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Snowfall Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot [With Latest Updates]

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If you’re looking for a thrilling, suspenseful crime drama, Snowfall season 6 should be your last stop. The effects of a crack epidemic in the city are shown in this American crime show. This scary thriller show was made by John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron. The story is about how cocaine changes people and how the main character, Damson Idris, seems to be a drug dealer.

This masterpiece was shown on FX studio. Its first season, which has 10 episodes, was shown on TV in July 2017. The second, third, fourth, and fifth seasons will be shown in 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022, respectively. It is very popular with the public because it has an amazing story. So, the series keeps up the tradition of the show and moves on to its fifth part. Let us tell you more about Snowfall Season 6. Now that the series is getting ready for its big finale, it’s time to talk about Snowfall season 6’s release date, plot, cast, and other details.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Snowfall season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and everything that you need to know.

About Snowfall TV Show

Snowfall, a popular show on the FX channel, is back in the news because there are a lot of rumors about Snowfall season 6. Now that the last season has been streaming for a few months, fans are wondering if the show will be renewed for a Snowfall season 6. Snowfall is an original crime drama on FX with great actors like Damson Iris, Emily Rios, and many more. The show was made by John Singleton, Dave Andron, and Eric Amadio for the FX channel. The first season premiered on July 5, 2017. Since then, there have been five seasons of the show, and all of them have done well.

If you want to learn more about the show, whether you should watch it or not, and whether it will be back for Snowfall season 6, keep reading.

When will be Snowfall Season 6 Renewed?

Fans of the show got both good and bad news. The channel and the show’s creators confirmed that Snowfall has been picked up for a Snowfall season 6, and they will soon start filming it. However, they also said that it would be the last season of the show. Every fan is looking forward to the next season and wants to know how the series will end. This will be the last season. One thing is certain: the show’s last season will be one of the best because there will still be a lot of drama and suspense from the previous season.

Snowfall Season 6 Quick Info



No. of Seasons:


No Of Episode:

50 (seasons 1-5)


Sal Calleros, Natalia Guled


Kevin Rodney Sullivan


Drama, Crime, Action


Carter Hudson, Damson Idris, Isaiah John


Nicolas Stern

Country of Origin:

United States

Origin Language: 


Available Languages: 


Next Season Release Date:

Not Yet Confirmed

Available On:

FX channel

Snowfall Season 6 Potential Release Date 

Snowfall season 6 was picked up for April 2022, but we don’t yet know when it will come out. There are rumors that Snowfall season 6 will come out in February 2023, but at the moment, these rumors are not true. But Damson Idris said that table reads for Snowfall season 6 started in September 2022. This means that filming for the new season probably won’t be too far away.

Even though the last two seasons of Snowfall came out in February, it seems unlikely that Snowfall season 6 will come out in February 2023 if production has just begun. Instead, we think they’ll go back to their usual July premiere date for Snowfall season 6, so the last season of Snowfall will probably come out in July 2023.

Snowfall Season 6 Expected Plot

Since the last episode of Snowfall season 5 doesn’t come out until April 20, you’ll have to wait until then to find out where the Snowfall is going for its last chapter. After Snowfall season 6, in which Franklin was locked in a cage with a dangerous tiger and his attackers were lying in the grass like murdering hippies who had accidentally taken LSD, the sixth and final season could go in any direction.

At the start of Snowfall season 5, it was revealed that Franklin had a new girlfriend, the strangely quiet Veronique and that she and Franklin were going to have a baby. Since the beginning of Season 5, when she had to run away from a drive-by shooting set up by one of Franklin’s competitors and was upset when Franklin was taken, Veronique has kept her distance from Franklin.

She doesn’t think he can keep her and their kids safe. We’d be surprised if the last season didn’t focus on the once-good-kid trying to be the kind of father who could only be a drug dealer. It doesn’t sound too crazy that baby powder could be mistaken for daddy’s powder while running away from the gunfire.

Snowfall Season 6 Cast

Well, everyone from the main cast will be back for the final showdown, except for the people who die in the Snowfall season 5. Idris will come back to play Franklin Saint. Carter Hudson will play Teddy McDonald, Isaiah John will play Leon Simmons, Amin Joseph will play Jerome Saint, and Sergio Peris-Mencheta will play Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata. Here’s a look at the cast of Snowfall season 6:

  • Damson Idris as Franklin Saint
  • Devyn Tyle as Veronique
  • Angela Lewis as Aunt Louie
  • Isaiah John as Leon
  • Michael Hyatt as Cissy Saint
  • Sergio Peris-Mencheta as Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata
  • Amin Joseph as Jermone
  • DeRay Davis as Peaches
  • Carter Hudson as Teddy McDonald and Reed Thompson
  • Brandon Jay McLaren as Det. Buckley
  • Alon Abutbul as Avi Drexler
  • Tiffany Lonsdale as Parissa
  • De’aundre Bonds as Skully
  • DeVaughn Nixon as Kane Hamilton
  • Brandon Jay McLaren as Det. Buckley
  • Gail Bean as Wanda Bell

Tamara Taylor, an actress from Canada, recently joined the cast for the last season. But we don’t know much about her role yet.

