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What are The Advantages of Using an Online Casino with SMS Deposits?

The growth of online casinos over the past few years has been tremendous, with the online gambling revenue reaching $66.67 billion in 2020. What’s more, by 2026, the online casino industry is expected to grow to be worth $100 billion.

This growth has been fueled by technological developments that have drastically improved the user experience when playing online. Technologies like VR headsets have meant that the physical and virtual worlds have merged, while new payment technologies have made making deposits easier than ever.

Below, we’ll take a look at the advantages of online casinos, including online casinos that offer SMS deposits like the ones listed over at

What are SMS deposits?

Whether you’re an advanced player or a complete beginner to the online casino world, making a deposit is the first hurdle in getting started. While some online casino sites make this process a little complicated, many online casino sites now accept something called an SMS deposit.

An SMS deposit is a type of deposit to an online casino that can be made using your mobile phone. Instead of using an e-wallet or having to enter your credit card details, you can simply enter your phone number and the payment will be taken care of through your mobile provider.

How to make an SMS deposit?

First things first, not all online casino sites will allow payment by SMS so you will need to choose a provider that accepts this form of payment. Once you’ve found a suitable provider, you can follow the below steps to make an SMS deposit.

  • Head over to the deposit section of the site and choose the ‘pay by mobile option.
  • Enter the deposit amount you want to make. This usually ranges from £3-£5 but has an average maximum of around £30.
  • You should then receive a text message that will ask for a reply to confirm this option.
  • Confirm the deposit by replying. This is usually done by sending back a ‘Y’ for yes.
  • Your online casino account should now have your funds in, although it may take a few moments to sync.
  • The payment will be added to your mobile bill that is charged by your phone contract provider.

The benefits of using SMS payments

Using SMS payments has a range of perks when playing at an online casino. Some of the main benefits include:

It’s a simple process

Unlike having to enter your card details, payment via SMS is much quicker and can be completed in a matter of minutes. The payment is also instant so you can begin playing straight away.

Greater Privacy

If you’re a little reluctant to enter your card details into a new online casino site then an SMS deposit could be a great option. All you have to part with is your phone number which doesn’t expose you to the risk of internet fraud.

A wide variety of rewards and promotions

Many online casinos that offer SMS deposits are usually very progressive with the types of rewards and bonuses that are on offer. Some of the benefits available include no deposit bonuses and free spins.

More anonymity

If you’d rather your payments are not tracked by the bank or would prefer not to enter your personal details like the name then SMS is a good option. One thing to keep in mind however is that if you’re going to use a nickname then you may be required to match your name with your ID when it comes to making a withdrawal.

Things to look out for

While making an SMS deposit is a really easy process, there are a few things to be aware of when playing at an online casino using your phone.

Use a reputable casino

It’s important to use a reputable casino like the ones listed over at When entering your phone number, you should read the terms and conditions of the site and make sure that any contract you are entering into is legitimate and that the site is registered.

Check the payment terms

We’ve all done it when we’ve been in a hurry and entered our details without properly checking the details. However, some SMS payment methods can sign you up for a monthly payment plan without you realizing it.

It’s important to check whether the deposit you’re making is a one-off or whether it’s going to be deposited from your account on a weekly/monthly basis.

Be aware of any marketing sign up options

When entering your mobile number, be careful about checking any boxes that say you are happy to receive marketing communications. While you may be happy to receive these via email, they can often become unwanted via SMS. There are usually easy ways to opt out of this, however.

Overall, SMS deposits are a great option if you’re after a speedy online casino game. After all, online casino games were designed to offer speed and flexibility so players can enjoy their favorite games anywhere, and at any time.

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