5 Reasons Why Taking Blockchain Courses should be your Next Career Move

The staggering growth of the blockchain industry has served as a formidable factor in encouraging people to learn about new technology. Experts have pointed out that the blockchain industry could reach a total worth of $163.83 billion by 2029. With global expenses on blockchain solutions expected to reach the $19 billion mark in 2024, it is reasonable to look for blockchain courses that can support your career. 

Learning about blockchain could help you capitalize on the new job roles emerging in the domain of blockchain. As a revolutionary technology for driving decentralization, blockchain might serve as the technology for the future. The following post will help you find the ideal courses that could support your career development goals. 

Top Blockchain Courses to Start Your Career

Blockchain is a lucrative field and presents many career opportunities. However, you need to learn and build your expertise in blockchain before making any move. Interestingly, you can start with a blockchain course free of cost on 101 Blockchains to cover the basic concepts of blockchain. It can help you gain foundational knowledge regarding blockchain alongside guiding your future pursuits. Subsequently, you should also focus on relevant and trending topics in the domain of blockchain technology to boost your skills. Here are some of the essential blockchain courses you can try to start your career in blockchain. 

  • NFT Fundamentals

One of the interesting choices of a blockchain course for beginners on 101 Blockchains would refer to the NFT Fundamentals course. The training course focuses on non-fungible tokens and helps you understand their technical foundation. Furthermore, you can learn more insights into the scope and goals associated with non-fungible tokens alongside a detailed reflection on their history. The training course also focuses on methods and best practices for creating, buying, and selling NFTs. 

  • Tokenization Fundamentals

The advantage of blockchain training for career development with the Tokenization Fundamentals training course is clearly evident in the topic. Tokenization is one of the emerging concepts for the representation of physical and digital assets on blockchain networks in the form of tokens. You can understand the basics of tokenization and its practical applications with the Tokenization Fundamentals course. Most important of all, the course also introduces you to tokenization projects and the regulatory concerns associated with them. 

  • Introduction to DeFi Course

The next promising addition among courses on blockchain technology would point to the Introduction to DeFi course. It offers a flexible learning instrument to familiarize with the technology behind decentralized finance or DeFi. You can not only understand what DeFi is but also develop the skills to communicate the meaning and use of DeFi to your colleagues and clients. Interestingly, the course also features career guidance for aspiring DeFi experts without the need to pursue a career in trading. 

  • How to Build Your Career in Enterprise Blockchains?

The necessity of guidance for your career in the blockchain is always imperative for achieving your career development goals. You can choose unique blockchain courses focused on helping you learn about the ideal career paths for blockchain professionals. The course could help you learn about the different career opportunities you can explore in the domain of blockchain. At the same time, you can develop in-depth knowledge regarding the skills required for building your blockchain career. 

  • IoT Fundamentals Course

Another revolutionary technology that can offer a competitive edge to blockchain professionals is the Internet of Things. Apart from offering interconnectivity among devices and people, IoT can work seamlessly with blockchain technology. The IoT Fundamentals course is more than your usual blockchain course for beginners, with a deep dive into IoT and its valuable benefits. On top of it, the course also deals with how blockchain and IoT could work together in the future. 

Bottom Line

The outline of five different courses for blockchain training on 101 Blockchains offers solid reasons to choose them right now. Each course reflects on an innovative and trending functionality in the world of blockchain. For example, you have an NFT course, a DeFi course, and an introduction to IoT basics. 

All of these topics can boost your credibility as a blockchain expert. At the same time, the free blockchain fundamentals course on 101 Blockchains lets you gain an edge before you start learning more about blockchain technology. Start learning about blockchain and build your career as a blockchain professional now.

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