How to Clean KN95 Masks? These Tips will Help You

Coronavirus pandemic forced to include washable or disposable face masks in daily life, one of them is the KN95 mask, which has recently become popular for its effectiveness, in addition to being reused compared to surgical masks.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended the use of face masks and masks to reduce Covid-19 infections, as part of mitigation measures.

If you choose this type of face mask, these are some recommendations for its correct use.

Ana María, a technician in medical emergencies of the Red Cross, as well as a dentist, uses social networks to spread science and gave some tips for use that can increase the effectiveness of these devices.


When donning, inhalation and exhalation tests are recommended. It indicates that in case the KN95 mask collapses with these actions, it is because there is an incorrect seal.


The dentist recommends that KN95 masks should be completely sealed, both on the nose and on the chin or on the sides.

The correct fit is achieved with the rod you have in your nose, which must be glued to it, making a bend.

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Cleaning KN95 masks

If you have doubts about washing these masks , it is recommended not to wash them in case it gets wet, as it loses its effectiveness .

It is recommended in your case to rotate its use, that is, to use one for each day and the one that is not used to be stored in bags.


How long can KN95 masks last? There are some of the most common questions about these attachments, the science communicator in social networks tells us that it depends on the use that is given and the manufacturer’s instructions. But on average it is 40 to 72 hours if it was only used by some minutes; for continuous use it is 24 hours.


It is also recommended to buy them in certified places, since it depends a lot on the quality of the KN95 masks. 

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