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Skip the Traffic, Embrace Ride Sharing: 20 Best Ride Sharing Apps in Canada

Best ride sharing apps in canada

Ride sharing has become an increasingly popular way for Canadians to get around, especially in major cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can request a ride and be on your way. But with several ride sharing services now available across the country, how do you know which app is the best option?

In this blog post, we dive into the best ride sharing apps in Canada that are currently available. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest fares, the largest coverage area, or specific features like carpooling options, we break down the best ride sharing apps in Canada to help you decide which one best fits your needs.

Apps we cover include giants like Uber and Lyft as well as Canadian-based companies like Facedrive. We compare factors like driver background checks, fare estimates, availability in different provinces/cities, and more.

Content Highlights

  • Canadian rideshare services like Uber, Lyft, FREE NOW, Curb, Facedrive, Gett, and Wingz are popular among commuters due to their convenient features such as real-time tracking and cashless payments.
  • Apps like Arro offer cost-effective solutions, while BridjGoKid prioritizes safety for passengers traveling with children.
  • GoKid facilitates carpooling options, allowing families to arrange safe transport for their kids at affordable rates.
  • Ride sharing apps include innovative renewable energy-powered vehicles such as electric cars or hybrids, which make it easier for riders to select a more environmentally friendly commuter option according to individual preference and budget!

Overview of Best Ride Sharing Apps in Canada

Best Ride Sharing Apps In Canada

A detailed overview of the top rideshare apps in Canada includes Uber, Lyft, FREE NOW, Curb, Facedrive, Gett, Wingz BridjGoKid, Arro, and More. Explore all the relevant options from here and compare them to choose the best ride sharing apps in Canada. 


Uber is one of the most popular ridesharing services operating in Canada. It has established a strong and trusted presence on the market due to its impressive safety standards, flexible working opportunities for drivers, and easy-to-use user interfaces featuring real-time tracking.

On top of that, Uber’s platform allows riders access to global rides and meals along with local delivery options for companies of any size. Recently, they introduced UberX Share, which provides all favorite features at an even more affordable price point – making it easier for people to get around safely without breaking their wallets.

According to reports from 2023, the US & Canada also accounted majority of the company’s revenue, showcasing how successful they have been. All these benefits make Uber a great choice when selecting your preferred rideshare app in Canada!


Lyft is a popular ridesharing and transportation company based in San Francisco, California. Lyft operates across 12 cities or towns in Canada, including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa.

This app offers commuters the convenience of ride-sharing services similar to Uber’s. It differs from other rideshare apps due to its commitment to providing innovative features for drivers and riders alike.

These include safety features such as driver background checks prior to hiring them, real-time tracking, cashless payments, eco-friendly vehicles, carpooling options, loyalty programs that offer rewards to regular customers, customer support response time guarantees, and more.


FREE NOW is a top-notch rideshare app for Canadian users, providing a quality and reliable ride with complete safety measures. It has become one of the most popular ridesharing services due to its smooth user experience, reasonable prices, and impressive features.

With easy mobile bookings, real-time tracking options, and cashless payments, FREE NOW provides an unbeatable service that beats other competitors in the market. Furthermore, it offers various exclusive features such as carpooling possibilities and eco-friendly vehicle alternatives, which make taking a safer commute even more convenient.

With top ratings on all fronts, from customer reviews to driver qualifications to cost effectiveness – FREE NOW stands out amongst traditional Rideshare Services in Canada.


Curb is a US-based taxi app that provides users with an easy way to request and pay for taxis. Curb offers various features designed explicitly for taxicab drivers, including the ability to set up their own payment structures.

With Curb, users in Canada can save time waiting by using real-time tracking and notifications so they know when their ride will arrive. In addition, all fares are cashless, which means eliminating potential discrepancies between riders and drivers.

Safety is also considered since drivers must go through a thorough screening process prior to being allowed on the platform, as well as all vehicles must meet minimum requirements.


Launched in Toronto in 2017, Facedrive was one of the first rideshare apps to challenge Uber’s market dominance. As the only homegrown ridesharing app in Canada, it offers innovative solutions like sustainability options such as electric cars plus discounted rates for healthcare workers.

It also introduced Steer – a service offering specialized transportation for those with additional needs, such as wheelchair-friendly vehicles or drivers proficient in sign language.

