Play Match Three Games to Sharpen Your Brain

The brain stores a lot of information and it is forever functioning rightly. It can not remain inactive or passive.  Well, you might wonder how does the brain deal with so much work. And, the answer to this would be that the brain is a power-house of all information, and your very first existence is dependent on the function of the brain.

Now that is a big duty and from your end, you have to condition and nourish it to perform frequently. To tap a bit of information from the huge pile of memory can be a big task for the brain but routine exercise for the brain will help to recover the information quickly with less effort with match three games.

There are different games to choose from; color matching, face matching, number matching, pattern matching, etc can be highly beneficial for you and your children. All you need to do is spend some minutes every day playing puzzle games and in a matter of few days see the results for yourself.

Benefits of Playing Matching Activities/Games

There are a lot of benefits of playing match-three games and activities for adults as well as for children. Below are some benefits of playing these games for children.

For Children:

  • If you are learning matching skills in pre-school, it will support you to match sounds and letters.
  • By matching, things to images children are rehearsing visual discrimination. And, they become familiar with learning to connect real objects to print, and one-dimensional print. These are important pre-reading skills.
  • Matching puzzle games enhance language, memory, and concentration. Research has shown an association between working memory and dyslexia. We have to remember every sound segment to learn new words. Put each sound segment and remember what they look like for prospective use. To be able to do this, you required a good working memory.
  • Children use matching skills to tell whether two letters and words are the different or same. Understanding to match patterns and shapes helps children as they learn to identify letters and then words.

Match 3D games

In match 3d puzzle games you need to match 3D objects on the ground and pop them all.  You will find new objects to pair after you clear a level. It is simple and easy to play. Polish pairs of foods, school objects, animals, emojis, and much more to moving levels to pass with just open the cards. This is a free game and it will power up your brain and enhance memory speed since it offers many cute and sweet combinations.


  • Polished 3D objects and visual effects.
  • Well-planned brain mentor levels.
  • You can pause it whenever you want.
  • Auto-save game to resume from your last save at your convenience.
  • Sweet yummy foods, cute animals, exciting emojis, cool toys, and much more things to puzzle it out.

Matching Three games

Match three games have been famous since the 1980s. And they are still going strong. Any game that are challenges you to match objects together can be categorized as a match 3 game.

How to play a match-three games

The aim of match 3 games is to form lines, chains, or groups of three or more of the identical elements. Your task is to line up them and achieve a three in a row. Before the matches or line disappear. The broad has different tiles that you need to shift, move around, or rotate in order to get them to form down and match into groups and lines. 

How to make a good match three-game

They are based on an easy concept. Making a good match-three game is not easy. There are many of them out there, so the competition is intense. To reach the top, you need to fix every part of the genre.

Keep it easy to understand

Good match 3 games have a straightforward objective and hook on each and every level. Innovation is good but in your drive to make something unique, you must not sacrifice the clarity that makes the genre work in the first place.

Use a dead simple visual style

A good game needs to be immersive. No matter what graphical style you go for, It needs to stay consistent and simple. For example in candy crush which is a match Tripple 3d game, literally, everything is based on candy- down to the menus and the icons. Your colors and shapes need to be efficiently recognizable so the style stays constant. But, also for the gameplay assets to be efficiently different.

Right pacing to keep players coming back

You need to build up the challenges in a consistent and slow way. A quick jump in difficulty can lead to losing your players. If you make new techniques at a particular level, then they need to be simple to explain. And, also you need to provide the player unchallenging options to use them when they first occur.

Make success as gratifying as possible

In the earlier days of gaming, there was little more inviting than skating a single tetric block into a fully shaped gap and watching 4 lines clear at a time. With time the visuals have grown more animated and colorful, but the concept is the same. Matching 3 should feel satisfying. Clearing a level should feel like a small celebration especially in the difficult levels.

Give it an overarching narrative

The records of a matching three-game are never going to be an edge of your seat epic and emotionally deep. but it must have a history. Even a simple game like candy crush frames its levels around the problems of the candy kingdom’s residents. You won’t keep players entertained if you don’t tell them that why they need to match 3.

Cultivate the game over the long term

If you want an everlasting hit, you need to keep a constant flow of content going. You will need to devote plenty of time to build new levels, adding updates, and giving a new intent of challenge to players who are very good at it.

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