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Hulu September 2023 Schedule: The Perfect Shows to Binge This Fall

hulu september 2023 schedule

Are you looking for the latest news on Hulu’s September 2023 schedule? Hulu is premiering a number of new TV series and movies as well as exclusive content this month. With over 100 titles; viewers can look forward to a diverse selection of content that will keep them entertained throughout the month.

From American horror stories to Adam Sandler’s newest adventure, get ready for an awesome viewing experience! In this blog post, we’ll share with you all you need to know about Hulu’s September 2023 schedule: TV releases and movie premieres in store for us, highlighted titles worth watching out for as well as leaving release dates.

So if you’re curious about what entertainment awaits this month, read on!

Content Highlights

  • Hulu’s September 2023 schedule contains over 100 new titles, including an assortment of movies, TV series, and documentaries such as Adam Sandler’s special episode dedicated to Bob Barker and Season 4 of The Kardashians.
  • Premiering on September 7 is the original movie The Other Black Girl – a drama about a young African American woman facing corporate sabotage in a prestigious magazine in New York City.
  • On September 16 subscribers can look forward to the complete series of Once Upon a Time along with One Piece (dubbed) Seasons 9-10; plus newcomers movies like Welcome to Wrexham Season 2, Archer Season 14, and more.
  • September 18 will feature highly anticipated releases such as the psychological thriller The Other Black Girl starring Naturi Naughton, fan-favorite United States Of Tara, and Quantum Activism! documentary plus hilarious comedies like What We Do In The Shadows season 3.

Hulu September 2023 Schedule: TV Series and Movie Releases

Get ready for an exciting month of entertainment as Hulu announces its list of TV series and movie releases coming to the streaming platform this September.

September 1

On September 1, Hulu continues to add new content in September 2023. Subscribers will be able to enjoy The Other Black Girl – a comedy-drama written and directed by Numa Perrier – as well as Season 4 of The Kardashians documentary series.

Popular movies such as 27 Dresses and various TV shows are also part of the deal. The streaming service has also announced that Once Upon a Time: Complete Series and One Piece: Complete Seasons 9-10 (DUBBED) from Toei will become available on this date.

Selection varies according to region and device – still, no matter your interests, you’ll certainly find something interesting in the September 1 lineup.

September 3

Hulu’s September 2023 lineup starts off with some big releases on the 3rd. Fans of Adam Sandler won’t want to miss his tribute to Bob Barker in Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker, Iconic Happy Gilmore Scene, which will be released this day.

Other titles hitting Hulu on the third include Who Is Erin Carter? Season 2 Release Date Rumors: Is It Coming Out?, and Zom 100 Episode 7, 8, and 9 Release Dates Announced. Take a break from all of these intense horror releases by watching Justice League x RWBY Part 2 4K & Blu-ray Release Date Special Features and Doctor Strange 3 Release Date Rumors: When is it Coming Out? As you can see there is something for everyone streaming on Hulu this September 3.

September 4

On September 4, Hulu has a variety of titles lined up, with something to appeal to everyone. For sports fans there’s the documentary, Playing With Pain, which tells the story of former-NFL player Akbar Gbaja-Biamila and his battle with Crohn’s disease.

If comedy is more your style then fear not as Geraldy Creek: The Search for El Dorado awaits you on this date. Also releasing on Hulu that day is supernatural thriller We Could Be Heroes returns for its second season as well as youth musical drama Hit The Stage.

Those looking for inspirational fare can look forward to Shall Not Want starring Phoebe Robinson and Haley Lu Richardson about two sisters facing heartache after their father passes away.

September 6

Rick & Morty season 8 episode 7

September 6th is a huge day for streaming content lovers, with Hulu offering an array of impressive TV shows and movies. In the respective month’s schedule, fans can enjoy new original series such as Rick & Morty season 8 episode 7 on this date.

Classic movie fans will be able to watch almost every classic Disney story ever made like The Little Mermaids on this particular date. For those in need of a sci-fi boost, other titles including War of The Worlds ‘2005 and Jurassic Park III are also available.

Finally for comedy buffs there is something special too with popular sitcom Friends receiving its last airing on Hulu on that day as well. All in all it looks like September 6th has plenty to offer everyone!