By allowing riders to choose between gas, hybrid, or electric vehicles according to their own preferences and budget, Facedrive enables ecological consciousness while traveling sustainably at an affordable rate.


Gett is an award-winning rideshare service available in Canada that provides easy access to reliable and affordable transportation. This popular app offers users the convenience of a cashless transaction and real-time tracking capabilities, making it easier than ever to get from one place to another safely.

Gett boasts technology such as intelligent carpooling software designed with commuter needs in mind, as well as driver background checks that put rider safety first. Customers also enjoy exclusive savings opportunities unique to Gett, such as ride credits available through its loyalty program.

Furthermore, Gett is continuously innovating its offerings—recently implementing electric vehicle options for those preferring eco-friendly transportation alternatives. Thus offering customers a variety of options when selecting their preferred mode of travel—providing them with efficiency and peace of mind when using the app.

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is a rideshare company in Canada that specializes in airport transportation services. Operating on a pre-scheduled basis, Wingz offers customers the option to book rides in advance for longer-duration trips.

It focuses on connecting passengers with reliable drivers who are vetted and screened thoroughly by the company’s team and passed through their strict safety standards. Apart from being secure and convenient, travelers using Wingz receive updates about their ride status via text message notifications alongside estimated arrival times, giving them ample time to prepare and plan accordingly.

Compared to Uber or Lyft, prices may also be higher, but overall, it proves to be cost-effective as travelers get better bang for their buck, noting ensured reliability along with added convenience given its advanced booking feature.


Bridj is a rideshare app that offers users convenient and cost-effective transportation options in Canada. It stands out from other apps, such as Uber or Lyft, by providing extra convenience for its customers through carpooling support.

Other features of Bridj include real-time tracking, cashless payments, safety measures such as driver background checks, and loyalty programs to reward regular riders. Bridg allows you to book your ride at any time with no extra added fees while ensuring the highest possible security standards on each journey.

The biggest advantage of using Bridj over other rideshare services is its focus on optimized cost savings by enabling the efficient sharing of resources between multiple passengers traveling along similar routes with allocated pick-up points.


GoKid is a unique carpooling solution designed specifically for schools and school districts. It helps families to efficiently and safely arrange rides for their children to and from school or other activities by providing a trusted network of individuals in an organized setting.

Unlike traditional Uber or Lyft ride-share apps, GoKid focuses on helping parents connect with each other to reliably transport their children to school programs, extra-curricular events, practices, and competitions.

GoKid has been widely recognized for its innovative approach to carpooling as it has received awards such as the “Best Carpool Solution 2019” Award from FamilyTech Magazine. This award is just one example of how GoKid has stood out amongst competitors since 2023 due to its ability to help busy parents tackle transportation worries with ease while still maintaining safety standards.


Arro has established itself as one of Canada’s top ridesharing apps in 2023. The app works similarly to popular contenders like Uber and Lyft, providing heavy users with convenience, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and cashless payments.

Arro also offers several advanced features that set it apart from the competition, such as real-time tracking notifications and built-in safety measures like driver background checks and vehicle standards.

Arro also boasts more extensive coverage maps than its rivals when it comes to cities across Canada, meaning passengers can access reliable transportation regardless of their location.

Furthermore, Arro is continually pushing innovation in Canadian ridesharing by introducing new electric vehicles into its fleet and integrating with public transport services for even greater reach.


Poparide is a Canadian long-distance ride-sharing app. Since its starting in 2014, it has transformed long-distance travel to make it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Now, serving all major Canadian cities like Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, Poparide is expanding its reach at an impressive pace.

Drivers can easily list their rides on the app, earning money by charging passengers a contribution towards their gas and toll expenses. For passengers, Poparide gives a cost-effective alternative to traditional transportation options like buses and trains. With fares generally 50% lower than comparable bus/train tickets, it makes long-distance travel more affordable without compromising comfort or safety.

You can download this app for free on iOS and Android devices and enjoy the joy of shared travel, where each ride is an opportunity to connect with fellow adventurers and discover new perspectives.


Uride, a rideshare app planned for accessibility and convenience, seamlessly connects riders with independent drivers in Ontario. Just download the app, make an account, give your credit card details, and request a ride whenever you need.

