West End Musicals: Our Four Favourite Queens

With the celebrations from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend still fresh in the memory, we wanted to take this opportunity to reveal our favourite queens in the West End. Below, we introduce you to four on-stage divas who inspire and enthral us and explain why you need to watch them in action this year.

The Queens from Six!

What better way to get this list underway than to introduce six queens from Tudor England. Henry VIII was as unpopular as they come, and the thrilling tale of Six! documents the lives of his wives. This brilliant production gives a voice to Aragon, Boleyn, Cleves, Howard, Parr, and Seymour and presents them in a unique and entertaining way. We hear why being a queen is far from the perfect role that many people think it is through exhilarating tales and funny anecdotes. While fun, vibrant, and lighthearted at times, Six! also demonstrates how difficult it was to be a woman in Medieval England.

Cinderella’s Queen of Belleville

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s West-end production of Cinderella portrays this legendary tale as we’ve never seen it before. His Queen is petulant, vain, and demanding, and the state of the rose bushes in her perfect kingdom receives far too much of her attention! Rebecca Trehearn is cast in the role, and her comedic timing is what helps the Queen of Belleville stand out. She also produces some of the finest music that you will hear in the West end this season, and she’s a crucial part of the success of this reinvented timeless classic.

Frozen’s Elsa

At the beginning of Disney’s hit movie Frozen, we witness Elsa run away from the pressure of her duties and public life as Queen. Her loneliness and isolation make her incapable of handling the passing of her parents or the new responsibilities that are suddenly thrust upon her. However, thanks to a beautiful relationship with her sister, Elsa ultimately saves the kingdom of Arendelle and returns to her rightful role as Queen. While Frozen is one of Disney’s biggest ever hits on the big screen, don’t miss out on your chance to watch Frozen at Drury Lane, Theatre Royal this year.

Nala from The Lion King

From one Disney classic to another, The Lion King might be the story of Simba’s rise to prominence, but it’s his daring wife Nala who really captures the attention in the theatrical production. As Queen of the Pride Lands, Nala is tough, fierce, and exceptionally loyal, just like any lioness should be when protecting her pride. Without Nala’s intervention, Simba would never have returned to Pride Rock to take back what was rightfully his from his evil uncle. We can be grateful for Julie Taymor’s adaptation of The Lion King, as she has cast Nala in more of a prominent role. Kudos to Julie, as Nala is one of the most inspiring queens on the stage.

Few things are as inspiring as a strong female character, and the queens we’ve introduced in this article bring their respective shows to life. With so many wonderful shows playing in London’s West End this year, now is the time to book your tickets and revel in the roles of these leading women. We assure you, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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