September 7

September 7 is notable for the Hulu Original movie premiere of The Other Black Girl. This drama follows Nella Rogers, a young African American woman who’s hired onto a predominantly white staff at a prestigious magazine in New York City and navigating life “the only” amidst corporate sabotage from her colleagues.

September 8

On September 8, Hulu is bringing in a plethora of must-watch content for its viewers. The streaming service will feature the premiere of the much-awaited drama series, The Other Black Girl, as well as the addition of Season 4 of The Kardashians and reserves complete series of Once Upon a Time along with One Piece (dubbed) Seasons 9-10! Apart from these big titles, you’ll find plenty more to binge on that day including movies like Ip Man 3 and Happy Death Day 2U while some other noteworthy TV shows such as NewsRadio: Complete Series; Peacock Original Young Wallander; plus Family Guy: Seasons 18–20Revival; Doom Patrol: Complete Second Season.

September 9

On September 9, Hulu is bragging its back-to-school offerings with the premiere of The Other Black Girl, a brand new drama series that tells the story of a Black woman navigating office politics in various work spaces.

This series stars NCT 127’s Johnny and Nafessa Williams as stellar leads. Also included in the lineup are popular titles such as Once Upon a Time, which follows Emma Swan’s adventures into fairytales; One Piece’s seasons 9 to 10 dubbed version; and Season 4 of The Kardashians for fun lighthearted entertainment.

There will also be many newcomer films released on this day including Welcome to Wrexham season 2, Archer season 14 and more. With an assortment of genres available ranging from comedy to action, there’s something for everyone that promises captivating nights ahead!

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September 10


September 10th marks the start of a full and jam-packed Hulu September 2023 schedule. With five exciting premieres being released on that day alone, there’s plenty to look forward to! Fans of “Archer” will rejoice as the fourteenth season of the series is available from this date.

Additionally, “Welcome to Wrexham” returns with its second season while “The Other Black Girl” makes its debut. Those looking for something unique can also watch a classic comedy remake in Adam Sandler’s “Adam Sandler remembers Bob Barker”.

On a sadder note though, viewers will have to say goodbye as HBOization classic “Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers” leaves Hulu once again. Catch these releases all within one month starting September 10th on Hulu!

September 11

On September 11, Hulu will have an exciting line-up of TV series and movies that viewers won’t want to miss. Popular movie releases include ‘The Half Of It’ starring Leah Lewis, ‘Songbird’ with Sofia Carson, and the suspenseful thriller ‘Run Sweetheart Run’.

As for television premieres on the streaming service, fans can look forward to the second season of Who is Erin Carter? On top of that, older titles such as Adam Sandler’s classic comedy Happy Gilmore and stand-out favourite Zom 100 episode 7 through 9 will also be available.

Whether viewers are looking for something new or rewatch a fan favourite classic from years ago–September 11 has it all!

September 13

September 13 marks a major event for Hulu subscribers with the premiere of The Other Black Girl. Written and directed by Nijla Mu’min (Jinn), it’s sure to draw a lot of attention! Alongside that, fans will be able to check out Season 4 of Kardashian Reality Show, Welcome to Wrexham Season 2 and the final installment in Archer Series – Archer Season 14.

Be sure not to miss these great shows which are all part of this massive addition on September 13 in Hulu September 2023 schedule!

September 14

Doctor Strange 3

September 14th marks the much-anticipated release of Hulu’s Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker, a one-of-a-kind reunion between two legendary comedians. Viewers can also look forward to Season 2 of Who is Erin Carter??, and the highly anticipated Zom 100 Episode 7, 8, and 9.

In addition, Doctor Strange 3 Release Date Rumors will be discussed in detail for both Marvel fans and casual viewers alike. The day will also feature a 4K & Blu-ray double feature: Justice League x RWBY Part 2 as well as the conclusion of Elizabeth Olsen’s stint with Marvel Universe – Did She Quit or Will She Be Back? Whatever your taste in entertainment may be there’s something for everyone this September 14 on Hulu!

September 15

On September 15, Hulu will have a slew of exciting movie and show releases. Fans looking for some comedy would be able to watch the long-anticipated Adam Sandler’s special titled ‘Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker, Iconic Happy Gilmore Scene’ as well as Elizabeth Olsen in Marvel’s Doctor Strange 3 due out later this year.