At Uride, drivers set their rates and work on their schedules. This flexibility lets them balance their driving commitments with their personal lives. Now operating exclusively in Ontario, Uride is planning for expansion, with plans to extend its services to other Canadian cities in the coming days.

Embrace the convenience and ease of Uride, where each ride is an opportunity to explore your city or venture beyond its borders.

Lucky To Go

Lucky To Go’s intuitive platform makes getting around a breeze. Functioning in most major Canadian cities, Lucky To Go has gained a loyal user base of more than 50,000 downloads, including several regular users who rely on its affordable and reliable transportation services.

Whether you’re a rider seeking a convenient ride or a driver looking for more income opportunities, Lucky To Go caters to your needs. You can download the Lucky To Go app today and let your good luck roll!

Tapp Car

Elevate your transportation experience with TappCar, a top ridesharing company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Launched in November 2016, it has redefined the ridesharing landscape with its commitment to affordability, quality, and customer satisfaction.

TappCar’s unique two-tier pricing model ensures consistent fares, charging a flat $2.50 at the start of each trip, followed by a transparent rate of $0.35 per kilometer. Unlike other ridesharing companies, TappCar eliminates the unpredictability of surge pricing, offering riders peace of mind and the assurance of a fair price.

Dedicated to providing exceptional service, TappCar doesn’t impose caps on its drivers’ ratings, ensuring that riders are consistently paired with top-rated drivers who have demonstrated exceptional service and professionalism.


Kangaride is Canada’s one of the most popular ridesharing apps. Whether you’re seeking a local ride, embarking on a long-distance adventure, or venturing beyond borders, Kangaride will seamlessly connect you with drivers heading in the same direction.

You can also join the Kangaride community as a driver and share your vehicle with fellow travelers. Simply sign up on the website with your personal information and upload clear images of your driver’s license and insurance documents. Within 24 hours, a Kangaride representative will reach out to guide you through the account activation process.

Just download the app and embrace the convenience, affordability, and friendship that Kangaride offers.

Carpool World

You can discover the benefits of shared travel with CarpoolWorld, Canada’s largest carpooling community. It’s not as widely known as Poparide, but it has established itself as a valuable resource for commuters looking for cost-effective transportation options.

Functioning as a web-based carpooling service, CarpoolWorld connects you with a vast network of drivers and passengers traveling along similar routes. With more than 20,000 members in its database, it offers an extensive pool of potential carpool partners to suit your commuting needs.

Making an account on CarpoolWorld gives you access to its comprehensive search functionality. Just specify your commute details, and the platform will match you with potential carpool partners who align with your requirements. From there, you can connect with them directly to arrange the carpool details.

Co-op Taxi

Co-op Taxi is a traditional taxi service that has been serving Calgary and Saskatoon for several years. With a commitment to providing reliable, customer-friendly, and safe transportation, Co-op Taxi has earned the trust of countless commuters and travelers alike.

The Co-op Taxi app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Just enter your pickup and drop-off locations, choose your preferred vehicle type, and confirm your request. The app’s real-time tracking feature lets you monitor your driver’s progress and anticipate your arrival time easily.

Beck Taxi

Navigate the bustling streets of Toronto with convenience and ease by entrusting your transportation needs to Beck Taxi. This long-standing and reliable taxi service has been serving the city for decades. With a commitment to offering reliable, safe, and customer-friendly transportation, Beck Taxi has earned the trust of countless commuters and travelers alike.

The app’s real-time tracking feature keeps you updated on your driver’s progress, letting you anticipate your arrival time with ease. Whether you’re heading to a business meeting, catching a flight, or simply exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of Toronto, Beck Taxi is your trusted partner for a stress-free and enjoyable journey.

With a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and a team of experienced drivers, Beck Taxi ensures a smooth and comfortable ride every time.


Hitch is a revolutionary ridesharing platform in Canada. Hitch promises an experience far superior to bus travel, whether you’re visiting loved ones or embarking on a business trip to a neighboring city.

Hitch embraces flexibility and eco-consciousness, making it an ideal choice for environmentally-friendly travelers. Spacious vehicles ensure ample legroom and comfort, and the dedicated middle seat remains empty, letting you stretch out and unwind during your road trip.

Hitch proudly boasts a 100% fulfillment rate for ride requests. Rest assured that your driver will be there, ready to transport you to your destination without any hassles.


