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Netflix September 2023 Schedule: Latest Release Updates

netflix september 2023 schedule

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide on the Netflix September 2023 schedule and release updates? Look no further! This post has all the new TV & movies releases, updates from other streaming platforms, and more.

During that time of year, it’s nice to know what’s coming out so we can plan what we want to watch while they are still available. Here at [Your Website], we have all the information about upcoming content in one spot so you don’t miss a beat.

Get ready for an in-depth exploration of the September 2023 Netflix lineup – this is your source for everything you need to know!

Content Highlights

  • Netflix will feature a host of new releases in September 2023, with something to suit every pallet.
  • Adam Sandler’s latest comedy movie “Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker” and the fourth season finale of “Love Is Blind” will be released on September 16th,2020
  • On September 13th viewers can watch new films like A Day and a half and foreign language films such as Once Upon A Crime (JP) & Thursday’s Widows (MX). Additionally, there is also Hawk & Chick for series lovers, and The World Ends With You game releasing that same day.

Netflix September 2023 Schedule: New TV & Movie Release Dates


Get ready for a full slate of fresh content coming to Netflix in September 2023, as a host of new releases are on the horizon!

September 1

September 1 marks the start of an exciting month for Netflix subscribers, as there will be plenty of new TV shows and movies titles released, with something to suit every pallet. On this day, viewers can look forward to a variety of film genres ranging from comedy in Adam Sandler’s “Murder Mystery 2,” and action-packed thrills with “Extraction 2.” For those seeking suspenseful drama and mystery they should check out the documentary “Happy Ending” which explores whether or not Hollywood actually has happy endings.

Additionally, Netflix Originals fans have several options coming their way on September 1 too; highlights includes: the fifth season of the fan favorite series “Virgin River,” the fourth part in Love is Blind: After The Altar, and Big Mouth Season 11 – perfect for family viewing night!

September 2

Netflix will be kicking off the month of September 2023 by releasing a selection of new titles from TV shows to movies. On this day, viewers can look forward to “Homecoming,” an Amazon Prime original movie directed by Justin Simien.

This film follows a group of young Black graduates as they attend their 10 year college reunion and battle battling nostalgia and old relationships in order to form new ones. Other releases on this date include “Vampirina: Ghoul Girls Rock!” – the sixth installment of Disney Junior’s musical animated series; the Australian zombie comedy “100 Zom” with part 7 and 8 premiering that same week; and finally, Ricky Gervais’ newest Netflix special titled “Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker.”.

September 3

Justice League x RWBY Part 2

On September 3rd, Netflix will be releasing a variety of films and shows. There is currently no list set in stone however notable releases include Adam Sandler’s remembrance film about Bob Barker, Zom 100 with three new episodes being released on this day as well as Justice League x RWBY Part 2.

This is also a significant day for Marvel fans since it may potentially mark the release date of Doctor Strange 3 which could give way to future MCU plans. Other streaming services such as Prime Video and Peacock have some exciting plans coming up as well in September 2023, so make sure to check back often for more updates!

September 5

On September 5, 2023 Netflix is premiering the 3rd season of its hit series “Rick and Morty”, continuing the outrageous misadventures of a Mickey Mouse like scientist and his grandson.

The show creators have described it as an irreverent comedy about everything from science, philosophy to popular culture. Also on this day, Adam Sandler will be releasing his latest Netflix feature film “Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker”.

Fans can look forward to this funny movie that brings together two comic giants in order for them to tell their story together. Lastly don’t miss out on another blockbuster Equinox Productions Project: ZOM 100: Episode 7-9, which will surely bring viewers thrills and chills this autumn!

September 6

On September 6 of 2023, Netflix will be premiering the hit comedy series Big Mouth season 11. The show follows the adolescent hijinks and comic misadventures of a group of teenage friends in a realistic depiction of teenage life.

