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Android Slots Apps vs IOS Slots Apps

Since their release android and IOS slot apps have been in constant competition. They were only released a year apart and from the public eye, they seem similar. However, these similarities are misconceived and there are distinct differences.

Downloading the slot app

The most noticeable and noteworthy difference occurs when people download the Volcano Eruption slots app. The operating systems require different regulations and requirements.

Downloading an android slot app

When you download a slot app from an android device, you download it from the google play store. The google play store has customarily restricted casino-themed apps. Their rules are strict in comparison to IOS. However, the largest exception being in the UK and a few other surrounding countries. In the UK you can download apps that involve real money from the Google play store.

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A lot of casino websites include pop-ups and featured apps that usually link to Android operating systems. This way a gamer can be directed directly to the app download from the website.

Downloading an IOS slot app

When you download a slot app from an IOS device, you download it from the app store. In comparison to the google play store, the app store has always been more lenient. Gamers have been able to use the app store to download casino apps globally. For this reason, IOS apps have been considered as a better operating system for casino games like slots.

IOS regulations

The introduction of stricter IOS regulations has altered the appeal towards IOS slot apps. Android is now currently more popular. The IOS regulations mean that the developers must use the natural language of the programme. This has caused a large decrease in available IOS slot apps. These new regulations are expensive. Developers are attracted to cheaper regulations. Gamers are still able to play mobile slots from IOS apps that were created before the regulations came into practice. Some developers have decided to meet these new and stricter regulations meaning that some IOS slot apps are still coming into circulation.

The gaming experiences

Android apps have gained more popularity due to the tighter IOS regulations however these are not the only differences. If you have played slots on an android and IOS device, you will notice the difference. The graphics and themes vary depending on the device but ultimately both experiences are great. They both include high-quality graphics and seamless gameplay. What device offers a better gaming experience? The answer to this is generally down to the gamer’s personal preference. You either are a devoted android or an IOS fan. No one ever loves both.

What operating device offers the best slot experience?

There has been a clear rivalry among android and IOS gamers for a long time. Android has a slight edge due to their regulations and the fact that they offer more than half of the available slot apps. Yet, both developers offer a range of entertaining and addictive slot apps.

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