RideShark’s Dynamic RideshareTM allows users to book, pay, communicate, and track their carpool trips in real-time. Users can carpool on-demand or even regularly. This is the next generation in true ridesharing, where passengers join the driver’s journey.

RideShark offers a reward program that is auditable and has been proven to be valuable to users. No more %off coupons! Behavior change requires tangible incentives with real value. Your users are downloading your custom-branded solution. RideShark is unique in that customers can create their own branding to make sure your users recognize it.

Uber, Lyft, and Facedrive: The Comparison

Here is a comparison table of some key features of major ride sharing apps available in Canada – Uber, Lyft, and Facedrive:

Feature Uber Lyft Facedrive
Availability Available in major Canadian cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, etc. More limited – available mainly in Toronto with expansion plans Currently only available in Toronto, looking to expand to other cities
Fare Estimate Provides estimated fare before booking Provides estimated fare before booking Provides estimated fare before booking
Fare Types UberX (basic rides), UberXL (large vehicles), UberSELECT (premium cars) Lyft (standard rides), Lyft XL (large vehicles for groups) Facedrive Ride (standard), Facedrive XL (large vehicles)
Payment Credit card on file, cash (select cities) Credit card on file In-app wallet, credit card
Driver Screening Background checks, DMV checks, insurance requirements Background checks, DMV checks Background checks
Unique Offerings Uber Eats delivery, helicopter rides (select cities) Lyft Pink loyalty program Carbon offsetting with tree planting, electric vehicle options
Ratings Both drivers and passengers can rate each other after rides Both drivers and passengers can rate each other after rides Drivers and passengers can rate each other
Safety Features Share trip details with contacts, emergency assistance Contact emergency services through the app Share trip details with contacts for safety

As you can see, while the major ride sharing apps in Canada have a lot of similarities, there are some key differences in availability, features, and unique offerings that distinguish them. This table summarizes the main points so you can compare the top options available across the country.

Key Features and Benefits of the Best Ride Sharing Apps in Canada

Best Ride Sharing Apps In Canada

With features such as convenience, safety, cashless payments, and more, ridesharing apps offer an array of helpful benefits to users. Read on to learn more about why these apps are essential in today’s modern society!

Convenience and accessibility

Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft give users in Canada the convenience of being able to book a ride at any time, from anywhere, using their smartphones. This eliminates the need to call a taxi company or make any other arrangements when a commute is required.

With these apps, customers can track the driver’s location in real-time and receive notifications about their estimated arrival time. These ride-sharing services are also more cost effective than traditional taxis, with offers such as UberPool allowing passengers to save money by sharing rides with others.

For people without access to cars or those who rely heavily on public transportation, these apps offer an efficient way of getting around town safer than ever before.

Real-time tracking and notifications

Rideshare apps in Canada offer a level of convenience, accessibility, and safety with features such as real-time tracking and notifications. Real-time tracking allows users to track their rides in “real-time,” giving them up-to-date information on the car’s location and estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Notifications also alert users of any relevant updates or changes that may affect their journey. By using GPS technology, these features can help ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience when riding with rideshare companies in Canada.

The ability to quickly identify location and have notifications sent helps make journeys safer by allowing passengers or drivers more time to prepare for unexpected scenarios like cancellations or unexpected detours due to traffic.

Cashless payments

Cashless payments have become a widely accepted form of payment in Canada and across the world due to the convenience, speed, and improved safety associated with online transactions. Ride-sharing applications such as Uber provide cashless payments that contribute significantly to their popularity among users.

Without having to worry about exchanging money, riders can simply tap and ride. This makes it more attractive for those who desire a quick, convenient experience – exactly what ridesharing promises.

Cashless payments also reduce processing time for drivers while making them less susceptible to theft or being shortchanged. They also allow businesses to serve more customers at any given time as each transaction processes faster without involving cash exchange manually.

Safety features and driver background checks

Rideshare companies like Uber, Lyft, and FREE NOW all have strict safety measures in place to ensure passengers are in good hands. These include background checks for each driver so that their vehicle records, criminal offenses (if any), and driving experience can be verified.

Uber employs a three-step safety screen, which includes an automated review of the national sex offender registry as well as county and federal court accident reports before allowing any drivers onto its platform.