Fans can expect to see all their favorite characters, including Nick Kroll as Maurice “the Hormone Monster”, returning for more wild laughs and outrageous anecdotes. Additionally on this day, Netflix will also be releasing Love is Blind season 5 which features different single men and women in an elaborate dating experiment aimed at understanding if love really does come without sight.

Viewers will be able to witness more emotional secrets revealed and pick up relationships that were left off from the previous season. Finally Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker is another exciting offering coming out this same day where Adam shares his memories about spending time with Bob while building him up as one of America’s most beloved comics himself.

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September 7

Disenchantment Part 5

On September 7th, Netflix is releasing a plethora of new TV shows and movies as part of their September 2023 schedule.

A few titles include “A Day and a Half”, an anthology drama about the lives and cultures lived in rural Russia; “Disenchantment: Part 5” which follows Princess Bean’s continuing adventures with her elf companion Elfo; “Friday Night Plan” a comedy about three dysfunctional friends whose only ambition on Friday night is to get out of their small town without being beaten up by locals; and lastly “Happy Ending”, an 18-minute short film that tells the story of two lifelong best friends who are forced to make life changing decisions.

Plus Movie fans will also have the chance to watch Season 4 of Love is Blind – Following couples from across America as they plan their weddings after meeting for the first time inside pods.

September 8

Netflix has quite an exciting lineup of new shows and films planned for release on September 8th in the 2023 schedule. Fans of Adam Sandler can look forward to an upcoming comedy special titled ‘Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker’.

An additional fan favorite, Zom 100 will be releasing episode 7, 8, and 9 on that day as well – wrapping up what promises to be a thrilling series finale. Additionally, Marvel fans will also have something to look forward to as rumors swirl around the potential release date of Doctor Strange 3.

Lastly -Justice League x RWBY Part 2 Release is set for this day offering fans with a perfect blend of superhero Blackmagic blended with fantastic animation from Japan’s greatest animators.

September 12

The highly anticipated season 5 of Netflix’s Virgin River will be released on September 12th. This time the narrative follows Melinda Monroe and her tight-knit community as they try to get through difficult times, while still building friendships and finding love in the small town of Hope Valley.

Produced by Reel World Management, this drama series stars Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Tim Matheson, Annette O’Toole and Chris Sorensen. Also releasing on September 12th is episode 7 from ‘Zom 100’ – an adult animated sci-fi Netflix original series about a future world after zombies have taken over featuring voice actors like Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen and Jenny Slate.

Add these two releases to your watchlist for entertaining viewing pleasure!

September 14

Barbie - A Touch of Magic

September 14 promises to be an exciting day for fans of Netflix, as the streaming platform has a variety of content releasing. For movie lovers, titles like “Barbie – A Touch of Magic: Season 1” from WOKE Animation and Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction (DK) from David Karlsson will be premiering on this day.

Following these movies will be two other foreign language films–Once Upon a Crime (JP) and Thursday’s Widows (MX).

Fans who are looking forward to series or games can also look forward to releases on the same date. Notable mentions include Virgin River Season 5 and The Last Kids On Earth Hour Of Power Quest Series-created by Moonbot Studios in association with Atomic Cartoons studios.

Additionally, for gamers there is “The World Ends With You” game which follows a mix-of-genre third-person action RPG adventure where players battle enemies within Shibuya’s underground world using psych evolved weaponry and abilities based off musical rhythms.

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September 15

On September 15, Netflix viewers may start their week off by catching the debut of Gogol: Ghost Stories, a new supernatural animated series based on Russian literature written by Nikolai Gogol and adapted for television.

Also premiering that day is Love Like the Falling Rain, a romance drama starring Ciara Bravo as a young college student navigating her way through sudden family upheaval and discovering love in places she least expected it.

Other highlights include Hawk & Chick, an LGBTQ+ adventure-comedy which follows two thirtysomething roommates trying to find their place in life while adjusting to the world around them; Family Reunion Seasons 1&2 – reuniting with old friends from long ago could spell just what this family needs – fun memories and some much needed laughs; and Happy Creative 8 Foxy Maple Tree House Season 4 – following the whimsical adventures of four strawberry-scented foxes inspired by fairy tales designed to spark creativity with kids.

