5 Best AI Chatbots Software for Your Business in 2023

Understanding customer behavior, needs, and expectations are like putting customers at the heart of your business. Customer engagement or interaction is the best medium to achieve communication goals. The broad spectrum of communication includes how quickly you respond to customer issues, how quickly you are solving their issues, and the approach to solving them.

Whether customers approach you through Facebook messenger, text message, website, or in-app, your customers expect you to reply to them quickly. Here, Chatbot enters into the game. The real-time customer communication platform that collaborates your customer support efforts with the customized needs of your customers.

Chatbots are good enough to handle moderately sophisticated conversations like opening conversations, interactions for product tours, etc. But when it comes to answering something logical, a simple chatbot can limit the conversational capabilities. Subsequently, this hangs your customer in the waiting queue, and they negatively impact your customer service. 

Thanks to the continuous advancement in Chatbot technology that solves this issue – AI Chatbot. Gartner predicts that, in 2023, 70% of the white-collar workers will be interacting with AI conversational Chatbots to speed up their work.

What is an AI Chatbot? 

An AI chatbot is a communication computing program that addresses users’ or customers’ queries independently without a human operator. Integrated within an app, website, or social media channel, AI Chatbot simulates human conversations with the help of NLP (natural language processing). Conversational Chatbot deploys data, machine learning, and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to recognize the inputs and translate their meanings. Various industry verticals, including healthcare, b2b, banking, finance, and contact center software solution providers, widely use AI Chatbots to humanize the 24X7 support system.

What are the Different Components of AI Chatbots?

AI Chatbot has mainly three components based on which it identifies the speech or text patterns with the help of AI and ML algorithms.

  • Natural Language Processing

NLP is a computer science branch of artificial intelligence that enables computers to understand speeches and texts the same way human beings do. NLP works with computational linguistics, machine learning, and deep learning models. It drives programs that translate large volumes of texts and speeches to spoken language in real-time. In turn, customers can interact via chatbots.

  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is a conversational AI component that facilitates human beings to communicate with a computer interface like a normal human conversation. ASR technology deploys NLP to decode phonemes and words. Therefore, NLP and ASR work collaboratively to help chatbots understand customers’ voice modulations and accents to respond to them.

  • Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) focuses on deploying data and algorithms to replicate human learnings and improve its accuracy. Moreover, ML algorithms are trained to make accurate predictions and drive decision-making powers.

How Does AI Chatbots work?

AI Chatbot works efficiently for customer service. AI interacts with customers in contextual

dialogue through the collaboration of natural language processing (NLP), automated speech

recognition (ASR), and machine learning (ML) algorithms. Conversational AI works in a simplified manner:

  1. AI chatbot works to understand what a customer is trying to say or the question’s intent.
  2. Then it deploys natural language understanding (NLU) to decode the meaning of a customer’s words via text or voice.
  3. It determines and frames the correct response based on understanding the customer’s motive for using machine learning.
  4. Finally, the AI chatbot generates an easy-to-understand response via Natural Language Generation (NLG).

5 Best AI Chatbot Software

AI Chatbot facilitates your customer support team or agents interacting with your customers on different digital platforms. It drives immediate responses and proactive engagement, contributing to exponential business growth. Moreover, it also reduces your unnecessary operational costs. 

If you are deploying a standard chatbot and want to upgrade to an AI-powered chatbot, we’ve listed the 5 best AI chatbots for your business.


NovelVox offers a user-friendly AI Chatbot – InfiBot. NovelVox’s InfiBot is designed with the intent to extend the human-like engaging conversation to draw in more customers and never let them leave unanswered even in the absence of a live agent. InfiBot offers customized settings like filtration and segmentation, enabling you to personalize your customer interactions. InfiBot can further be integrated with CRM, Knowledge Base, or other third-party tools to automate the workflow.

Features of NovelVox’s InfiBot

  1. Reduces toggling with multiple screens – InfiBot offers powerful integrations where you can seamlessly integrate your chatbot with your contact center. It facilitates agent escalations in one unified screen. Subsequently, it enables agents to deal with queries more speedily.   
  2. Improves Omnichannel Capabilities – InfiBot improves the customer experience by providing a platform to engage across different channels such as web chat & social media.
  3. Ensures dedicated workspace for Supervisors – InfiBot provides a dedicated work environment for supervisors to track and monitor live interactions handled by the AI-powered bot. It allows supervisors to directly jump into the interaction with the customer and solve the issue, which results in improved feedback and reduced handling time.
  4. Ensures customization through integrations  – InfiBot ensures seamless third-party application integration that can easily customize your chat widget, bot appearance, and other related information fields as per your business goals. It supports seamless integration with third-party applications through REST web services. It automatically fetches customers’ data and transaction history from the CRM webpage to deliver faster responses to the customer.