In addition to this, there is also real-time tracking through GPS technology so that both riders and drivers can monitor their progress during rides. Furthermore, many apps now require passengers to enter a pin code that matches the one in the driver’s app when they locate their ride – providing extra security for those taking trips alone late at night or in unfamiliar areas.

All rideshare apps use state-of-the-art encryption technology on both customers’ phones and vehicles, ensuring private information is kept secure throughout a journey while still allowing pertinent details to be shared about pickups or drop-offs between parties involved, should it be required.

Carpooling options

Ride-share apps like Uber and Lyft offer users the convenience of using carpooling services. Carpooling is a great way to save money while still getting around quickly and easily. It allows multiple people to share a single ride, reducing costs by splitting fare expenses among passengers.

It also reduces emissions from individually owned vehicles, promoting sustainability and helping protect the environment. As well as being cost-effective for customers, many rideshare apps also have rating systems so that drivers can see which poolers they’re most comfortable with before taking them on board their journey.

This helps ensure safety among all participants in the ride-sharing network, providing peace of mind when sharing trips with strangers who are going in similar directions.


Rideshare apps provide consumers with a cost-effective alternative to traditional taxis and car ownership for transportation. These services typically operate on a dynamic pricing structure, meaning that fares may vary depending on the time of day and other factors at play.

Still, due to competition between companies, the price difference between transport options is usually minimal. Consumers can also find great savings in rideshare apps by taking longer trips – Consumer Reports estimates that these trips tend to be cheaper when using Uber compared to shorter ones, which can end up being more expensive.

Rideshare users also benefit from convenience, real-time tracking notifications, and no cash payments required (among other features), making them ideal for commuters looking for an affordable yet reliable way of getting around their city or town.

Latest Updates and Innovations in Rideshare Apps

Rideshare apps in Canada are continuously evolving to provide better user experiences, with features such as enhanced user interfaces, public transportation integration, delivery services, and electric vehicle options.

Enhanced user interfaces

This is one of the key areas that rideshare apps have been focusing on in order to ensure a better customer experience. By having an improved interface, customers are able to navigate and understand their options within the app, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Uber has gone so far as to use psychology tricks such as ‘gamification’, which helps to influence driver behavior positively. Other improvements include brighter visuals, easy access to help/information menus using carousel designs/pages, enhanced map interfaces for pinpoint precision when locating drivers or suggested routes, etc. These measures are helping make user experiences less daunting while promoting their products overall with clarity, visual appeal, and consistency.

Ride-sharing apps have come a long way in terms of improving user interfaces – from reward programs based on frequent usage and specialized navigation service demos backed by simple tutorials – all these moving parts ease customer interactions throughout the journey they take with any given ride-share company.

Integration with public transportation

has had a major impact on the ridesharing sector in Canada. In cities like London and Denver, Uber has integrated public transit options into its app to provide users with more transportation options and convenience.

This integration helps to reduce traffic congestion by leading to fewer private vehicles on the road. Beyond providing access to public transit, many rideshare apps also send notifications and updates about their rides straight to the rider’s smartphone, ensuring they are always aware of any changes or delays that could happen along the way.

From safety features such as driver background checks to increased accessibility for riders who do not own cars, this integration is making it easier than ever before for Canadians to get around safely and efficiently while still enjoying the cost-effectiveness of services like Uber and Lyft.

Delivery services and package transportation

Uber and Lyft offer delivery services and package transportation as part of their ride-sharing services. Both companies have seen rapid growth in this segment, with Uber’s delivery service becoming its largest source of revenue.

The convenience offered by these services makes them attractive to customers who need to get items delivered quickly from one location to another without having to leave their homes.

Passengers can order deliveries within the Uber or Lyft app when they’re waiting for a vehicle, allowing them to make use of idle time while on the go. Drivers also benefit from delivering packages along with providing rides since they are able to increase their earning potential and provide additional income streams for themselves.

Electric and eco-friendly vehicle options

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, and rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft are promoting the use of these vehicles to provide sustainable transportation options for riders.

These EVs offer numerous benefits, including reduced emissions that lead to improved air quality, cost savings from fuel efficiency when compared to conventional gasoline cars, quieter operation with no combustion engine noise, and smoother performance.

For drivers, choosing an electric vehicle means saving money on purchase costs due to subsidies provided by government programs across Canada. By using an EV for their rideshare services instead of a gasoline car, they can also save money on maintenance costs since EVs have fewer moving parts than traditional cars.