Snowfall Season 6 Trailer Update

We don’t have a trailer yet, but we might get a sneak peek soon after the explosive end of Snowfall season 5 breaths of air. Watch this space for more, because we’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on with Snowfall season 6.

Where to Watch Snowfall Season 6 Online?

There are five different times of the year. On Hulu, you can watch the first Snowfall season 5 of the show. Snowfall can be watched on Disney+ Hotstar in India. On the streamer, you can watch all five seasons.

Seasons 1 through 5 can be watched in the UK on Sky Go and BBC iplayer. On Disney Plus shows, you can watch the first four seasons. In Australia, you can watch seasons 1 through 5 on Foxtel Now.

This article will be changed as we learn more about Snowfall Season 6. You can add this page to your bookmarks to get the latest news.

Is Snowfall Season 6 the Final Season of Snowfall?

Yes. Franklin Saint’s empire, which he built brick by brick (of cocaine), will be back for a Snowfall season 6 before it leaves TV, likely for good. FX renewed the critically acclaimed drama for Snowfall season 6 and the final season just days before the drug dealers at Louie and Jerome’s wedding in the eighth episode of the fifth season all got high on LSD. Snowfall showrunner Dave Andron has been working on the show since April 2016, when he helped Singleton and Amadio rewrite the pilot.

“To tell a story worth telling, with creative partners you respect and admire, at a network merger that supports you throughout and lets you end on your own terms. This is the goal. I am so thankful to everyone at FX, from John Landgraf to the whole Snowfall family, for helping us get there. If only John Singleton could be with us until the end.”

Idris was a 23-year-old actor who wasn’t well known before he put on a Lacoste T-shirt, Dickies, and Converse shoes to become Franklin Saint. As a leading man who is 30 years old and told Men’s Health that he has seen how the show has changed people’s lives, the end of the most important time in his young career is not lost on him at all. “I’m so proud of the history we’ve all made together. Especially how Snowfall has changed the way people live. Few TV shows make it to Snowfall season 6, and it will be sad to say goodbye to Franklin Saint. But the family and friends I’ve made on this trip will be with me for the rest of my life. I’m sure that John Singleton is looking down and beaming with pride.”

Snowfall Season 5 Recap

Snowfall Season 5 was a wild ride. This season is all about family and not much else. The family part of Franklin TV shows how close they are. Franklin and his family are finally rich, and now they can buy anything they’ve ever wanted. Franklin made his own empire, which did very well for him. Still, on the run, the police are right behind them.

Franklin finds out he’s going to be a dad in an episode called “Soft Corner.” Veronique Saint is very loyal, and she and Franklin Saint are expecting a child. She asks Frank to promise that he will do whatever it takes to save their baby. Franklin becomes a middleman during the same season. He chose to do this, which is a risky thing to do. Franklin’s empire began to slowly fall apart right in front of him. He is in a bad situation and has no idea what to do. During the Season, there are probably a lot of gunshots and fights. Also, getting used to a new home and being on the run. Franklin needs help to keep the peace and stay safe, but he doesn’t have much to lose right now.

We won’t know what exciting twist the creators have in store for us until Snowfall season 6 comes out. The audience is always thinking about Franklin’s story and whether or not he makes it out alive. The last season will answer this question. In Snowfall season 5, both Damson Idris and Carter Hudson have done a great job in their roles. People all over the world get to see their characters on screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Snowfall Season 6

When was Snowfall season 6 initially released?

Snowfall came out for the first time on July 5, 2017.

When is the Snowfall Season 6 release date?

Snowfall season 6 is expected to come out in 2023.

Has The Snowfall Season 6 Filming Started Yet?

Some news stories and Instagram posts say for sure that Snowfall season 6 filming has begun.

What city does Snowfall take place in?

Snowfall is an American crime drama TV show that debuted on FX on July 5, 2017. It was made by John Singleton, Eric Amadio, and Dave Andron. The show takes place in Los Angeles in 1983 and is about the first crack epidemic and how it changed the city.

How can I watch FX for free?

The FXNOW app is free to get on a mobile, tablet, and TV streaming devices that support it. You can also use any browser that works to go to FXNetworks.com for free.

Is FX on Amazon Prime?

There are a lot of FX shows on Amazon Prime, and this might be the best show in the long history of the network.

Can I get FX on Netflix?

21st Century Fox owns FX, FXX, and FXM, and most of their content used to be Shows on Netflix. But when Fox content left Netflix, FX’s library left with it. Most of them moved to Hulu, but two of them are still on Netflix.

Was Snowfall Canceled?

Yes. Franklin Saint’s empire, which he built brick by brick (of cocaine), will be back for a Snowfall season 6 before it leaves TV, likely for good.

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