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Why The North Face Flight Vectiv Is My Favorite Pair of Shoes

I’ve been a runner since middle school, and the road beats you up over time. That’s why runners need fantastic shoes. And this year, everyone was excited about the new North Face shoes, so I knew I needed to try them out for myself.

I bought my pair of Flight Vectiv from Shoebacca, which is an online store selling different shoe brands. So if you’re a sneakerhead like me, I recommend checking out their website!

Anyway, North Face isn’t the most famous shoewear brand in the world, but that might be changing soon. Long known for fantastic winter coats, North Face made a massive entrance with a slick Youtube video showing off their new technology.

Everyone says they have the hottest new thing, but I really like the Flight Vectiv. They’re comfortable and get the job done while being rugged enough to take it anywhere.

The new series is called Vectiv, and the name is being used for three different North Face footwear models. They all combine dual-density foam, rocker, and full-length carbon plates that work together to produce a poppy, energetic running experience.

Soft to medium-soft, the Vectiv foam gives a protective and responsive feel that’s very popular this year. Everyone describes the running experience as buttery smooth, which I think is very accurate. The rockered midsole makes strides easier, and the shoes produce a distinctive forward thrust.

Carbon plates are very popular in today’s running shoes. They stiffen and stabilize the shoe so that you don’t waste energy wobbling around. Carbon plates also absorb the energy of your downstroke and push you back up like springs. Aside from certain plated road shoes, this trail shoe pushes harder than other trail shoes. This springing effect is most felt by runners who strike the ground with their midfoot rather than their heels or toes.

Lockdown and comfort are both provided with a one-piece knit upper with reinforcements. Lacing comfort has been improved by adding some cushioning to the top of the foot. I appreciate that padding over long runs.

Matryx/Kevlar panels in the lateral and medial midfoot give additional protection. The medial side was rough at first, but the sides felt fine after I broke the shoes in.

The molded heel cushion is what really makes the Flight Vectiv feel great, though. It holds your foot tightly and lets you navigate a wide variety of courses.

If you haven’t worn a nice pair of running shoes made in the last few years, you’re in for a treat. Like all modern sports equipment, shoes today are complicated bits of engineering that help you run faster.

The North Face Flight Vector shoes won’t make you into a star runner. Only the miles can do that. But they protect you from the road and feel great to slip on for your 5 AM run. Runners can’t ask for anything more than that, and it’s a great first offering from North Face.

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