In addition to this economic incentive, there are also rewards programs offered by different companies which allow drivers on specific platforms like FREE NOW or Gett to receive cashback rewards or discounts when riding with EVs.

For riders, taking electric taxi cabs is always more economical because they pay only according to the distance rate in place without additional surcharges related to petrol prices fluctuating.

Loyalty programs and rewards

Rideshare apps in Canada often offer loyalty programs with a wide range of benefits for riders. Lyft’s program, for example, allows users to earn points, miles, and cashback on their rides while also providing exclusive discounts on subsequent purchases.

Similarly, Uber One provides discounts on fares and delivery orders through its membership plan, along with other benefits such as the ability to cancel rides without penalty fees. Furthermore, Lyft has partnered up with companies like JetBlue, Delta Air Lines, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, and Chase Bank to provide additional rewards when you use these services together.

Uber also launched its own rewards program this year that lets participants enjoy reduced fares or even free trips, as well as bonuses when they share promotions with friends or invite others to sign up for the app.

Comparison of Top Rideshare Apps in Canada

Knowing the difference between various rideshare apps in Canada will make it easier for users to find one that best suits their needs and budget.



Key Features

Vehicle Options

Safety Measures



Real-time tracking, cashless payments, meals/delivery options

Standard vehicles

Driver background checks


Major cities

Real-time tracking, cashless payments, loyalty rewards

Standard vehicles

Driver background checks


Major cities

Real-time tracking, cashless payments, carpooling options

Standard and eco-friendly vehicles



Real-time tracking, cashless payments


Driver background checks, vehicle requirements



Eco-friendly vehicle options, discounted rates

Standard, hybrid, electric


Major cities

Real-time tracking, cashless payments, loyalty program

Standard and electric vehicles

Driver background checks


Major airports

Pre-scheduled airport rides

Vetted, screened drivers


Major cities

Real-time tracking, cashless payments, carpooling

Driver background checks



Parent-coordinated school rides

Trusted driver network



Real-time tracking, cashless payments

Standard vehicles

Driver/vehicle checks


Long distance

Cost-effective long-distance rides



Flexible driver schedules

Lucky To Go

Major cities

Affordable, reliable rides



Flat starting + per km rate, no surge pricing

No rating caps for drivers



Connects drivers and riders



Cost-effective carpooling

Extensive driver/rider database

Co-op Taxi

Calgary, Saskatoon

Reliable taxi service


Beck Taxi


Reliable taxi service


Experienced drivers



Eco-friendly, flexible

Spacious vehicles

100% ride fulfillment



Dynamic carpooling platform

Reward programs

Tips for Using Rideshare Apps in Canada

Setting up your account, requesting rides, and communicating with drivers are just some of the important steps to take while using a rideshare app in Canada.

Setting up your account and payment options

Ride-sharing apps in Canada help make transportation more convenient with accessible, safe, and affordable options. When you are ready to use a rideshare app for your next trip, it is important to set up an account and input payment information.

This allows users to quickly request travel on demand as well as view invoice summaries of past trips without having to re-enter their details each time. Setting up secure payment methods is also essential for peace of mind when using the service.

Having a secure backend for ride-sharing app development is also important – backing end providers such as Firebase ensure that user data stays private and secure while utilizing cutting-edge technologies like AI algorithms, which allow developers to access real-time analytics about who uses the product and how they interact with it.

Requesting rides and specifying preferences

Rideshare apps in Canada provide a convenient and cost-effective way for users to get around. As any user quickly discovers, booking rides using these services is easy – simply open the app, enter your pick-up location, set the drop-off location, and select your vehicle type.

While requesting rides is straightforward, many of these apps also allow users to specify their preferences, including requests for specific vehicles or drivers. Depending on the service provider and local availability, you may have options such as UberWAV (for wheelchair-accessible vehicles) or selecting a driver who has ratings higher than an average of 4 stars.

Some services also offer a ride scheduling option so you can plan ahead with guaranteed secure payment upon completion of each ride. To ensure every user’s experience is safe and comfortable, some providers indicate whether drivers have taken additional safety measures, such as sharing contact information prior to starting a journey.

Communicating with drivers

Rideshare apps make it easy for users to connect with drivers quickly and conveniently. All apps include a messaging feature, allowing customers to communicate directly with their driver before the ride starts.

