats .com
  27. sports24 .club
  28. nfllivestreams .net
  29. vipbox1 .eu
  30. vipbox .cc
  31. vipbox .so
  32. vipboxme .eu
  33. vipboxing .eu
  34. kucinichaction .com
  35. crizmo .com
  36. vipbox .biz
  37. vipleague .cc
  38. viprow .me
  39. vipbᴏx .tv
  40. nbastream
  41. strikeout .nu
  42. stream2watch
  43. watchnba .tv
  44. footballlive.wikidot .com
  45. myp2p .at
  46. mamahd .best
  47. streamnba .com
  48. vipleagues .eu
  49. streamfootball .tv
  50. sportrar .tv
  51. cricfree .top
  52. watchsportonline .cc
  53. watchnbaonline .com
  54. nbalivestream .org
  55. freestreams-live1 .com
  56. tvlivenow .com
  57. sportcast .fun
  58. blackwolves .com
  59. 60fps .live
  60. gomostream .org
  61. givemereddit .stream
  62. mamahd .tv
  63. boxingstreams100 .com
  64. 101greatgoals .com
  65. cricsports .sc
  66. vipleague
  67. vipleagues .tv
  68. vipboxing .top
  69. techxoid .com
  70. livefootballschedule .com
  71. crackstream
  72. weakspell .com
  73. kaizen-fubokai .info
  74. sport-stream .me
  75. vipstand .is
  76. vipbox .mobi
  77. vipboxs .com
  78. vip-box. live
  79. vipboxtv .se
  80. allsportsflix .top
  81. vipbox1 .com
  82. vipbox .to
  83. rugbywebcast .com
  84. topperformance .xyz
  85. stream .to
  86. messitv .net
  87. buffstreams .tv
  88. allsports4free .live
  89. livestreamrugby .com
  90. vipbox .live
  91. 6stream
  92. vipbox .me
  93. rugby-stream .net
  94. bestsportstreaming .com
  95. vaebard .com
  96. vipstand .se
  97. stream2watch .ws
  98. sports-streams-online .xyz
  99. vipleague .mobi
  100. redditboxingstreams .com
  101. passplay .com
  102. cricfree .pw
  103. 6streams .tv
  104. vipbox .st
  105. lockstream .eu
  106. stream2watch .sx
  107. trickut .com
  108. f1live .stream
  109. rugbyonlinestream .com
  110. livef1 .stream
  111. viprow .net
  112. vip-sportstravel .com
  113. footballlive.wikidot .com
  114. buffstream .io
  115. superrugbywatch .com
  116. nrl .com
  117. allsportsflix .best
  118. overtakefans .com
  119. myvipbox .com
  120. crackstreams .org
  121. watch-it-now .xyz
  122. sports-live-streams .club
  123. crackstream.blogspot .com
  124. boxinglivestreams .com
  125. box903 .com
  126. bestsportstreamingsites .com
  127. myp2peu .eu
  128. vipsportslasvegas .com
  129. crichd .com
  130. freestreams-live1 .com
  131. keyanalyzer .com
  132. wheresthematch .com
  133. fomny .com
  134. olweb .tv
  135. sitelike .org
  136. f1stream .me
  137. sports-streams-online .best
  138. stream2watch .io
  139. Batmanstream .org
  140. Vipboxx .eu
  141. Vipleague .tv
  142. Xn–vipbx-p29a .tv
  143. Sportstreamtv .co
  144. Batmanstream .cc
  145. Batstream .live
  146. Laola1 .live
  147. Tennistream .com
  148. Vipleague .im
  149. Livefootball24 .com
  150. Goaltime .tv

How to Safely Stream CricFree

A VPN is an essential tool to safely stream CricFree as it encrypts traffic and protects your browsing activity while providing access to geo-restricted content.

Use a VPN

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an important security measure when streaming content with CricFree and its other alternatives. A VPN will encrypt your Internet connection, meaning that any malicious websites or advertisers tracking you cannot see what information you are sharing or viewing online as it’s all securely hidden.