The streaming service will also feature the seventh episode of Zom 100 and Who Is Erin Carter? Season 2 Release Date Rumors. If you are a fan of action packed plots then you should check out Justice League x RWBY Part 2 4K & Blu-ray which is sure to keep fans on their toes! There definitely is something for everyone on this day – so don’t miss out!

September 16

September 16 sees a plethora of new additions to the Hulu September 2023 schedule. Notable releases include Season 4 of “The Kardashians,” the complete series of “Once Upon a Time,” “One Piece: Complete Seasons 9-10 (DUBBED),” Adam Sandler’s special episode dedicated to Bob Barker, and comedy mockumentary TV series “Welcome to Wrexham” season 2.

Movie buffs can also enjoy films such as “127 Dresses” and highly anticipated animated series “Archer” season 14. Those looking for more mysterious genres can look forward to Who Is Erin Carter? Season 2 which kept fans pondering all summer with its mind-boggling cliffhanger finale in August 2023, whether Elizabeth Olsen will stay on at Marvel or leave it behind is yet another mystery that may be solved come September 16 with potential release date rumors circulating around Justice League x RWBY Part 2 4K & Blu-ray copy – only time will tell what awaits this month!

September 18

On September 18, Hulu will have plenty of content for subscribers to look forward to. The Other Black Girl is one of the highly anticipated releases hitting the streaming service that day.

Starring Naturi Naughton, this psychological thriller follows a recent college grad trying to find her place in a new job with overwhelming competition from other colleagues who seem to share nothing in common with her.

Alongside this release, audiences can also enjoy fan-favorite series such as United States Of Tara and Outlander season 4A, entertainment documentaries like Pretty Ugly: A Life In Music Radio and Quantum Activism!, and hilarious comedies like What We Do In The Shadows season 3 and Admission Required! Those looking for action-packed thrills are sure not be disappointed either; standouts including Army Of One (2013) starring Nic Cage are coming to Hulu on that date as well.

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September 20

On September 20, Hulu will be premiering the long-awaited Season 2 of Welcome to Wrexham as well as the fourth season of The Kardashians. Fans of these series won’t want to miss out on all the exciting action! Another highlight is Zom 100 Episode 7, 8, and 9 that are set to come out this month – perfect for binge-watching fans! Also available on this day is Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker iconic Happy Gilmore scene – definitely a must watch classic! Movies buffs can also look forward to Justice League x RWBY Part 2 which will be made available in 4K & Blu-ray version with plenty of special features.

Doctor Strange 3’s release date rumors will finally be revealed soon too – it could very well debut sometime in September 2023. Tune into Hulu and catch all your favorite series and movies this month!

September 21

As anticipation continues to grow for the releases on Hulu in September 2023, one cannot help but keep an eye on September 21. Fans of Adam Sandler will be thrilled to know that his special “Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker” will debut that day.

Following alongside is the much-anticipated second season of Who Is Erin Carter?? leaving viewers wondering what twist and turns await them this time around. Those looking for some serious drama can check out Zom 100’s episodes 7 – 9 as, not only does it introduce fans to powerful characters, it also promises thrilling cliffhangers! Lastly, Marvel fans can rejoice at the possibility of Elizabeth Olsen joining in again after recently leaving the franchise as filming is reports to start soon for Doctor Strange 3 with a yet unknown release date.

September 22

On September 22, Hulu is releasing a slew of amazing titles that are sure to become favorites among viewers. Film fans rejoice at the opportunity to watch 27 Dresses and Can’t Hardly Wait, both classic romantic comedies starring fan-favorite actors such as Katherine Heigl and Ethan Embry respectively.

Viewers can also look forward to acclaimed animes One Piece Complete Seasons 9-10 (DUBBED) for further enjoyable adventure content, while the faithful characters of Once Upon A Time will return in their complete series on this date.

Another highlight has to be The Kardashian Season 4 who’s extravagant weaves will surely draw attention – especially with the sisters being back together again! Collectively these releases denote huge amounts of genres from drama, comedy and anime along with a star studded cast list providing something suitable for everyone!

September 23

Hulu promises to be an exciting destination for movie and TV lovers in September 2023 with new releases coming almost every day. On September 23, one of the more anticipated premieres in pop culture arrives as season four of Keeping up with The Kardashians kicks off.

It will feature all your favorite moments from Kim Kardashian-West and her family members along with a few surprise appearances from their celebrity friends.

