Mercedes’ New Electric Cars Promise to Outrange Tesla: The Future of Electric Cars Is Here

Mercedes-Benz has presented new “close-to-production” concept vehicles that might outperform Tesla automobiles by traveling more than 466 miles on a single charge. In comparison, each Tesla model has a range of fewer than 380 miles.

The Concept CLA Class, unveiled on Sunday at the IAA Mobility car show in Munich, includes four new models: a sedan, a station wagon, and two SUVs. The company did not say when they will begin production.

The vehicles will have a range of more than 750 kilometers (466 miles), compared to Tesla’s (TSLA) Model 3 and Model S, which have the brand’s longest ranges and can go for just under 375 miles on a single charge.

Meanwhile, BMW made a splash at the show by unveiling a new electric vehicle with a greater range and faster charging, demonstrating German automakers’ efforts to combat growing EV competition.

Big European carmakers like Volkswagen and Renault are already being squeezed by Chinese rivals in cheaper EVs, while Tesla has pledged to build Europe’s largest vehicle plant in Berlin.

BMW’s Vision Neue Klasse vehicle, which is still in concept form, employs freshly designed battery cells that can store nearly 20% more energy than the company’s previous models. According to the business, charging speed and range are projected to improve by up to 30% compared to prior versions.

“With the Neue Klasse, we have embarked on the biggest investment in the company’s history,” said Frank Weber, a BMW board member, in a statement.

The new vehicle will be available in 2025.

According to CEO Ola Källenius, the Concept CLA Class is supposed to represent “an entirely new all-electric segment of entry-level vehicles at Mercedes-Benz,” appealing to more buyers.

The new vehicles, he claims, “could easily take you from Munich to Hamburg on a single charge.”

The increased range may help the traditional manufacturer attract more customers, as range anxiety is frequently listed as a big factor in buyers’ decisions about whether to purchase an EV.

While addressing Mercedes’ G class, a line of SUVs, Källenius hinted another impending vehicle, saying, “The little G will be electric.” The new car could compete with Tesla’s Model Y, another compact SUV.

UBS analysts said in a research Thursday that they had received a glimpse of Mercedes’ latest models and were “strongly reassured” about the company’s development pipeline for the next two to three years.

Another hopeful indicator was that the company’s management expressed confidence that the new EVs would “reach the same profitability” as their gas-powered equivalents, according to the analysts.

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