With the help of a good VPN, one can bypass geo-blocking by masking their IP address and accessing blocked content from anywhere in the world; this includes some sports broadcasts that may not be available in certain regions because of licensing restrictions.

Moreover, people should consider using a premium VPN provider like Surfshark for safe streaming as they offer advanced features designed to keep users secure while streaming live sports.

Avoid clicking on ads

while streaming CricFree is a popular and free choice, it is important to be cautious when using the site as clicking on ads associated with how to stream safely can expose users to potential risks.

It is recommended for users to avoid these ads completely in order to protect their security and privacy while online. Clicking on links that offer safe streaming methods may lead users down an unsafe path of digging deep into potential viruses or malware in disguise.

Not only does this put their computer’s safety at risk, but they also may face legal consequences if they attempt to pirate content without responsibility. To ensure maximum protection against undesirable consequences, readers should always avoid clicking any ads related to how one can legally stream Cricfree safely.

Keep antivirus software updated

when streaming on platforms like CricFree, it is important to keep antivirus software updated. Regularly updating antivirus software prevents malicious threats and malware that often lurk on the internet from attacking personal devices and networks.

This can avoid a potential security breach where private information is transmitted without consent or stolen for illegal purposes. The free services from CricFree come with some risks, requiring users to take extra precautions as they browse online materials.

From experience, using an antivirus program may be able to recognize these attacks sooner thus protecting the user’s data before any harm is done. Additionally, virus definitions are regularly updated—ensuring specific viruses can still be identified despite their evolution.

Reviews and Comparisons of CricFree

From user reviews to featured and popular comparisons, find out everything in the reviews and comparisons of CricFree.

User reviews

CricFree has gained a large number of loyal users who have left glowing reviews across various platforms. Many praise the platform for its wide selection of sports channels and highly responsive streams.

Furthermore, most are pleased that it’s free to use as compared with other paid options like Sky Sports or ESPN which offer subscription packages. Additionally, there are those who appreciate how they can watch games on devices besides their laptop such as an Android phone or tablet.

For instance, one user shared that he could easily cast CricFree content from his iPhone to Apple TV and then enjoy watching his favorite UFC matches in HD quality on the big screen without any trouble.

Featured comparisons

As readers, you may be wondering how the alternatives to CricFree stack up against each other. Here’s a concise side-by-side comparison of some of the top alternatives to CricFree in 2023. We’ve compared key features like user-friendliness, sports variety, and streaming quality.

Alternative Sites User-Friendliness Sports Variety Streaming Quality
SportP2P High Wide Excellent
VIPLeague Moderate Wide Good
goATDee High Wide Excellent

As clearly indicated, SportP2P, VIPLeague, and goATDee all offer a wide variety of sports to choose from. However, SportP2P and goATDee boast higher user-friendliness and excellent streaming quality, making them top contenders among CricFree alternatives.

Popular comparisons

As you explore different platforms for live sports streaming, you may come across several alternatives to CricFree. The popular comparisons below might help you decide which service to use better.

Comparison CricFree Alternatives
Availability Sometimes unavailable Other platforms like WiziWig, SportStream, and LiveTV are often more reliable.
Variety of Sports Offers a wide range of sports Each alternative offers different sports options. For instance, Ronaldo7 specializes in soccer.
Cost Free to use Most alternatives like Stream2watch, ScoresInLive, and are also free, but some may have premium plans for better services.
Security Potential security risks Some alternatives are safer. For example, VIPBoxTV is often recommended for its safety features.

Keep in mind that the best platform for your specific needs may vary based on the sports you wish to watch, your budget, and your need for security while streaming.

Latest Updates and Changes

In 2023, CricFree introduced a range of new features and improved functionality for users. Explore more to stay updated!

Latest update in 2023

2023 has seen a big upgrade to the look and feel of CricFree. The website now boasts a better design with larger font sizes, more intuitive navigation, faster loading times, and improved mobile compatibility.

The site also added new features such as highlighted featured channels, an upgraded buffering system, multi-lingual support (English & Spanish), plus live chat for when you need help answering questions or have difficulties streaming content from the platform.

