The Different Types of Proxy Servers and Which One Is Right for You

Knowing the different types of proxy servers is critical as they differ in their applications and methods. However, all proxy servers mask the IP addresses of a user, save on bandwidth, ensure privacy, and provide security online. Therefore, choose the right server to prevent unfavorable business outcomes and financial losses. You should also purchase proxy servers from reputable companies like Below are the different kinds of proxy servers categorized by:

IP Address Location

Mobile Proxies 

These are the dynamic IP addresses assigned by MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) to their clients. Dynamic IPs are temporary addresses that change whenever a client/user sends a request to a server.

Datacenter and Residential Proxies

While the two are different, both hide the actual IP address of a client. The source of that IP address is the main difference between them. Residential proxy servers are the IP addresses an Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides. In contrast, datacenter proxies are the non-physical IP addresses artificially created at datacenters. Any single server can host several datacenter proxies. However, they all share the server IP subnet. Hence, a collection of datacenter proxies are very similar and prone to a ban or cloaking. The two mainly differ on the;

  • Price: Residential proxies are costlier than datacenter proxies because they offer more anonymity.
  • Anonymity levels: Compared to datacenter proxies, residential proxies provide a higher level of security. They assign actual Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to clients issued by ISPs, making it harder to identify a proxy user.
  • Performance and speed: Residential proxies are slower than datacenter proxies.

IP Rotation

Rotating Proxy

Rotating proxies are the IP addresses that constantly change with every new request. Do you need a global network of IPs for reasons such as web scraping? You should choose a rotating proxy from a reliable company like privateproxy me. Changing the IP addresses constantly hides your identity behind the large pool of proxies. Besides, when making new requests, rotating proxies will assign you a new IP after the lapse of a certain time.

Static Proxy

Unlike rotating proxy that uses a large pool of IPs that aren’t related, static proxies simulate a single unique user. In this proxy service, your IP is hidden behind one residential IP address. This makes you appear like a genuine and unique visitor while ensuring your anonymity. Unfortunately, you only can access content available in your proxy IP geolocation.

Number of Users

Public Proxies

Also called internet-facing or public-facing proxies, these proxy servers are free and accessible to any internet user. However, there are many drawbacks to using public proxies. They are insecure, slow, and unreliable. Hence, their disadvantages far outweigh the only advantage public proxies have (free of any costs). If anonymity and security online are what you are after, they certainly aren’t a better choice.

Private or Dedicated Proxy

Are you looking for optimal speed, security, and reliability? Then you can never go wrong by choosing a private proxy server. Dedicated proxies have a higher speed because a single user solely uses a particular IP address. While you might have to pay a monthly subscription for the service, you will also get additional features.

Shared Proxy

Shared proxy servers are used by multiple clients simultaneously. However, they have a limitation regarding the number of users, unlike in public proxies where any number of clients can connect. The speed and performance of shared proxy servers reduce with the increase in the number of users. Hence, because you don’t have control over every user’s activity, you can easily be blocked by a website compared to a private proxy. However, shared proxies are more affordable than private proxies, as the cost is shared among many users. So, if your project doesn’t necessitate high speed and anonymity, you can invest in cheaper shared proxies rather than buy a dedicated proxy service.

Internet Protocol (IP) Used


Modern services and websites use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology for establishing encrypted connections between servers and clients. Hence, proxies with SSL features are highly secure because they decrypt and encrypt data passing through them. Thus, you should install an HTTPS Proxy if you work with highly sensitive data.

HTTP Proxy

Although HTTP has seen rapid phaseout, some websites, and other services still use this internet protocol. This means that the data transmitted is unencrypted or in plain text. If you work with sensitive information, avoid using HTTP proxies. However, these proxy servers are still useful in instances such as web scalping.

SOCKS5 Proxy

Are you a gamer, love streaming movies, or even downloading torrents? You can benefit by using a SOCKS5 proxy server. These proxies work at a lower level than the HTTP(s) ones and transmit any data without reading it. Since they support the UDP protocol, they send data faster than the secure TCP protocol.

Anonymity Levels

Level 1 (Elite) Proxy

Are you looking for the best security and anonymity? Then you should choose a Level 1 or Elite proxy. These proxy servers hide that you’re using a proxy and your IP address, making you appear as a real user accessing an end server. They achieve this by eliminating the “via” field in your HTTP header requests.

Level 2 (Anonymous or Distorting) Proxy

These proxy servers hide your location and IP address but reveal that you are using a proxy when accessing the internet. However, they’re still common among many internet users as they are fast for daily use.

Level 3 (Transparent) Proxy

Unlike many proxy servers, transparent proxies aren’t designed to protect the identity of a requester. Instead, they increase the browsing speed by caching the frequently visited sites and restricting access to some types of content. For this reason, they forward the IP address of a user and reveal their nature.

Choose The Right Proxy Server For Your Needs

With the different types of proxy servers, you must evaluate your need before subscribing to a service. This is because every proxy has unique uses, and every user has specific demands that necessitate a particular proxy setup. If you need either of the above proxy servers, can help. We sell subscriptions for most proxy servers above and extend a free trial period. Whether you’re a gamer, streamer, e-commerce website admin, or a regular internet user, we got a solution for you.

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