September 16

September 16 marks an important day in the Netflix September 2023 Schedule, with a plethora of exciting releases. On this date viewers can dive into Adam Sandler’s comedy movie, “Murder Mystery 2”, the action-packed flick “Pain Hustle” starring Chris Hemsworth and David Harbour, Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek teaming up for fighting crime in “Extraction 2” or even bring out their inner superhero watching Karen Gillan and Dave Bautista pair up to save the world in “The Killer”.

Similarly one can get their daily dose of romance from season 4 of “Love is Blind: After The Altar” if that isn’t enough drama then we have fan favourite Robert Downey Jr return as Doctor Strange on his potential third solo outing – which all just happening on a single day! With so many different genres available it is sure to please any viewing palette.

September 18

Netflix September 2023 schedule is full of exciting shows and movies to choose from. The most highly anticipated premiere for this date is undoubtedly the season 4 finale of the hit dating show “Love Is Blind”, making sure viewers are kept wanting more as they eagerly await confirmation on renewal for season 5.

Additionally, Adam Sandler fans can rejoice with a special biography honoring Bob Barker airing that day – reminiscing over his amazing life and times with several guest celebrities featuring in it too.

For comedy lovers, there’s the acquisitions of two independent films “Flat Stanley” & “Comedy School”, while drama fans can look forward to a new French series called “Anna”. As tested by Netflix throughout 2021 & early 2022, sci-fi/comedy hybrid Slice 2 will also make its grand debut on Netflix.

September 19

September 19 is a significant day in the Netflix September 2023 Schedule with several long-anticipated returning series and exciting new releases. Part 5 of Dreamworks’ “Disenchantment” will be released, concluding an epic stop-motion comedy adventure that follows Princess Bean into Elves complex world.

The 4th season of Netflix’s smash hit dating show, Love is Blind, swings back around as viewers finally get to learn who surprised participants take home down the aisle on their wedding night.

Fans of Adam Sandler can look forward to his latest special event where he remembers Bob Barker, while DC fans can mark their calendars for Justice League crossing over with RWBY: Part 2 premiering this same week.

September 20

September 20 will be an exciting day for Netflix subscribers. It will feature the highly anticipated debut of the 5th season of “Disenchantment” with a special hour-long episode as well as other new premieres and returning fan favorites.

Other noteworthy releases include the 4th season of “Love is Blind: After the Altar” starring contestants from previous seasons, and two Adam Sandler projects – his comedy special “Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker” and second installment in his hit movie franchise “Murder Mystery 2”.

There are also rumors swirling about potential developments related to Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange 3 which may feature on this date. So mark your calendars because September 20 promises a packed line-up full of must-watch content arriving on the streaming giant that day!

September 21

The final season of the highly acclaimed series Sex Education is planned to be released on September 21, 2023. Netflix users have been anticipating this show since its debut in 2019 for its complex characters and important subject matters such as teenage sexuality, mental health, gender identity, relationships and more.

With a captivating Scarlett Carey starring as Ruthie Marsh and an impressive supporting cast, Netflixers can’t wait to see how things will wrap up with the final season. It has already been reported that scenes are being filmed in Yugoslavia for some outdoor locations which could mean an even larger canvas for the finale than ever before! Fans of Sex Education should mark their calendars now so they don’t miss out on seeing how the beloved characters end their respective stories.

September 22

Sex Education

Netflix September 2023 schedule brings a range of TV and streaming premieres on the 22nd, featuring different genres from spycraft to survival. Fans will be able to watch season 4 of Sex Education as well as season 5 of Love Is Blind on this day – continuing Netflix’s domination in these popular series.

In addition to those returning series, Castlevania fans can get excited for an all new spin-off show airing in September 2022. Other exciting releases include Zom100 episode 7, 8 and 9 release dates together with Elizabeth Olsens’ Marvel Future part 2 release and Doctor Strange 3 rumored release date.