Additionally, Premium members are getting access to an ever-growing library of on-demand sports content and exclusive news updates about upcoming events related to their favorite teams/athletes.

Possible future changes

In 2023, CricFree can potentially add more features and content to its platform as there are vast opportunities for the sports streaming service. This could include offering a broader range of channels or showing newer updates on special topics of interest that have recently taken place in cricket and other sports.

There might also be potential advancements related to security solutions such as biometric technologies which are being used by many organizations worldwide today for document fraud prevention, identity theft protection, and detecting terrorist threats or cybercrimes.

Such latest developments would help make Cricfree more secure and reliable when it comes to protecting user’s privacy. Moreover, introducing new social media integrations may provide users with an easier way to connect with each other and share their opinions or views about players or teams on Cricfree’s platform itself.

Common Questions about CricFree

Get to learn the commonly asked questions about CricFree and their answers in this section.

Is CricFree still working?

No, CricFree TV has been permanently shut down. It is no longer working, and users cannot access it to stream live sports. The platform faced issues with its availability for some time before finally being closed down in 2021, and alternative sites such as Stream2Watch, VipBoxTV, Sky Sports, Firstrowsports, etc have come up ever since then to cater to the needs of its millions of regular viewers.

Despite the gain in popularity over the years, CricFree has also had to face certain legal hurdles that have resulted in potential bans within certain countries worldwide.

Is CricFree safe?

CricFree is a streaming platform that offers live sports without needing to pay subscription fees, providing an attractive alternative to paying for premium streaming services. What’s more, many of the channels it connects you with appear free, which adds an extra layer of appeal – but it isn’t quite as simple as that.

While CricFree itself may act as a legitimate platform to broadcast content from other websites, those other sites are not necessarily operating legally or have any kind of safety measures in place should you click on their links and stream their content.

As such, there are potential risks associated with using CricFree if users are unaware of where the content is coming from and whether it has been properly authenticated by authorities or not.

Is CricFree legal?

CricFree TV is considered a legal site for watching sports online, as it only hosts links to other sites that provide free streaming of sports events. The actual content shown and streamed on the platform does not originate from CricFree itself – instead, users are directed to third-party websites that handle the video playback.

As long as those linked services comply with local laws and regulations, there should be no issues in using CricFree as a gateway for live sports streaming.

What are the best alternatives to CricFree?

When it comes to live sports streaming, CricFree is a great option that offers live games for free. However, there are plenty of other alternatives in case this service is unavailable or objectionable.

WiziWig and Stream2watch are fantastic choices, with a wide range of streams. Batmanstreams and also offer some interesting content but may provide fewer channels than the former two.

SkySports stands out among them as it delivers high-quality broadcast content relating to all types of ongoing sporting events across the world. VipboxTV presents an even better alternative when CricFree isn’t working properly while its user interface makes navigation easier, as well as providing links for easy access to major European football leagues such as La Liga or Serie A games among others.

Which VPN should I use for CricFree?

Using a reliable and secure VPN when streaming CricFree and its alternatives is essential to protect yourself from data leakage, intrusions, government surveillance, or possible malicious activities.

Among the many available options on the market, Ivacy VPN stands out for being one of the most trusted providers offering top-notch security features such as obfuscation technique support that helps camouflage online activity making it difficult for anyone to track your private browsing sessions.

In addition to being military-grade encrypted, Ivacy also offers lightning-fast speed, making live sports streaming easier than ever before even when connected through a distant server.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you still have some queries about the Cricfree, check the answers below.

1. What is Cricfree?

Cricfree is a free-to-use sports streaming service that offers users access to live sports matches and other content from around the world.

2. Are there any alternatives to Cricfree available in 2023?

Yes, there are several alternatives available such as Sportlemon, LiveTV, Stream Sports TV, and

3. Is using Cricfree or its equivalents legal?

No, it is not legally permitted to watch copyrighted material on these platforms without permission from the copyright holder(s). 

4. What do I need to use Cricfree and its equivalents?

You will need an internet connection with good speeds and a device with a compatible browser for streaming on these websites like Google Chrome or Safari for iOS devices.


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