What is Accounts Outsourcing and Why It is Crucial to Your Business in 2021?

The topic of accounting outsourcing is becoming more and more interesting for many entrepreneurs. A few years ago outsourcing accounting was only worthwhile for large companies, but not today. Especially for young entrepreneurs and start-up founders, accounting is a major cost generator that takes a lot of time. It is, therefore, worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the topic of Buchhaltung Wien (Accounting Vienna) outsourcing services. With outsourcing, you are definitely able to reduce costs in your company. If you should think about whether outsourcing to an external accounting service is also an option for you, you should first get an overview of the advantages of accounting outsourcing.

Benefits of outsourcing accounting

Outsourcing accounting can bring you advantages–

Focus on core business

The focus on the core business has always been one of the most important reasons for outsourcing. It is the only way you can concentrate on the essentials and also incorporate the latest developments and trends in your company. The ever-increasing digitization and the optimization of processes in modern bookkeeping play a decisive role, which is why it is becoming more and more interesting to outsource accounting services.

Cost reduction in accounting

Internal accounting costs a lot of time and money. Research shows that you can save up to 50 percent on these costs. Cost reductions are primarily possible in terms of personnel costs and the purchase of hardware and software and their management.

Reduction of errors and risks

Lots of mistakes can happen in accounting, mistakes that can pose some risks to your business. With the outsourcing of Buchhaltung Wien, these risks are transferred to the service provider. The company has to bear the financial consequences if it does not comply with certain deadlines or legal bases. However, the chances of errors are minimal, almost ZERO.

Liability is partially transferred

Building on the advantage of reducing errors and risks, the partial transfer of liability is also a great advantage, which speaks in favor of external accounting. This liability is transferred to the external service provider for the accounting area.

Which areas can you outsource?

Whether you want to outsource your entire accounting or just certain areas, you have to determine yourself based on the structure of your company. You can outsource the following areas –

✔   Financial accounting,

✔   Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable,

✔   Income statement,

✔   Economic evaluation,

✔   Payroll management and accounting,

✔   Tax returns,

✔   Annual financial statements,

✔   VAT advance notification,

✔   Creation of wages and salaries.

Outsourcing costs

Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict how much external accounting will cost you. It plays a crucial role here in which areas of your accounting should be outsourced. The more areas you assign to a Buchhaltung Wien service and the more effort it takes, the higher your costs will be. It is important that you do not make a decision for a certain provider too quickly. The cheapest accounting service is not automatically the best.

Outsourcing models for your accounting

At some point, you have to think about who will be responsible for your accounting over time. As long as you are alone or have few employees, you can certainly take care of it. But when your business grows, you need to dedicate a lot of time to other activities. Then it may be time to outsource any specific branchor to outsource the entire bookkeeping to a provider of accounting services. There are several outsourcing models available for external accounting to select. This means that you can design your external accounting according to your needs and requirements.

Completely outsource accounting: It is certainly the easiest solution for you, also the most costly solution. You simply give all of your bookkeeping to an external bookkeeping service. You have nothing to do with accounting anymore. You can take care of your core business completely.

Complete cloud solution for your accounting: This is an outsourcing model that is still relatively new. You simply scan all receipts and documents into a cloud platform and an external accountant takes care of your bookkeeping. When choosing the provider and the cloud, it is important that you make sure that everything complies with data protection guidelines.

Do cloud software and accounting yourself: In this mode, the specific software takes control, a modern accounting program. You have to do your accounting yourself. The software provides you with a lot of help and does a lot of things automatically. Such accounting programs can be completely adapted and designed to suit your company’s needs. However, you will always feel the absence of a professional. It is a good option for entrepreneurs having vast knowledge in corporate laws, taxes, and accounting services.

Bookkeeping with offline software: If you are one of those entrepreneurs who trust technology and the internet less, offline software is the solution. You can choose between several accounting programs. You install this software on your computer and you can do your bookkeeping with the support of the software on the desktop.

Analogous accounting: This is old-school bookkeeping. However, accounting knowledge is required here and the method no longer corresponds entirely to the current guidelines for digital accounting.


Internally, accounting is usually a relatively high cost and time factor for any company. Of course, this depends entirely on how big a company is. Nevertheless, it must be said that outsourcing helps to reduce costs, also brings other advantages. These advantages start with the fact that a company can concentrate fully on its core business. They go from increasing competitiveness to reducing errors and risks that lurk in internal accounting. There are different outsourcing models depending on the structure of the company and the scope of the accounting.

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