After booking, riders can open up in-app messages and check out information about the assigned driver, such as estimated arrival time and contact info. GPS tracking also shows both parties each other’s location both during the ride request process and while en route.

With these features available on rideshare apps, clear communication makes for an efficient journey every time – from ensuring both parties are aware of pickup/dropoff locations to confirm any special requests or accommodations needed along the way.

Rating and reviewing your experience

with rideshare apps in Canada is key to helping other users make informed decisions and ensure a satisfactory experience. This feedback helps establish trust amongst members of the ridesharing community and allows regular passengers to get an idea of what their potential ride will be like.

Submitting honest reviews also gives drivers an objective look at their performance while highlighting any opportunities for improvement. Consider ratings about vehicle cleanliness, driver behavior, timeliness, or any other factors that could affect your comfort during the journey when sharing your experiences.

Ratings are valuable for both parties as they encourage higher-quality service on both fronts, creating satisfying experiences for everyone involved.


Canada has a wide range of popular rideshare apps available, each offering their own unique features and benefits. Uber and Lyft are easily the most widely used among Canadian residents, while BlaBla Car stands out for its carpooling functionality.

Other noteworthy services that offer long-distance ride sharing options include Poparide, Wingz, GoKid, and Bridj. FREE NOW is an emerging player in the market that offers competitive fares.

For those looking to save money on trips within cities or rural regions, Arro and Gett are two great budget-friendly alternatives to choose from. Curb is popular for its fixed fare system as well as increased safety standards, while Facedrive offers green transportation solutions with electric cars or hybrid vehicles where possible.

When it comes to overall customer satisfaction ratings, TappCar receives consistently good reviews across Canada due to its reliable service and driver approval process. All these apps can provide safe and convenient transportation opportunities at a fraction of the cost of traditional taxi services, so consider your needs before choosing one that suits you best!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In case you want to learn more about the best ride sharing apps in Canada, please go through this FAQ section. 

1. What are ride sharing apps?

Ride sharing apps are on-demand services that allow you to book a vehicle for hire and request services directly from your mobile phone with the touch of a button.

2. What is the most popular ride share in Canada?/ What is the most reliable ride share app?

According to a 2023 Statista survey, Uber is the most popular ride-sharing app in Canada, followed by Lyft and TappCar.

Here is a table of the 5 best ride sharing apps in Canada, based on the Statista survey:


Ride-sharing App

Market Share (%)











Beck Taxi



Co-op Taxi



3.  Does Canada use Lyft or Uber?

Yes, both Lyft and Uber operate in Canada. They are two of the most popular ridesharing apps in the country, along with TappCar.

4. Is rideshare legal in Canada?

Yes, ridesharing is legal in Canada. The Canadian government has taken a supportive approach to the industry, recognizing its potential to improve transportation options for Canadians. However, the specific regulations governing ridesharing vary from province to province.

Here is a table of the specific regulations for ridesharing in some of the largest Canadian provinces:




The Ontario Highway Transport Board must license ride-sharing companies. Drivers must have a commercial driver’s license.


Ride-sharing companies must be licensed by the Régie du Transport du Québec. Drivers must have a Class 5 driver’s license.

British Columbia

The Passenger Transportation Branch must license ride-sharing companies. Drivers must have a Class 4 driver’s license.


The Alberta Transportation Safety Branch must license ride-sharing companies. Drivers must have a Class 5 driver’s license.


The Manitoba Public Utilities Board must license ride-sharing companies. Drivers must have a Class 5 driver’s license.


5. Which rideshare is the cheapest?

The most affordable ridesharing app in Canada can vary depending on the time of day, location, and demand. Still, in general, TappCar and Poparide tend to be the most affordable options.

6. What is a ride in Canada?

In Canada, the term “ride” is generally used to refer to ridesharing services, which connect passengers with drivers who offer transportation services through a mobile app. These services have revolutionized the way people get around in cities and towns across the country, offering a convenient, affordable, and efficient alternative to traditional taxis and public transportation.

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Sam Altman OpenAI Investigation Investor Claims
OpenAI & Sam Altman Probe: Investor Mislead Claims Amidst Leadership Turmoil
Nintendo lawsuit Rhode Island Game Piracy
Nintendo Takes Legal Action Against Rhode Island Company Over Game Piracy Claims


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