Top 4 Luxury Wristwatch Brands in the World

Nothing screams luxury more than an elegant wristwatch that puts the final touch on your outfit of the day(or OOTD, according to Gen Z). Even today, when we’re practically living in the era of smartphones and smartwatches, enthusiasts and collectors still admire the watchmakers’ skills and stand in awe in front of some of the most well-known brands of luxury timepieces. A timepiece is not only there to elevate your outfit but it is also a status symbol. It never goes out of fashion, so if you have a vintage wristwatch or an heirloom that’s been in the family for decades, you have nothing to worry about.

Nowadays, with new brands popping up daily, it’s become challenging to discern the high-quality brands from the mediocre ones, especially if you don’t have a keen eye. Not to mention the scammers that have, unfortunately, become highly skilled in making replicas that are more affordable, yet lack the essence of an original watch brand.

So, if you’re looking to treat yourself to a luxury watch or if you want to give your loved one a gift they’ll treasure forever, we’re here to help you make the right choice. To find out which 4 luxury watch brands are dominating the market today, make sure you read the following paragraphs.

Harry Winston

If you’re not a wristwatch connoisseur, you’re probably wondering what a jewelry company like Harry Winston is doing on this list. Well, Harry Winston is an intriguing brand and it’s one of the rare jewelry companies that also makes high-end wristwatches. One could say that they managed to combine the best of both worlds. What makes these watches stand out is the fact that they are often designed like jewelry, with many gemstones and other precious metals. The brand was founded back in 1932 and today it holds the proud title of “King of Diamonds.” 

However, don’t be deceived by their jewelry-making skills. The brand is equally dedicated to making refined timepieces. You’ll find an array of materials in their range of wristwatches, from stainless steel to rose gold, and you’ll definitely be impressed by the effort put into the overall design. The watches are powered by high-end movements and they use the best quality diamonds to give their timepieces a one-of-a-kind design that will leave you speechless. Throughout the years, Harry Winston has produced various collections of wristwatches such as The Ocean Collection, Midnight Collection, Métiers d’Art, and many others. 


We can say that Rolex is one of the most famous brands in the world and even if you’ve never owned a wristwatch in your life, you’re surely familiar with this brand’s name. The brand was founded in 1905 in London, UK and three years later, the company had to move its operations to Switzerland as the financial situation in the UK was slowly deteriorating and wasn’t very kind to a new business.

Its crown logo has become a trademark of the brand and you can easily recognize a Rolex watch just by that small crown. Many important milestones have taken place in the watchmaking industry thanks to Rolex. For instance, the first waterproof watch was the Rolex Oyster in 1926 and it completely changed the game for watchmakers worldwide. The brand includes many famous models such as the Submariner, Daytona, Datejust,  the Cellini Collection,etc. Rolex wristwatches have even found their way to movie screens and were featured in the James Bond movies saga.

Naturally, there’s no need to say that these models do come with a high price tag and you’ll really need to allocate a large sum of money to get this piece of luxury. Luckily for you, there are many pre-owned Rolex wristwatch dealers and you’ll be able to get an original, quality watch at a more affordable price. Just make sure to do the proper research beforehand and see which dealers are best rated on Google. Also, we recommend reading the reviews as well because you’ll learn a lot from customers’ previous experiences.


Of course, we can’t compile a list and not mention the watch brand that was the first one to make its landing on the Moon. Buzz Aldrin, a former astronaut, wore the Omega Speedmaster during his landing on the Moon. The company dates back to 1848 and it’s based in Biel, Switzerland. The brand continues to produce high-quality timepieces that are usually sold out as soon as a new wristwatch hits the market. Most of the collections are limited editions, meaning some of these watches are hard to come by and that’s why they’re basically sold within minutes after the launch.

The brand was also featured in many blockbusters and is a favorite of many celebrities, including Ryan Gosling, Nicole Kidman, and Cindy Crawford. An Omega wristwatch symbolizes a specific type of lifestyle and you’ll definitely grab people’s attention with this timepiece.

Patek Philippe 

Another Swiss watch brand we can’t help but mention is Patek Philippe, which was founded back in 1839 by Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe(hence the name). Almost a century after its beginnings, it was acquired by the Stern family and it’s actually one of the last family-owned watch businesses in Geneva today. The wristwatches this company has put forward have developed significantly over the years and many features have been added ever since the first watch was manufactured.

The brand has launched many various collections, such as Calatrava, Nautilus, Aquanaut, etc. Patek Philippe continues to develop its brand and has even invested money in a research department whose main task is to focus on developing new and cutting-edge technologies.

The Bottom Line

If you’re planning on treating yourself to a modern timepiece, we hope the article has provided a deeper insight into some of the most popular wristwatch brands. All of these have a long and prosperous history, meaning you won’t go wrong with whichever one you choose. The final decision will depend solely on your preference and the type of statement you want to make with your wristwatch.


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