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Sport Fishing Vacation in Costa Rica

Sport Fishing Vacation in Costa Rica is probably the most effective method to catch trophy size fish. You could spend weeks just enjoying the sun, sand and breeze of the Pacific Ocean. Or you can choose to limit your time on the water by going for the shorter more manageable day trips.

There are a few things to keep in mind when planning your next sport fishing vacation. First, if you decide to stay longer than two days, it would be wise to have the fish caught and sent home to ensure they grow in the freezer. If you fish from the Pacific side of Costa Rica, this is a simple process because you get access to fresh water all year round. However, the Atlantic side of the country tends to get intermittent rains, which affect the kind and size of fish you catch. It might be best to fish the same area every year, or try different approaches to the different seasons. Costa Rica fishing can be very rewarding if you know what you’re doing.

Another thing to consider when heading out fishing is the type of boat you use. If you have a tall mien canoe (teardrop) or inflatable boat (oat) that’s very difficult to ride up the coastline, you’re better off using an aluminum sailboat. This will allow you to keep much more head space, letting you keep more comfortable as you fish over the more rugged sections of the Pacific Ocean. These aluminum craft tend to go up much higher than other craft, so if you fish from shore, be prepared to spend a lot of time sunbathing and swimming.

Sport Fishing Vacation in Costa Rica means you’ll have a great deal of variety in terms of where you fish. There are over 400 miles of coastline on the Pacific side of the country, much of which is uninhabited. You can expect to fish anywhere from the northern coastline all the way to the southern end of the Gulf of Mexico.

If you do decide to fish off the shore, you can expect to come across many species of tuna, marlin, barracuda, roosterfish and giant clams. You can even find harbor porpoises and other great fish swimming along the coast. Of course, this is where your limit may come into play; there are some incredible trophies available if you catch a really large fish. For instance, I’ve personally reeled in a 18 pound marlin once, but I’ve also landed other trophy size fish on my snorkel-assisted retrieve.

Sport Fishing Vacation in Costa Rica is sure to be one of the most incredible experiences of your life. It will open your eyes to a new and enthralling part of the world. Not only will you discover the world’s greatest fishing spots, you will also get to experience nature at its pristine best. What a perfect trip to take with your family. Sport Fishing Vacation in Costa Rica is sure to be a hit!

Most tourists go to Costa Rica to enjoy unspoiled nature, adventure and relaxation, defined by all as the Garden of Eden.

But in addition to the countless excursions in nature or in absolute relaxation, there is the possibility for fishing lovers to practice this sport, since for true fishermen, fishing is a philosophy of life that must have as its goal a good relationship with the sea and above all with its inhabitants.

 So, for the enthusiast, there are fishing tours in Costa Rica that offer a lot of fun, both for the skilled ones and for the novice anglers.

The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is normally chosen by tourists for the large number of tours that are involved in giving boats for hire and able to use the best techniques and tools for fishing, qualified personnel such as captains, who also speak correctly English, and have the knowledge of sport fishing since they live and work in heavenly and uncontaminated places.

Fishing tour boats in Costa Rica use only the best equipment, from the most modern rods, to reels, varieties of hooks, lures and lines.

Particularities of fishing in Costa Rica, a practice for every type of fisherman in sea fishing, inshore or more commonly called ‘casting’, the fisherman does not need any kind of transport to get around, because his activity is carried out from the shore to the coastal waters.

Deep sea fishing, on the other hand, needs adequate equipment, due to the distances to be covered, since for this type of fishing it is necessary to transfer to the more framed sea, fishing is generally performed at a distance of 30 miles from the coast of the country.

In Costa Rica, the main deep-sea fishing areas are: Gulf of Papagayo, the coastal front of Cabo Velas, at the mouth of the Gulf of Nicoya, Mouth of Terraba waters, Corcovado, the sweet Gulf.

In the Atlantic region, offshore fishing is limited to two to three miles off the mouths of rivers and about three to four miles further south.

But much more for fishing enthusiasts in Costa Rica.

diving-excursion for those who practice underwater fishing, the most suitable places for the practice of this method of fishing are in the Pacific coast, the Cooks Islands in the Gulf of Papagayo, Bahia Culebra Island, Las Catalinas, head of Potrero, Cabo Blanco Island, Caño Island, Punta Herradura and some Gulf of Nicoya Islands such as Turtle Island, and Cedros.

And on the Caribbean coast, instead, the city of Limon at the mouth of the Rio Sixaola.

Lake fishing can also be practiced as Costa Rica offers lakes, some natural and some man-made, the most popular areas being Lake Arenal, Lake Cote, and the Cachi Dam.

River fishing is also practiced in Costa Rica, many places and relatively short distances, which allow fast and economical movement.

The method used for this activity is similar to that used for lake fishing, the most popular areas being Puerto Limon, especially in the beds of the Pacuare and Tortuguero Matina rivers.

The possibilities that the sea offers us are different species of fish, but in Costa Rica the most common is the Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and Pacific Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna and Mahi Mahi or Dorado.



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