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Step Into the Future: 10 Sci-Fi Concepts That Became Reality!

Although multicolored aliens and intergalactic travel have not yet been discovered, science fiction has always been a platform for futuristic creativity.

As a result, a number of technology that were once science-fictional have become real. Some of the imaginative innovations that have appeared in classic films for the whole family like “Back to the Future” and “Total Recall” are currently at the cutting edge of technology. Here are some of our favorite science fiction inventions that have since become real.

1. The Universal Translator

From: “Star Trek: The Original Series”

As Captain Kirk and Spock traveled through space, they would meet aliens who spoke a different language. The Star Trek actors used a device that instantly translated the aliens’ strange language so they could understand them. The first time the universal communicator was seen on screen was when Spock messed with it to talk to something that wasn’t alive (Series 2, Episode 9, “Metamorphosis”).

Even though the point of Star Trek was to talk to intelligent aliens, a gadget that could break down language barriers would change the way people talk to each other in real time. Now, you can get instant translation between languages with tools like Sourcenext’s Pocketalk and Skype’s new voice translation service. Real-time contact that works perfectly is still a long way off, but technology has come a long way in the last ten years.

2. Teleportation

The plot of “Blade Runner” is mostly about artificial people, which need artificial intelligence (AI). Some people might be scared about what could happen if computers got smart, because in many science-fiction stories, this led to terrible things. But AI does have some very useful uses in the real world. Astronomers, for example, have used computer-based learning methods to teach machines how to find exoplanets. AI can look through the huge amounts of data collected by missions like NASA’s Kepler and TESS missions and find the telling signs of an exoplanet.

7. Space Stations



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