Tips for Buying an Outdoor Intercom System

Outdoor intercom systems make it easy to allow access to a property or building while also keeping it secure and safe. These systems are typically installed outside at the front gate or door. Because it’s an outdoor system, it can work within any climate and even withstand extreme weather conditions. Not only can residents open doors from their smartphones, but building managers can also provide visitor access to the property and keep a record of who is entering the building. Intercom systems for buildings have been used for a century, and new models allow for smartphone connections to ensure everything is convenient and easy to control. If you’re interested in buying an outdoor intercom, then you may want to check out the following tips.

Learn about the different types of intercom systems.

There are four types of intercom systems that are most commonly found. There’s the wireless outdoor intercom, the wired outdoor intercom, outdoor intercom phones, and outdoor video intercoms. If you want to choose the best outdoor intercom system for your needs, you’ll want to look at the types available and see which one is most suitable for your home or your business. A wireless outdoor intercom is easy to install and is typically used by gated communities. A wired outdoor intercom requires hardware to be connected to each in-unit device in a building, so it can be far more expensive. Outdoor intercom phones use a telephone entry system. Meanwhile, outdoor video intercoms will have cameras that transmit audio and video so that tenants can see and communicate with any visitors who want access. Visitors will not be able to see tenants, but there are some two-way systems available as well. They just aren’t as common.

Choose an outdoor intercom with an IP65 rating.

Any outdoor system requires proper weatherproofing. The waterproofing of intercom systems has four common categories of IP ratings. IP stands for ingress protection. For your outdoor intercom system, you’ll want one with an IP65 rating. This is a rating that protects your outdoor intercom from ice, snow, rain, and cleaning agents. It’s also dust-tight and protected against water from a nozzle. An IP66 rating would protect it against powerful jets of water, but this won’t be necessary when it’s simply a gate intercom or a home intercom system. You’ll find that an IP65-rated device will take on less damage and won’t need to be replaced as often as other devices.

Look for an intercom that offers multiple benefits.

The best part about using an outdoor intercom is the fact that it helps keep tenants safe and also makes granting property access more convenient. With systems that connect to smartphones, there’s seamless access for tenants and visitors as well as remote property management. Plus, there are many integrations that allow for other features to use property technology. And an intercom system also enhances building security and in-unit security overall.

When doing your research, make it a priority to select an outdoor intercom that makes property access simple and easy. Moreover, opt for a system that allows users to control the intercom with a smartphone app. Modern outdoor intercom systems come with a variety of user-friendly features such as video calling. With a high-tech safety system in place, residents will have no issues accessing the building, and property managers will have peace of mind knowing there are fewer concerns about security. Furthermore, the latest cutting-edge intercom systems can even allow tenants to create QR codes and delivery PINs to give access to house cleaners, dog walkers, or friends and family.

With an advanced outdoor intercom, you can enhance the safety of your property and relax in the knowledge that you have full control over access to your building.

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