Tattoo Ideas for People Who Love Embroidery Patches

Tattoos are pieces of art. Therefore their creation is a form of expression that serves numerous purposes, and evidence shows that it has been so since man began using the skin as a canvas. Just like other art forms, tattoos are constantly evolving. The process has moved from a purely cultural practice to a symbol of exploration and rebellion. Now, it acts as an expression of the freedom to choose. Additionally, styles, drawing methods, and tools have also experienced significant change over the years.

Tattoo styles are the conduit through which the expressive nature of the practice communicates its intent. These, too, have undergone significant change and expansion over the years. Today, artists have numerous go-to styles to create their art. Some of the more popular styles include:

  • Black and Gray
  • Classic Americana
  • New School
  • Stick and Poke
  • Portraiture
  • Japanese/Irezumi

The list above is not exhaustive, and new styles are coming up or gaining traction every day. In fact, some may intrigue you. For example, now, embroidery patch tattoos are a thing!

Embroidery patches have a storied history. However, until the 1960s, their primary use was to distinguish between military units and rarely to convey a message. They shed this purpose when ‘hippies’ came on the scene to counter-protest the youth demonstrating opposition to the Vietnam War. At this time, embroidery patches began appearing on all types of clothing.

So what do embroidery patches have to do with tattooing?

Well, tattoo artists- Eduardo ‘Duda’ Lozano in particular- have stretched the bounds of creativity once more. In doing so, Lozano decided to draw creativity from his past by adapting his experience with embroidering shirts to create a new type of tattoo that looks like a real embroidered patch. And thus, the embroidery tattoo was born.

Now, if you love embroidery patches, you can get one on your skin with the same effect as the one you affix to your clothes. They are so realistic that it looks like the artist has stitched the design onto your body. Tattoo artists achieve this by combining bright, bold colors with deeper solid blacks to make the resultant art look like it is sitting on top of or popping off from the skin.

Taking this effect into account, the question as to the kind of tattoo you can get in this style comes about. So far, most clients who opt for an embroidery tattoo choose simple designs like flowers, animals, and cartoon characters. However, this doesn’t mean that you are constrained to those three types. You only need to present a 2D image that you like to your artist. Then, they will help you determine if it is possible to recreate it as an embroidery tattoo.

The possibilities of the tattoo designs you can get in this style are practically endless. The proof is readily available in a simple internet search. The results will reveal people with embroidery tattoos depicting famous cartoon characters like ‘Dory’ from ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’, ‘Goofy’, and many more.

So, perhaps you have been looking for a tattoo that blends the traditional with uniqueness. In that case, the resultant outcome of an embroidery tattoo is so dramatic that it is guaranteed to draw attention. So, getting one will certainly give you something to show off.


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