Why Conference Call Transcription Services are Important?

Conference calls remain the cornerstone of organizational communication. Even with instant chat messaging and team collaboration tools becoming commonplace, conference calls are still important.

With so many meetings that bring together multiple internal departments and sometimes customers, it’s hard to keep track of the content in every single conference call. This is where transcription services come in.

What are the Advantages of Conference Call Transcription Services?

Transcribing a phone conversation requires listening to a voice recording and typing the spoken words. Unless one is an experienced transcriber, this manual process is very time-consuming. Transcribing is tedious and sometimes requires rewinding or playing the audio file many times to catch everything a speaker is saying.

Conference call transcription services make the process much easier. Moreover, companies can use these services to create transcripts to reference after the call for further collaborations.

A conference call transcription service provides precise records of business meetings. Professionals can use these transcripts to analyze the discussion or see what they missed or forgot.

Knowing you have a recording for future reference eliminates the need to take notes during meetings, allowing each party to focus on calls. This ability means that you can hold both employees and customers accountable. Here are a few more benefits of transcription services.

Better Communication

Online meeting transcription facilitates asynchronous communication between teams and clients in different time zones. Accurate notes would arrive in the stakeholders’ inboxes after the meeting, even if they didn’t attend it.

Companies can also translate the transcripts so that non-English speakers can understand what transpired during the meeting. Moreover, the transcripts allow you to reach large audiences and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Faster Access to Crucial Information

Conference calls are an effective platform to brainstorm ideas, refresh or train an entire department, or conduct important meetings with customers or upper management. However, an average conference call lasts around 60 minutes, so listening to recordings to find specific information can consume a lot of one’s precious time. Transcripts make identifying and filtering important data simpler and quicker.

A Way to Collect Customer Data

Businesses can use call logs to collect essential data. However, if the same issues regarding product deliveries or miscommunication keep arising, they can be easily identified through transcripts. Transcripts are also a great way to collect customer grievances and feedback to share with colleagues.

Moreover, in the case of helpdesk support, if a client calls back and speaks to a different representative, transcribed logs help the team stay up to date with the issue at hand. This feature dramatically improves the customer’s experience.

Quality Control

Phone call transcription is an excellent mechanism for understanding how well your employees are doing on the phone. Call center executives and sales teams, for instance, can use call transcripts to see how colleagues are responding to specific situations, queries, and more.

Market Research

Businesses can conduct market research using focus groups and consumer interviews, which increasingly happen on conference calls. Accurate and complete transcripts of these discussions are necessary because they help you make critical business decisions.

Increasing Workplace Accessibility

Transcripts provide another way to process information from calls or video conferences. They are handy for deaf people who need information in an easy-to-read format. Transcripts are also important for people with auditory processing disabilities and those who speak English as a second language.

Marketing Content Creation

Recording an interview and transcribing it can be helpful in your marketing efforts. For example, suppose the marketing team is interviewing an industry leader on a conference call and wants to create content based on that dialog. In that case, transcripts make it easier to pull direct quotes and summarize key information for flyers and social media posts.

Improved Website SEO

One of the ways to improve an organization’s SEO strategy is by uploading relevant call, interview, or meeting transcripts to the company’s website. Valuable content like this not only keeps visitors on your site longer but also allows you to include more SEO keywords. Transcripts also provide potential customers with insight into how your business works. With more targeted keywords, your website will have a higher chance of appearing on the front page of the SERP.

Better Transparency

Consumers today agree that brand transparency is one of the most important considerations when deciding with whom to do business. If you have shareable meeting minutes from conference calls, you can easily email them to stakeholders, board members, customers, and staff. Not only does this boost your company’s reputation, but it also makes your customers feel valued and involved in day-to-day operations. Further, this transparency helps prevent misunderstandings.

Compliance With Industry Standards

Depending on your industry, you may be required by law to record and file all conference calls. This regulation might be more relevant in the financial and legal sectors. However, even if you don’t need to transcribe the calls, doing so provides good legal protection. Before recording and getting your calls transcribed by third parties, make sure you are familiar with your state’s call recording laws.

Storage Purposes

Finally, conference call transcripts help create meaningful corporate documents for the archives. These logs may be reviewed by compliance officers, consultants, senior management, and at year-end reviews or board meetings. Employees can self-evaluate their performance by reading transcripts and identifying their own strengths and weaknesses.

One can also easily share notes and highlights from transcripts by dragging them directly into emails and other documents. Moreover, transcripts are typically much smaller than video and audio files, thus saving valuable disk space.


You already know how crucial it is to have a written record of calls. Now, all you have to do is find the right provider for the task. Outsourcing your conference call transcription needs is a good idea for several reasons. First, you’ll save on resources. Amateurs spend more time transcribing than professionals. Your employee may be more productive by doing another task.

Second, transcripts are only useful if they are correct. Conference call transcription services can provide a high level of accuracy. Erroneous transcriptions can be confusing and misleading, shutting out people who rely on them. A professional transcription service will provide consistent and accurate speech-to-text recordings.

Another advantage of outsourcing is scalability. How many conference calls do you have a day? Do you see that number growing in the near future? Efficient transcription solutions have the resources to handle large amounts of audio, so keep that in consideration.

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