Whether it’s comedy or a drama you are into, there is definitely something for everyone coming up on Netflix this September 22!

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September 25

September 25 marks a significant day for Netflix in September 2023 as it is set to be the release date for some highly anticipated TV shows and movies. Adam Sandler’s feature film “Murder Mystery 2” will debut on this date, as well as two new series; A Day and a Half and Love Is Blind: After The Altar: Season 4.

Fans of Marvel are also eagerly anticipating Doctor Strange 2, while anime fans may look forward to the final episodes of Zom 100 releasing around that time. For comedy lovers, Disenchantment Part 5 premieres on September 25th too!

The list goes on with Pain Hustlers, Rebel, Friday Night Plan and Spy Kids 6 – providing different entertainment offerings something everyone can enjoy! So now movie buffs have plenty of movies and shows to watch out for in Sepetember 2023 from this amazing lineup offered by Netflix!

September 26

On September 26, 2023, Netflix will be releasing a variety of new shows and movies. This includes the highly anticipated “A Day and a Half,” “Disenchantment: Part 5,” “Friday Night Plan,” the fourth season of reality series “Love is Blind: After The Altar”, popular drama film 8 Mile starring Eminem alongside Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy and more.

It has also been rumored that Marvel’s Doctor Strange 3 will have its release date announced this month as well. Fans can also expect to see more content from Netflix throughout September 2023 including games and other forms of entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

However, due to various reasons some release dates may change with time but we can still look forward to these exciting projects in September!

September 27

On September 27, Netflix will be releasing an array of exciting new TV shows and movies viewers can look forward to. Among the titles coming out include “Murder Mystery 2” which stars Adam Sandler in his memorable Golden Globe winning performance and Jennifer Aniston as a married couple off on a vacation gone wrong; love-seekers are bound to enjoy “Love is Blind: After the Altar: Season 4”; for ardent Marvel fans, there’s the much anticipated Doctor Strange 3; spycrafts fanatic should not miss out on “Pain Hustlers” starring Dave Bautista; while action movie fanatics fall for Jack Keaney with “The Killer” or head over to Chris Hemsworth starrer “Extraction 2”.

With genres ranging from comedy, romance, thrillers, fantasy adventure, it does seems that there is something for everyone this month!

September 28

September 28 marks a milestone in Netflix’s September 2023 schedule as it is the last day of its lineup. This day features several new releases, such as “Castlevania: Nocturne”, an animated film based on the hit video game series directed by Sam Deats and Adi Shankar.

Additionally, viewers can check out Yokai Apartments episode 4 which follows the story of Ryota Nishizumi who moves into one strange apartment building filled with all kinds of supernatural creatures.

Lastly, viewers can experience a thrilling interdimensional journey when they watch Disenchantment part 2 – an adult animation series created by Matt Groening set in Dreamland where Princess Bean battles alongside her misfit elf companion and personal demon against bizarre forces that threatens their world.

September 29

September 29 is an important date in the Netflix September 2023 schedule. As part of thisdate, several new and highly anticipated titles are set to be released on the streaming platform, including Choona (IN), Do Not Disturb (TR), Love Is Blind: Season 5, Nowhere (ES) and Power Rangers Cosmic Fury.

These releases represent a diverse mix of genres, subgenres and cultures; providing viewers with exciting content from around the world. In addition to these confirmed releases for September 29th, there are also many searches surrounding potential October 2023 Netflix releases that suggest further content may become available in late September or even early October if production schedules permit.

Other Streaming Platforms’ September 2023 Schedules

A diverse group of people watching TV in a cityscape setting.

Get ready to stay updated and score the best streaming options for September 2023 with these competitor releases!

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a subscription-based streaming platform that launched in November 2019. The service offers viewers access to a vast selection of classic, original and licensed movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and more.

In September 2023, the Disney Plus schedule will be filled with new releases including the highly anticipated live-action version of “The Little Mermaid.” Other highlights from this month’s lineup include updates on upcoming films like Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker as well as Zom 100 episodes 7 & 8.