In addition to the much awaited return of The Kardashian’s, viewers can look forward to Rick & Morty releasing its 11th episode on this day. Last but not least is everyone’s favorite superhero family returning for another generation as season 10 premiere’s of The Simpsons exclusively Netflix which should have fans tuning into see what happens next! All this combined makes Hulu a must stop destination for streaming needs on September 23rd!

September 25

On September 25th, Hulu users will have access to several exciting releases. The premiere of the original drama, The Other Black Girl is a must watch and follows the life of Nella Rogers as she begins her career at an NYC-based magazine limits with very few black staff members.

Additionally, fans can look forward to viewing two new seasons – Once Upon a Time: Complete Series and One Piece: Complete Seasons 9-10 (DUBBED). As for movie titles, viewers can find 27 Dresses on Hulu’s lineup that day – a classic romantic comedy about a woman who is always bridesmaid but rarely the bride.

September 26

Wrexham Season 2

September 26th in Hulu’s September 2023 lineup will be a memorable one! For the drama lovers, welcome to Wrexham Season 2 and Archer Season 14 (both part of FX on Hulu) will be available for streaming.

To the fan’s delight, Justice League X RWBY Part 2 4K & Blu-ray release date can also look forward to this day. It is sure to bring more than just your average action scenes and special effects as well as exclusive never seen before extras and bonus materials are sure to make this an admirable watch.

The feature film Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker – Iconic Happy Gilmore Scene is expected with few other comedies such as Who Is Erin Carter? season 2 rumored release date which viewers should not miss out upon.

September 27

On September 27, Hulu unveils a range of exciting new shows and movies for viewers to enjoy. These include Zom 100 Episode 7, 8 and 9 which will be available for streaming on Hulu as part of their horror anthology series about the zombie apocalypse.

Another anticipated title is Who Is Erin Carter? Season 2, a drama mystery centering around the youngest member of an elite crime family set in New York City. Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker, Iconic Happy Gilmore Scene also makes its release on this day.

This documentary special follows actor and comedian Adam Sandler as he reminisces about his time with iconic TV host Bob Parker during the filming of cult classic movie ‘Happy Gilmore’ back in 1996.

September 28

On the 28th of September, Hulu will be releasing some major titles. For comedy lovers, Adam Sandler’s special “Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker” is sure to be a hit – providing nostalgic gags from one of Hollywood’s most beloved figures.

Looking for something in line with your sci-fi obsession? Check out Zom 100 for episodes 7, 8 and 9! It looks like a fun filled day as Hulu will also be premiering Who Is Erin Carter? Season 2 which focuses on the thrilling adventures of ‘Detective Erin Carter’.

If you’re into superheroes there’s no need to worry either – Justice League x RWBY Part 2 4K & Blu-ray Release Date has been announced earlier this year and Doctor Strange 3 Release Date Rumors are heating up, so stay tuned! There’s plenty more entertainment coming up on September 28th too – don’t miss all the exciting new releases that await you on Hulu!

September 29

On September 29, Hulu will offer several exciting new releases for subscribers to enjoy. Among the premiering shows that day is “The Other Black Girl” which follows a recent college graduate who must contend with her first job at an all-white Manhattan publishing company.

In addition to the premiere of The Other Black Girl, Hulu welcome back season 2 of “Welcome To Wrexham” focusing on soccer team couple Rob and Shaun’s journey through wild coach interviews and unexpected surprises as they attempt to revive their community by serving as the manager or chairman of their Welsh town’s local team.

Plus don’t forget Season 4 of Keeping Up with Kardashians which chronicles the daily lives of international family businesswoman Kim Kardashian and her siblings from birthday parties and vacations to fundraising events—Hulu has it all! So don’t miss out on these informative premieres debuting exclusively on September 29th only at Hulu! Additionally, you cal also read on – Hacks to Get the Most Out of Hulu

Highlighted Releases on Hulu in September 2023

Catch up on all the latest news surrounding Adam Sandler’s nostalgic Happy Gilmore tribute, Who Is Erin Carter? Season 2 release date rumors, Zom 100 Episodes 7-9 launch dates and more.

Adam Sandler Remembers Bob Barker, Iconic Happy Gilmore Scene

In Adam Sandler’s beloved classic comedy, Happy Gilmore, the protagonist faces off with Bob Barker in an iconic scene. When the irreverent underdog Golfer takes on Mr. Gilmore, it feels like everyman vs old-school Hollywood.

