Samsung Galaxy Ring Production Set to Begin Next Month

Now that the Samsung Unpacked 2023 event’s dust is starting to settle, we’re already speculating about what Samsung has up its sleeve for its next big reveal. It seems like a smart ring might be on the horizon.

According to a report from the South Korean outlet, The Elec, and further information from SamMobile, Samsung could start mass producing a Galaxy Ring as soon as August. Apparently, the company is about to make a decision on the production and release timeline for this wearable device.

But don’t get too excited just yet. The full launch isn’t expected until sometime in 2024, not 2023. The nature of this smart ring means it needs to jump through several regulatory hoops before it can hit the market and start monitoring your health metrics.

If the Galaxy Ring follows a similar timeline as the Samsung Galaxy S24, we could see a dual gadget launch in early 2024. Maybe we’ll see the unveiling in January or February if Samsung keeps to its 2023 schedule. Here’s hoping!

So Far, the Story

The buzz about a possible Samsung Galaxy Ring has been making the rounds for a while now, with the rumor mill kicking into gear last year. The source of the whispers? A Samsung patent hinting at the creation of a smart ring capable of tracking everything from your daily step count to your heart rate.

Adding more fuel to the rumor fire, a trademark filing earlier this year named the Galaxy Ring directly. It was described as a smart device crafted in the form of a ring, designed to monitor health indicators and perhaps even your sleep pattern (apologies for the rough translation from Korean).

The chatter grew louder earlier this month, when news broke about Galaxy Ring prototypes being put through their paces. From what we heard, these prototypes were well along in the testing process, with the focus being on their stability.

Everything seems to be pointing towards the same conclusion – a Samsung Galaxy Ring is likely coming our way in the not-too-distant future. If you’re looking for a reference point, consider the third-generation Oura, arguably the most well-known smart ring currently out there. This might give us a glimpse into what Samsung’s Galaxy Ring has to offer.

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