Sundarbans Opens for Tourists After Seven Months

After more than seven months of closure, the Sundarbans opens to tourists from Sunday (November 1) on various conditions including health regulations. The work of reforming and cleaning the infrastructure inside the forest is being carried out to facilitate tourist travel. Tour operators have started preparing for long-term losses and tourist travel. However, the forest department also wants help in getting tourists to comply with the health rules.

Tourists were banned from entering the Sundarbans from March 19 to prevent the spread of the infection of the Coronavirus. The ban was lifted after more than seven months of the shutdown. 

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After the start of Covid-19, tourists were banned from the Sundarbans from March 19. According to Bangladesh government’s health regulations, every tourist must use a mask. The social and physical distance must be accepted. No tourists can enter the forest directly from the launch. 

There was a lot of garbage because of the lack of cleaning during the shutdown period. On the opening of the Sundarbans, the authorities are very happy and start to clear the garbage. 

Tour operators are also busy and committed to operating the tour as per the conditions given by the Bangladesh government.

The Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change has allowed tourists to enter the forest on the recommendation of the forest department. However, if the health condition is violated, it may be imposed again.

The Coronavirus has created a disaster in all the workplaces. Tourism was stopped in the forest reserved for its part. Since the outbreak spread, all tourist centers were closed by the forest department for seven months.

The social distance has to be controlled as much as possible. However, if the tourists break the conditions, it may again lead to the closure of the Sundarbans for them.

Tourists who are expected to visit the Sundarbans will follow the health rules to protect them from the cold weather.

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