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Trailer Review of Who’s your Daddy

It has been since the dawn of Internet Technology that various web series is being streamed over the internet. ZEE5 Originals Show is the brand name that has been streaming videos and showcasing content over the internet through their landing page. This time you can catch the latest episodes of the show Who’s your Daddy on Zee5’s.

Now some of us might not be accustomed to the concept of Web Series. A good web series depends on scripted and non-scripted videos but in episodic form. The release of web series is on selected platforms like Hotstar, YouTube, Ozee App and many more. ZEE5 is one such biggest brand in the industry.

Who’s your daddy
Photo Credit: Zee5.com

The trailer of Who’s the Daddy intends to inform the lovely audience about what is going to happen in the Web Series. In fact, the easiest thing to let people watch is a trailer. Everyone wills to give a minute or two to catch the trailer of a particular show, especially for web series. This show forecasts comedy, interesting storyline, includes romance and adult fun throughout the entire web series.  You can visit the ZEE5 Originals Landing Page where you can catch the best updates of the comedy show released on April 2, 2020.

The cast and crews of the Who’s Your Daddy are Harsh Beniwal, the famous star on YouTube, Rahul Dev, one of the famous names in the history of South Indian Films. The casts of this raunchy comedy series are Nikhil Bhambri and Anveshi Jain. All of them have put their sincere efforts just alike the similar assignments they have worked upon. The storyline goes about the life of a DVD store owner who used to sell porn movie CDs. You can catch the latest updates on ZEE5 Original Show and stay tuned to the show.

The popular star Rahul Dev has been starred already in a recent ZEE5 Original film named Operation Parindey.  This show is completely different from the previous projects he has taken up.

This time the ZEE5 Original Show page has come up with a fresh new Adult comedy web series which boosts young sensation Youtuber Harsh Beniwal and the great influencer on social media Nikhil Bhambri along with Rahul Dev. The storyline of the series speaks about the private life of a DVD owner named Soggy. The role will be cast upon by Harsh Beniwal. The story opens up how he intermingles with his customers.

Photo Credit: An OTT Platform ZEE5.com

The series will open up various comedy scenes and how Soggy indulges with his customers. This puts off a series of events enhanced with chaos and motion. The center of all confusion is a big question Who’s the daddy of Soggy’s son? ‘Soggy ke bête ka daddy kaun Hai?’

In fact, Soggy’s son is in confused state just to know Who’s your Daddy the great is. The trailer streaming on ZEE5 will be showcasing comedy and fun over its audiences. Out of the number of clients who visit the DVD store shop were fortunately women. You can also watch out role pays of divas like- Anveshi Jain, Kasturi Banerjee, Lizaa malik and Divinaa Thackur. Kasturi Banerjee was seen playing the role of Ramona in Kundali Bhaggya. The funny and raunchy scenes will be forecasts throughout the series produced by ZEE5 original Show page. If you need hotstar download for pc, you can take it from Crack Tech.

The web series has already gone through its release on ZEE5 from April 2 and is about to get the spilling dates with the blink of an eye. Stays tuned to the original landing page of ZEE5 app and catch many more episodes review which will be updated regularly.



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