Freshchat creates code-free AI-powered chatbots for websites, mobile apps, social media messengers, WhatsApp, business chat, etc. Powered by Freddy’s artificial intelligence algorithm, Freshdesk’s chatbots allow users to interact and engage with customers in real-time to understand their pain points, resolve queries, and provide frictionless customer experiences. Freshdesk also deploys machine learning technology and creates a list of customer and prospect questions that help you focus on delivering precise answers.

Features of Freshchat

  1. Ensures successful delivery of marketing campaigns – Freshchat provides an intelligent alternative to website forms with AI Chatbots. It quickly captures visitors’ data and nurtures leads from different sources.
  2. Ensures Sales Enablement and quick closure of deals – Freshchat’s Chatbots provide you with different sales enablement features like – book meetings, providing quotes, response to sale inquiries, etc.
  3. Ensures innovative Custom Flows to streamline the workflow – Freshchat offers custom flows to create engaging bot conversations. To deliver personalized bot campaigns, it also enables you to segment and target audiences as per business or project requirements.
  4. Ensures seamless Agent handover – With Freshchat AI Chatbot, you can quickly transfer conversations seamlessly to live agents through a single click.


More suitable for large businesses, Drift offers an integrated platform that combines live chat and an automated chatbot to generate and qualify leads. Drift’s AI Chatbots are integrated with the most popular CRMs and email marketing services. Drift offers robust integrations with many third-party tools such as Zendesk, Help Scout, etc.

Features of Drift

  1. Ensuring Chat Widget – Drift’s AI Chatbot offers a mobile-friendly chat widget to ensure an intuitive experience for customers.
  2. Ensure Chat Routing – Drift offers various modules for routing leads and conversations to the correct person, group, or team. This further helps your sales team to make informed decisions.
  3. Ensures Real-Time Reporting and Tracking User Data – Drift offers three report types – Team Performance, Conversation Volume, and Routing Rules Reports.
  4. Ensures automation & Qualification Bot – Drift’s Automation and Qualification Bot feature optimizes bots for you to work 24/7/365 and handle multiple conversations at once.


Ameyo offers AI-enabled Chatbots that ensure a real-time agent chat experience and connects agents with customers seamlessly across websites, social media platforms, and business messaging platforms.

As Ameyo’s AI Chatbot automates agents’ workflow, they can devote their time to building approaches to sell products and services.

Features of Ameyo

  1. Ensures Omnichannel Conversations – Ameyo offers omnichannel interactions effortlessly with AI-powered Chatbot solutions for web chat, voice, and email.   
  2. Ensures Multilingual Support – Ameyo’s AI Chatbot offers over 100+ languages support to create chatbots for customers across the globe.
  3. Ensures Sentimental Analysis – AI-powered Chatbot facilitates you with a sentimental analysis feature that enables you to understand the customer’s emotions – happy, ecstatic, pessimistic, etc.
  4. Ensures Zero-Code API Integration – Ameyo’s ChatBot is seamlessly integrated with third-party apps to make chatbots smarter, faster, and more accessible.

Zendesk Answer Bot

If you want to connect or chat with your customers on different communication channels – Facebook, WhatsApp, and Emails, then Zendesk Answer Bot is the perfect solution. Zendesk Answer Bot works as a flow builder that gives you complete control over the conversation between Answer Bot and customers. Zendesk Answer Bot enables you to build a flow in multiple languages without any code and helps you connect with customers worldwide. Zendesk Answer Bot can be integrated seamlessly with mobile apps or for internal teams on Slack.

Features of Zendesk Answer Bot

  1. Ensures Omnichannel Conversation Management – Zendesk Answer Bot ensures omnichannel support like chat, messaging, email, Slack, etc. 
  2. Ensures real-time Reporting and Analytics – Zendesk Answer Bot has an in-built Reporting & Analytics module that helps you evaluate, analyze, understand customer data, and share your business information. 
  3. Ensures Multilingual Support – Zendesk Answer Bot has in-built multilingual support that enables you to create multilingual chatbots for different customers speaking different languages across the globe.
  4. Ensures Zendesk’s Switchboard API – Zendesk Answer Bot offers Zendesk’s Switchboard API to manage conversations and hand off to our agent applications.

The AI-powered Chatbot software we’ve listed here is the best and fits your communication needs. The versatility of chatbot software depends on the purpose of using the Chatbot. As per our research and advice, we concluded that if you are looking for an all-inclusive AI-powered chatbot for different purposes at a pocket-friendly budget, then NovelVox is the best option.


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