The Basics of PRINCE2 Certification and its Benefits

The demand for Project Manager to take care of business projects is becoming especially higher with the expansion of industries. With diversified and focused needs, a business demands a lot from its employees. This is where Project Managers have to come in and empower their operations. Prince2 is the framework that guides project management across the globe. Developed as a means to codify the best practices for project management, PRINCE2 has now become a hallmark standard for projects. If you are looking for PRINCE2 Certification in India, you can take the best assistance from Invensis. 

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PRINCE was derived from the principles of an earlier framework called PROMPT 2. The first edition of the framework called Projects in Controlled Environments or PRINCE, in short, was developed in 1989 by the UK Government. The second edition of PRINCE was dubbed PRINCE2. The new edition was published in the year 1996 and stands as the de facto project management standard developed and adopted by the UK.

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is a highly structured and well-built framework that maps out a method for project management. The main purpose of PRINCE2 is to divide the work in a project into small and manageable chunks of tasks. In order to achieve this, PRINCE2 prescribes six tolerances or performance goals that should be followed. They are:

  • Scope: What is the project limited to and what it should work for.
  • Timescale: Over what period of time should the project be conducted.
  • Risk: What are the various risks and contingencies associated with the project.
  • Quality: What exactly is the quality of output that the project is expected to deliver.
  • Benefits: How beneficial is performing the project going to be for the business.
  • Cost: What are the associated costs that need to be incurred during the project.

Furthermore, PRINCE2 training also talks about seven principles that need to be part of your mindset:

  1. Continued Business Justification: The business and its documents need to be justified and verified regularly to avoid any errors. Project managers should always be answerable to their superiors.
  2. Learn From Experience: PRINCE2 is all about continuous growth. As you do more projects you develop the expertise and know how to get better at your job.
  3. Define Roles and Responsibilities: It is important for everyone to clearly know exactly what their roles and duties are to avoid confusion.
  4. Manage Stages: A Project is divided into many different stages of completion, and each of them has its own unique needs and demands.
  5. Manage Exceptions: Exceptional events are bound to happen in any setting. What is important is that your training ensures you are able to deal with these exceptions.
  6. Product Focus: The focus of the manager and team should always be to deliver the highest quality final product to the client.
  7. Tailored Environment: The environment of work has to be exactly tailored to each project.

In order to leverage the powers of PRINCE 2, taking a PRINCE2 online course is the best way to learn the necessary principles. Experienced professionals can definitely make an excellent career in project management.

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