Movies fans can look forward to are Justice League x RWBY Part 2 and Doctor Strange 3 (rumored). TV series confirmed for release on Disney Plus includes Virgin River season 5 and Love is Blind season 5.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is poised to offer a diverse selection of new TV series and movies in September 2023. Among the highlights is the highly-anticipated second season of “The Wheel of Time,” based on Robert Jordan’s beloved book series.

Some other notable programming for that month includes Amazon Original films such as “Dreamland” starring Margot Robbie and David Alan Grier, as well as projects like “I Can Only Imagine” from executive producer Thomas Kail about world-renowned Christian artist Bart Millard.

There will also be plenty of new TV releases such as the drama series “Valencia,” which follows an insecure young man who must navigate life in Los Angeles, family secrets that are revealed after his father dies mysteriously, and a technological breakthough of sorts.

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is the newest streaming platform of 2021, offering a variety of content including TV shows, movies and sports. Launched in March 2021, Paramount Plus is already home to a wide selection of original programs as well existing library titles from ViacomCBS networks like CBS All Access and Showtime.

During September 2023, Paramount Plus will have an array of new releases for subscribers to enjoy. Fans can look forward to the highly anticipated premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks season 4 in addition to other exciting films such as Adam Sandler’s Bob Barker comedy special ‘Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker’.

Sports fans will be spoilt for choice too with football content planned for release throughout the month from October onwards – perfect timing for those eager to see their team play! And last but certainly not least – DC Comics fans can get ready for more upcoming Justice League x RWBY animation crossovers being released later on September 2022/2023.

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Peacock is an American streaming service offering a suite of original movies and TV shows developed specifically for the platform. The service was originally launched in 2019 as an NBCUniversal subsidiary, and has since grown to become one of the most popular video-on-demand services in the US.

Peacock’s offerings cover a vast selection of genres, from comedy to action and drama. In September 2023,the streaming platform will host new premieres such as “Fast X” movie which stars James McAvoy and John Wick spin-off series featuring Keanu Reeves — both set to be released on the 22nd of September.

With over two dozen titles being added in September 2023 alone, there’s plenty enough content options for viewers looking franchise reboots or stories focusing on diverse protagonists.

Notable Releases and Updates in September 2023

Amongst the series and movies to be released in September 2023, fans can look forward to Adam Sandler’s tribute to Bob Barker, ZOM 100 Episode 7-9, Elizabeth Olsen’s future Marvel project and Justice League x RWBY Part 2.

Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker

When Bob Barker, the legendary host of “The Price Is Right” passed away at the age of 99 on September 12th, 2023, Adam Sandler was among those who paid tribute to his long-time friend.

As a former contestant on “The Price Is Right,” as well as many other game and talk shows including “Celebrity Jeopardy!”, that Sandler shared fond memories with Bob Barker and his family.

In his tribute he expressed how much Barker meant to him and called him an incredible person. Drew Carey also honored Bob for setting such a high standard both on the show’s set and in life through all their interactions; recalling words of wisdom from kind gestures off camera.

Zom 100 Episode 7, 8, and 9 Release Dates

The release dates for Zom 100 episodes 7, 8, and 9 have been officially announced by Netflix. Episode 7 is set to air on September 3, 2023 with the other two episodes following shortly after in subsequent weeks.

Initially, episode 5 of the anime series was supposed to be released on August 6th but was unfortunately delayed due to unknown reasons. The weekly schedule for Zom 100 has now been established ending with episode 9’s airing on September 24th – this means that fans will not have long to wait before the end of season 1 finale!

These episodes bring excitement as they are expected to reveal important plot points that contribute heavily towards the outcome of season 1; which will answer all questions posed thus far such as: who is zombie artist? how did humanity come close enough contact a virus from space? and lastly what happened between Shuhei and Masato since their rivalry began? With each passing week we get closer to uncovering these mysteries.

