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Norstrat is Canada’s Northern Strategy consulting firm that provides strategic consulting services to corporations and organizations in a variety of industries. The company was founded to assist businesses in making better decisions, enhancing their performance, and achieving their objectives.

In 1988, Norstrat Consultancy was created Norstrat Consulting Inc. was established for the exclusive purpose of assisting clients with a responsibility or business objective to execute elements of Canada’s Northern Strategy.

In recent years, Canada has flourished due to the efforts of Norstrat as a whole. This must be acknowledged accurately. Especially in terms of infrastructural development, the organization has demonstrated its potential. Norstrat has significantly extended its company throughout the years. It is now accessible in numerous places. In this scenario, there is a constant development to consider.

If you’re curious about Norstrat as a whole, you’ve come to the right place. This essay will focus on a variety of significant Norstrat consulting aspects. Read this with the utmost sincerity to acquire great insights.

What is Norstrat? 

What is Norstrat
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Norstrat is a recognized consulting firm that provides performance-enhancing advice to businesses, government agencies, and military groups. Several companies, political organizations, and military groups have achieved their goals with the assistance of their superior services.

It specializes in implementing Canada’s Northern Strategy, a futuristic business growth strategy. Norstrat consultancy serves as the cornerstone for various businesses by supplying the necessary expertise and help. It can assist you in implementing this plan in accordance with your objectives, making them a crucial ally for your success regardless of whether you are a business, government agency, or military organization.

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History of This Company

It is a Canadian firm with deep roots. There, they began as a modest agency with a single office, but the organization has since grown and expanded into the United States. It has developed into one of the top strategic consulting firms with close ties to the government and military.

It expanded rapidly to become an integrated communications firmoffering creative digital strategies, public relations, and social media marketing services to worldwide companies and brands. Currently, the organization is experiencing steady expansion and is seeking international expansion.

What Is The Norstrat Northern Strategy?

The Canadian Government developed the Norstrat Northern strategy in 2007 to achieve specific goals and priorities in four areas of the country exercising Arctic sovereignty, promoting social and economic development, protecting environmental heritage, and improving and devolving northern governance. The concept was intended to promote a more robust and affluent Canadian North.

The policy was established to secure the development and prosperity of the region while preserving its distinct ecosystem. This includes investments in infrastructure and communication, opportunities for resource development, economic activity in traditional northern industries such as fishing and hunting, encouragement of research, development of a northern energy industry, promotion of renewable energy sources and tourism, the establishment of communities of excellence, and ensuring governance for sustainability.

The policy has been adopted to expand the north’s position in international affairs, strengthen its economic foundation, enhance its ability for long-term growth, and maintain its territorial integrity. The Norstrat Corporation has contributed significantly to the implementation of this plan. It provides chances for project planning, policy research and analysis, and capacity-building.

What Kinds of Services Does Norstrat Provide?

This company provides an extensive array of consultancy and communication services. Many professionals in strategic consulting have been employed by the company to assist its clients with all elements of brand development.

They aid in the development and implementation of client acquisition and retention strategies, as well as the introduction of a product. In addition, the consultants have extensive experience working in the public sector, particularly in the areas of government relations, lobbying, political strategy, and campaign planning/management.

Whether you are a small business owner or a major organization seeking a dependable business consulting service, Norstrat can assist you. Professionals at the organization have extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of fields, including social structure systems and infrastructure.


It implements the Northern approach more effectively, with a virtually nonexistent failure rate. Here, we discuss the company’s expertise.

  • Business Growth Expertise

Norstart rated first in terms of business expansion and had tremendous success in the federal government sector. They provided creative operational techniques and accomplished comprehensive administrative growth.

  • Direction Plan for The Northern Strategy Campaign 

Norstrat focuses on planning enterprises in accordance with the government’s northern strategy plan, which serves as a point of reference for all businesses, whether new or stagnant. Norstrat accomplishes this by supplying its customers with information regarding the strategy campaign and how adhering to it will surely result in the success and collective growth of businesses and the northern development of Canada.

  • Financial Services and Advice

It is a consulting firm that has provided great financial services and guidance to well-known customers such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, the Canadian government, and the National Bank of Canada.

