The legendary Maracanazo

Probably all football fans have heard about the Maracanazo at some moment during their lives. People can always make any bet with 1xBet in all matches of the FIFA World Cup. For those who might not know, Maracanazo was the name given to the final match of the 1950 FIFA World Cup, celebrated in Brazil. The match took place in the legendary Maracaná Stadium, hence the name Maracanazo. The teams that were going to face each other were:

  • Brazil;
  • and Uruguay.

It is fair to say that everybody, even the most ardent Uruguayan fans, thought that a Brazilian triumph was inevitable. In fact, some Brazilians were celebrating even before the match began. However, in football, it is never a good idea to celebrate prior to the start of a match. When it comes to the FIFA World Cup, there is no better site to make any bet with than the 1xBet platform.

Generalized disbelief

Brazil was ready for a massive party. There were printed shirts, coins were minted, and the stadium was decorated with themes related to Brazil being champions. In fact, it is being said that the Uruguayan ambassador to Brazil visited his squad prior to the match. He made a very special request. He simply asked to “not be humiliated”. Visiting to wager on the FIFA World Cup finals is always a great choice.

The match couldn’t have started in a better way for the hosts. When barely two minutes were played, Friaça scored the first Brazilian goal. However, Uruguay didn’t give up, because at the 21st minute of the first half they scored the 1-1. Now, it should be remembered that the World Cup back then had a different format, because of this, the draw would still crown Brazil as the World Champion. If this match was today, 1xBet would certainly give excellent betting choices.

Total catastrophe

The match was quite even. However, during the 79th minute, Alcides Edgardo Ghiggia made the impossible. He scored the second goal for the Uruguayans. People can always make their 1xBet – best online football betting from anywhere in the world. After Ghiggia scored his goal, the stadium fell completely silent. Nobody could believe it. Even today it is said about this match that “if this match would be played 1,000 times, Brazil would win 950 times, they would draw 49 times and Uruguay would win just once”.

The final whistle came, Uruguay won 2-1 and the fans left the stadium in total disbelief. The party atmosphere quickly turned into one of a funeral. Those who attended the stadium were in total silence, others were crying uncontrollably. It is even said that the suicide rate in the country increased a lot. If this match was repeated today, everybody should make their best online football betting on 1xBet platform.


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