Get a Head Start on Your Career by Investing in Your Future

Many people working as Registered Nurses may wonder if getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is worthwhile. It is a significant investment of time and money. There are, however, quite a few advantages to having a BSN. Keep reading to find out why obtaining a BSN is an investment in the future.

There are many benefits of being a BSN-trained nurse. The Institute of Medicine has been advocating a standard of BSN degrees for registered nurses, so soon enough, a bachelor’s degree may be required.

A BSN Provides Credibility and Makes for a Better Nurse

The medical and nursing field continues to advance and develop new methods of treating patients. Nurses need to be lifelong learners to better care for their patients. A better theoretical background and more preparation allow nurses with a BSN to give better patient care. Many nurses say that the degree also gives them more credibility.

More Job Opportunities

The need for nurses is only increasing. However, many hospitals prefer to hire BSN nurses. The additional training required for a BSN makes a nurse a better candidate for leadership and management positions. These positions require critical thinking and higher-level decision-making skills.

Nurses who want to pursue an additional Master’s or Doctoral degree can expand their possibilities even more. There are opportunities to become a nurse-midwife, clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist, or nurse practitioner.

More Choice in the Work Environment

There are many non-hospital jobs for nurses, like teaching, case management, or nursing informatics. These positions usually require more advanced education. Nurses with their BSN have opportunities to work as consultants, analysts, project managers, and sales. Because many nurses get burnt out from long shifts at the hospital, they would benefit from having other settings and job options.

Earn More Money

Nurses with a bachelor’s degree have higher salaries and more benefits on average than those without a degree. While ADN and BSN nurses may start with the same pay at the beginning of their careers, as nurses gain more experience the pay difference grows. Increased income is one of the most motivating factors for nurses obtaining advanced degrees.

More Comprehensive Curriculum Taught to BSN Nurses

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing program teaches extensive skills. BSN nurses are required to make essential decisions on the job. In their training, they learn how to consider political, legal, spiritual, and ethical factors to help make wise decisions.

Nurses in BSN programs learn leadership skills. This training gives them the knowledge they need to work in management roles in many settings like hospitals, rehab centers, and home health care centers.

Research is essential to nursing because it ensures quality and safety in nursing. By studying and conducting research, BSN candidates gain knowledge that helps them to respond to prevalent health issues in their community.

BSN candidates receive training in nursing informatics. They will learn aspects of computer science and technology that relates to nursing. This will allow them to stay up-to-date in their workplaces.

Improve Job Satisfaction

Studies show that nurses with a BSN are more satisfied with their jobs and have a lower job turnover rate than nurses without a BSN. Research also suggests that increased job satisfaction correlates with career opportunities. Nurses with BSN degrees have many opportunities available to them.

There are many reasons to consider getting a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Nurses with a BSN are in demand and have great futures ahead of them.

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