In addition, they have knowledge and experience in financial services organizations and pharmaceutical corporations, enabling them to deliver unique solutions based on customer requirements. When it comes to money and applying for government programs, the organization has a large number of qualified experts available to assist you.

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Knowing what consumers desire is fundamental to any marketing activity. Almost every decision hinges on knowing the likes and dislikes of the target audience. Yet in a world where customer preferences can change overnight, it is essential to be aware of current trends. Access to quality, up-to-date customer data can determine the success or failure of a marketing campaign.

And with Norstat Express, marketers may obtain consumer preferences on an almost instantaneous basis. From brand associations to tagline testing to price sensitivity, Norstat Express transforms hunches into data-driven proposals. Norstat Express enables marketers to quickly pose questions to our consumer panels. And receive as many as 500 quality responses within an hour. With quantifiable customer insights, marketers can make rapid decisions based on data. And with the assurance that their suggestions are supported by proven consumer preferences.

  • Risk Minimization

There are risks in any field. No company is immune to it. Attempting to be entirely risk-free is useless. Yet, measures to reduce these are imminent. Norstrat can assist in mitigating risks.

The organization provides appropriate risk mitigation techniques. So, it can provide guidance on how to proceed with sincerity. This clause does not exist elsewhere. This demonstrates why Norstrat is poised for exponential expansion.

  • Project Development Service 

Lack of planning and management in this area is one of the primary reasons why firms don’t grow in today’s era when project management is essential for many successful enterprises. Thus, Norstrat is the option for skilled management to maximize the likelihood of success for each project, ensuring that you are in safe hands.

  • Focused Capital project expertise

Norstart successfully completed the radars and Radarsat II missions and the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel and Targeted Capital project. In addition, they offer executive coaching training programs such as workshops, leadership development programs, and business coaching programs.

How does Norstrat Do Its Services for Clients?

How does Norstrat Do Its Services for Clients

In general, the process includes walking the client through the government’s broad northern strategy and its potential. Throughout this procedure, they were tasked with aiding the customer in discovering and communicating with the key stakeholders and responsibilities involved.

This can be accomplished through a variety of methods, one of which is the exchange of knowledge regarding essential domains. Alternately, it may include the fresh potential to improve infrastructure in the North. Not only is the use of professional bidding necessary, but so is the management of infrastructure development projects.

All of this is included in the package they offer, and it is customized for each client’s needs. When selecting a package for their full consultation, the client may discuss all of these issues.

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Services Offered by Company

Although it would not be wrong to claim that Norstrat provides any service related to the growth or success of enterprises, the following is a list of only a handful of the company’s offerings.

  • Description of the acquisition technique
  • Specification of performance characteristics
  • Strategic advice regarding a campaign’s Northern Strategy
  • Marketing research, strategy, and identity design
  • Documentation and bid aid
  • Training in strategic business development
  • Digital consulting
  • Memorandum to Cabinet
  • Exhibition of story knowledge
  • Project description and management help

The key emphasis of Narstrat is digital marketing, public relations for food and beverage firms, and the enhancement of public relations communication.

Norstrat Clients

As previously stated, Norstrat collaborates with both public and commercial sector clients to contribute to Canada’s Northern Strategy. Below are some examples of the firms that Norstrat collaborates with, which may help you determine if you require their services.

  • Ultra Electronics Marine Systems
  • Saab Technologies Canada
  • Raytheon Canada Support Services
  • Northwestel
  • Northrop Grumman
  • MacDonald Dettwiler
  • L-3 Ocean Systems
  • L-3 MAS
  • Calian
  • L-3 MariPro
  • Kraken Sonar Systems
  • Hill+Knowlton Canada
  • General Dynamics Canada
  • Deloitte
  • Cassidian
  • Canadian Light Source
  • Babcock
  • Astrium SAS
  • AlphaSights
  • Aker Solutions
  • Airbus Defence and Space
  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Aerospace Review


Canadian Space Agency Canadian Coast Guard Aerospace Review Mission Norstrat was founded in 1988 by Lee Carson, a former chief consultant for the Canadian Department of Natural Resources.

