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How To Hire The Best Magento Developer?

Magento is a powerful CMS for online stores and e-commerce in general. This is a site management system with fairly rich capabilities. In our country, it is not yet very common, so it is difficult to find a competent and experienced specialist working with it. But some companies are looking for just such specialists who are ready to use all the possibilities and advantages of Magento.

It is a box-based system for managing websites. It is written in PHP and uses relational databases. Developers who create and configure online stores often use it. It makes it possible to set different properties for products, group them into sets, sort, filter by tags, characteristics, manage the retail network from the admin panel.


When you need to hire magento developer who knows this system, the first thing to look for is that he has the appropriate certificate. Magento makes sure that the developers who study its product have the necessary skills. Therefore, every specialist in this field can take online courses. A certified programmer takes his job seriously and performs his duties better than others. True, the cost of his services will be higher.

There are several types of certificates. If a Magento programmer has, according to the document, the status of Solution Specialist, then he is well versed in issues related to e-commerce. He will be able to offer the functionality of the system with the necessary native functions to meet the needs and requirements of the business.

Certificates emphasize that a person has experience and knowledge in certain industries:

  • web design;
  • creation of sites on PHP;
  • drop-shipping;
  • marketing;
  • writing a site with a friendly interface.

It is worth noting that it rarely happens when a developer is an expert in all industries. As a rule, he has a specialization in one thing.


A programmer working with Magento performs the following types of services:

  • implementation and configuration of CMS;
  • development of a mobile application for an online store;
  • setting up extensions, migrating from or to Magento platform;
  • integration of payment and delivery modules into the online store;
  • drop-shipping implementation.

The duties of such a specialist include the magento integration services with social networks.

magento integration services
magento integration services


If you need to hire a Magento programmer, it is advisable to immediately understand the skills that he should have. The first and most important is industry knowledge on the process of creating, setting up and maintaining an online store. For a web resource to be successful, it must be displayed correctly in all browsers, have a mobile version, modern design standards, and convenient schemas without data.

Many prefer developers with project management experience. Having such skills, the specialist will be able to carry out effective integration, will confidently work with small tasks. Creative thinking is a significant and flexible skill. It matters to any employer.

A professional programmer must be able to resist stress. Even with proper planning and implementation of the project, the situation may not go as planned. It happens that some actions start late and require more financial investments than originally intended. A good website developer will be able to solve all such problems.

Another useful skill is the ability to work with remote freelancers or outsourced specialists.

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