Elizabeth Olsen’s Marvel Future

Elizabeth Olsen has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) since her debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015. Fans were excited to see her return as Wanda Maximoff AKA Scarlet Witch in the sequel, Avengers: Infinity War, and again for Endgame.

Although it was announced that she had been removed from the cover of the 2023 MCU Timeline book among other characters, fans still show excitement for what’s to come regarding her future with the franchise.

As far as we know, Elizabeth Olsen is slated to star in an upcoming non-MCU film titled His Three Daughters – which will premiere at TIFF23 – but director Kevin Feige’s recent statement hinting further exploration with her character within Marvel suggests that more can be expected from Scarlett Witch herself.

Justice League x RWBY Part 2 Release

Fans of both DC and RWBY will be excited to hear that the highly anticipated sequel, “Justice League x RWBY Part 2,” is set for an October release in 2023. After the success of its predecessor in June 2023, Warner Bros.

Discovery released a first look at this follow-up film in July 2023. The movie will become available for purchase on October 31st, just before Halloween. This continuation follows the journey first introduced by comic book series spread across seven issues exploring North American placements of all participating characters from either worlds – it’s sure to be full of even more action and adventure than its predecessor!

Months prior there have been constant updates via promotional materials shared between various platforms giving just enough teases while building up anticipation till its eventual reveal date – including recent fuzz around Doctor Strange 3 rumoured potential theatre run which may tie back into Part 2’s plotline too! All these excitement comes after over two years since Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen was released leading up to now as we eagerly await what lies ahead come October.

Doctor Strange 3 Rumored Release Date

Doctor Strange 3, the highly anticipated finale of Marvel’s Doctor Strange trilogy, has been delayed to a speculated release date later in 2023. The film was originally scheduled for release February 2022 but due to scheduling changes and production delays it has since been pushed back.

There are currently no officially confirmed dates as of now yet speculation remains high given Marvel’s track record. Fans have theorized that Doctor Strange 3 could be intended for release during the US summer or fall time period should production go smoothly from here on out.

While only speculation continues for now, viewers can take comfort in knowing drama around this long awaited conclusion will soon resolve with an official confirmation.

Full List of Netflix Shows Confirmed for Release in 2023

Fans will be excited to see a variety of popular titles such as Virgin River Season 5, Love is Blind Season 5 and Big Mouth Season 11 on the streaming giant in September 2023.

Virgin River Season 5

Netflix’s popular romantic drama series Virgin River is set to return for a fifth season in 2023. The much-anticipated show will bring back fan favorite characters, Jack and Melody, along with two bonus holiday episodes.

As announced by the streaming platform, the new season will be available Worldwide on Netflix starting September and November of that year.

The highly anticipated trailer for Season 5 was already released and has sent ripples among its loyal fanbase worldwide; many even lip syncing to the theme song as they count days until release date.

Love is Blind Season 5

fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of this reality dating show, and their wait is almost over! Netflix recently confirmed that Season 5 will be released on September 22nd 2023.

It promises to feature fresh episodes guaranteed to captivate audiences. This runs parallel with Netflix’ s announcement of its full list of shows for release in 2023, confirming ‘Love Is Blind’ season 5 as one if its biggest upcoming releases Fans are looking forward to more drama and romance, as well as possibly witnessing some successful long-term relationships born from this unique experience.

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Big Mouth Season

Big Mouth Season 11 is one of the highly-anticipated Netflix Original shows set to premier in 2023. The 10-episode season of Big Mouth has been renewed for Seasons 7 and 8, it will premiere on Paramount+ in the US and Canada on Thursday, October 12.

Fans are eagerly awaiting updates about possible crossovers with other animated series as well as further developments into Adam Sandler’s character Bob Barker; this being particularly exciting given his performance alongside Elizabeth Olsen in a recent Marvel Future film release.

Moreover, rumors continue to persist that Doctor Strange 3 could be released around September 2023 due to many cast members being contracted for additional projects beyond 2022. This could coincide nicely adding even more hype prior to Big Mouth Season 11’s full launch date later in 2023.

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