Norstrat’s aim is to place clients in the next picture. The Northern Strategy is incredibly comprehensive and multidisciplinary. They collaborate with other specialists to fulfill your needs.

They are professionals in campaign and business growth tactics. Major project experience for Norstrat includes the Radarsat Constellation Mission, Radarsat 2, and Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel.

How is Norstrat Priority Implemented?

In 1885, the federal government initiated a monumental and difficult infrastructure project for the entire nation. Gently spreading from Canada’s east to west, it connected the entire country. Currently, the South and North are receiving the most infrastructure expansion attention.

Rather than a railroad, the focus is now on a series of infrastructural projects. All of these elements are crucial for the growth and safety of the northern areas. The most important component of Norstrat is aiding customers with these innovative projects.

What Can Norstrat Products Do For Your Business?

Norstrat Products offers a variety of services that can assist firms with strategic planning and expansion. It is a multinational company that collaborates with American and Canadian businesses. Its products are ideal for any enterprise seeking to maximize its capital. Its consultants offer a variety of services to assist firms in achieving their goals.

It delivers strategic consultancy services first and foremost. Its consultants are professionals in assisting firms with brand development and expansion. Norstrat has vast expertise in launching new brands and assisting in the formation of strategic alliances.

Its experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing Unified communication (UC) services, which can be of great benefit to businesses seeking to remain competitive. In addition, it provides voicemail management services that allow businesses to maintain command over their conversations.

Additional Training That Norstrat Provides

Norstrat offers several training programs and workshops, as well as counseling for personal growth. The Partnership and Leadership program is one of the most popular programs. It is quite tough and lasts for nine months, during which time participants can learn about the strategic consulting profession.

Participants will learn how to make well-informed decisions and acquire the skills necessary to make prudent business decisions. The following are some of the numerous training programs offered by Norstrat.

  • Leadership development program
  • Programs for business coaching
  • Workshops for professional development
  • Program for executive coaching

May I Collaborate with Norstrat?

Digital marketing, public relations, food and beverage public relations, and social media optimization are Norstrat’s bread and butter, so if your firm requires these services, you should strongly consider doing business with them.

It offers an extensive array of services, including market research, branding strategy, identity design, strategic communications planning, and digital consultancy.

It should also be noted that this company is affiliated with Hill & Knowlton Strategies. This is essential due to the clients’ access to H&K’s broad global network. 400 public relations professionals are also accessible to them.

In addition, Norstrat and H&K Strategies collaborate closely on client engagements by combining Norstrat’s competence in digital marketing with H&K’s depth of conventional public relations knowledge, which is a recipe for a thriving business.

Hence, they provide services that include the creation of digital communication strategies for public relations campaigns, with a focus on the food and beverage industries.

Is Norstrat Worth It for My Business?

It delivers numerous benefits to your business. It can aid businesses in detecting inefficiencies and bottlenecks, resulting in decreased expenses and streamlined procedures.

This company’s data on customers and industry trends enables businesses to identify untapped sources of revenue and fine-tune pricing strategies, resulting in increased profits.

Its insights into customer behavior, interests, and pain points can assist businesses in maximizing profits and enhancing customer experiences. Using Norstrat to anticipate market possibilities and trends provides a competitive advantage over the competition.

Norstrat empowers businesses with actionable data and insights, allowing them to eschew conjecture in favor of concrete evidence when making crucial decisions.


Everyone desires their firm or business to be as profitable as possible and to establish measurable objectives. Norstrat is a company that may help you achieve these objectives and move closer to your objectives. Numerous other organizations in Canada and the United States have expanded thanks to their employees’ skills and cutting-edge technological resources. Do not hesitate to become their client if you believe they can assist you in developing your strategy and enhancing your communications. This will assist you to advance your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of infrastructure are you talking about?

The Focus of NORSTRAT is on significant infrastructure projects and activities financed by the Canadian federal government. Satellites, transportation infrastructure, defense systems, telecommunications, and efforts and investments in social infrastructure, such as housing, are among the examples.

What is the phone number?

The telephone number for Norstrat Consultancy is (613) 986-0338.

What is the official website?

The site’s official URL is www.norstrat.ca.

Is it Consulting a public company?

It Consultancy does not have a ticker symbol yet because it is a private company.

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