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Top Four Lucrative Careers in Sports

Sports has been an essential part of entertainment for more than decades now. It would be strange to imagine watching TV on a Sunday night without a sports channel on. Whether it’s the Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), or National Football League (NFL), we love sports and always will.

As we know, sports is a billion-dollar industry and is growing more and more every year. The superstars who we see are nothing less than heroes. We look up to them and admire their enthusiasm and love for sports. Careers in the sports industry are equally rewarding and challenging. We see superstars out on the field, tearing it up, and then driving home in their luxury cars. However, we often fail to realize how much time they put into the training and how many sacrifices they have made along the way.

However, few of us realize, and even fewer acknowledge, that there is a whole other side to sports which we don’t even think about. If you are thinking about sports careers other than the typical ones, this article might be best for you. Below, we’ve listed four lucrative careers in sports other than the conventional ones.

1. Coaching

It would not be wrong to say that sports coaches are the industry’s unsung heroes and play a unique role in the entire process that we might never have thought about. Perhaps, becoming a coach can be one of the most rewarding career choices one may pursue. Not only is it a reasonably lucrative one, but it is incredibly satisfying as well. Seeing your team winning a game based on the training you gave them can be highly gratifying. Knowing that you played a role in their success leaves you in awe and makes every minute worth it.

We often think that coaches train these individuals solely based on their experience in the field. However, a fair amount of academic knowledge goes into the coaching process. More and more coaches are pursuing their education with online facilities in modern times. A masters in athletic administration online is one of the most sought-after degrees in sports education. It can take you far in the sports industry if you play your cards right.

2. Journalism

To remain updated on the latest sports events, we rely on journalists to give us the most accurate and up-to-date information. These journalists play a crucial role in updating us with every sports event. They further ensure that the information shared with the general public is factual and checked from multiple sources.

If you’re interested in sports and have some excellent communication skills, then a career in sports journalism would be the right choice for you. By pursuing a career in this field, you might get exposure to different national and international sports players. You never know who you are going to meet as a sports journalist. That’s what makes the job even more exciting.

A career in sports journalism will always be rewarding, considering the perks and benefits attached to the field. There is a reasonably unlikely chance that you will remain in the same position for extended periods. With the sports industry growing annually, the need for reporting grows as well.

3. Sports Therapists

One rarely combines medicine with sports. It’s usually not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about potential careers. However, it would be exciting to note that Townsville physiotherapists play a vital role in rehabilitating athletes after being on the field. Not only do they aid in recovery, but as you can imagine, a fair number of injuries occur during training and professional games.

Without a sports physiotherapist on board, these athletes might not recover from fatigue and injuries as efficiently as they currently do. We often forget the roles of sports physiotherapists when we think about careers in sports. They play an extremely crucial role in the team. Hence this is why sports teams reward them so well. Sports therapists make a fair amount of money annually. With a degree in medicine and being part of a billion-dollar industry, you can imagine that the career prospects are reasonably good, and the financial compensation is even better. Thus, making it one of the most lucrative careers in the sports industry as we know it

4. High School Physical Education (PE)

Thinking back to our high school days, you either hate your PE teacher or love them to the core, but there is no in-between. For most of us, PE teachers left a lasting impression in one way or another. Teaching PE in high school can also be an enriching career in sports. You might not think it, but these are the individuals who set the foundation for college sports careers. Other than that, a PE teacher with a fair amount of experience in sports can earn a good deal of money during their tenure.

Teachers relatively earn well, and PE teachers are no exception. With obesity eradication campaigns sprawling across the country over the past five years, local high schools hire more PE teachers. During their employment, schools pay them reasonably well. Therefore, if you are looking for a somewhat lucrative career, it would be best to become a PE teacher in a local school. For this, you should either opt for an undergraduate degree in PE or a one-year Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). However, it might not compare to some of the other professions mentioned in this article. Still, it is pretty substantial for most of us.


In one way or another, all the jobs mentioned above are relatively rewarding when it comes to money and even more when it comes to career satisfaction. Therefore, if you are considering pursuing a financially and personally satisfying career, these are some of the top four career options you should be looking at. It is essential to note that the above professions are best for those who feel uncomfortable being in the limelight and prefer to enjoy their personal lives.



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