The contrast between their respective demeanors is palpable and a great comedic moment with unexpected physical humor resulting from the altercation. Adam Sandler recently paid tribute to Bob Barker after his passing via social media and remembered this scene that played such a prominent role in making “Happy Gilmore” one of his most loved films to date.

This scene sees Happy lose out against legendary ‘The Price Is Right’ host Bob Barker whose own special appearances were crucial for some unforgettable movie moments over the years – not least this clash of titans!

Who Is Erin Carter? Season 2 Release Date Rumors: Is It Coming Out?

The second season of the widely-anticipated ‘Who Is Erin Carter?’ has yet to be confirmed, with only rumors being shared about its alleged release date. The show is considered one of the most anticipated releases in 2023 and was included as part of Hulu’s highlights for September that same year.

‘Who Is Erin Carter?’ follows 30-year-old intern turned journalist Erin, as she dives into a treacherous world filled with high profile people when doing investigative journalism for a network morning show in New York City.

She soon discovers her boss and co-worker are involved in many shady deals while attempting to find out what happened to the long forgotten mysteries tied up from her past. Although no confirmation on Season 2’s air date has been made, fans can watch episodes 1 – 9 via Netflix starting August 24th 2021 which will surely create hype around this upcoming thrilling new drama series!

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Zom 100 Episode 7, 8, and 9 Release Dates Announced

Fans of Zom 100 have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of release dates for Episode 7, 8, and 9. The anticipation is now over as all 3 will be airing on Hulu in September 2023.

Episode 7 is set to premier on Sunday, September 10; its follow-up Episode 8 will air a week later on Sunday the 17th, while the finale episode –Episode 9–is scheduled for Air Date Sunday, September 24 marking the end of action packed Season 1 which started airing back in July 20203.

This news has generated a buzz among not just Zom 100 fans but also offers an incentive to new viewers looking forward to this anticipated story line finale! Get ready to witness a dramatic conclusion you won’t want to miss.

Did Elizabeth Olsen Quit Marvel or Will She Be Back as Wanda?

The rumors have flown since Elizabeth Olsen expressed her desire to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but no official confirmation has been made about whether it will actually happen.

Her Marvel contract has impeded her ability from taking on other film projects in the industry. To add fuel to the fire, The 2023 MCU Timeline book removed Scarlet Witch from its cover leading many creative minds to speculate and ponder as what is exactly happening with this beloved character.

Despite these speculations and rumors, Elizabeth Olsen will be returning to our screens in 2023 for a project unrelated to Marvel which indicates that she might not be back anytime soon.

Justice League x RWBY Part 2 4K & Blu-ray Release Date, Special Features

Fans of the Justice League x RWBY franchise have something new to celebrate – the release of Justice League x RWBY Part 2 on 4K & Blu-ray. According to Warner Bros. Discovery, the sequel will hit shelves and digital stores on October 31, 2023.

With this announcement comes exciting news for fans as they can purchase a copy of the film that includes special features such as behind-the-scenes interviews and commentaries from cast members who drove the intertwining story lines found in both franchises.

In addition, Warner Bros. Discovery is also releasing ‘Justice League x RWBY: Super Heroes & Huntsmen’ on 4K Ultra HD September 12th,2023 with even more bonus content that helps illuminate their epic world building.

Doctor Strange 3 Release Date Rumors: When is it Coming Out?

The internet has been buzzing with anticipation and speculation surrounding the highly anticipated release of Doctor Strange 3, which has yet to receive an official release date. Fans have long been hoping for more information about when they can expect the next installment to arrive on Hulu in September 2023.

Though no official statements have been released from Marvel or Disney, there are still several rumors regarding when production could start and when a possible 2022 or 2023 premiere might be announced.

Some sources report that shooting could begin as early as late 2021, though other reports indicate the film won’t enter pre-production until early 2022 at the earliest. In addition, it’s also rumored that Marvel may decide not to stick strictly within their established timeline and rework prior plans – making any sort of prediction even tougher.

Everything Leaving Hulu in September 2023

  • September 2023 will see the removal of “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” and “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”.
  • Fans will no longer have access to these movies as part of their Hulu subscription.
  • No other content has been announced as leaving Hulu in September 2023.

Highlights of Hulu Originals in September 2023

Hulu’s September 2023 lineup includes two exciting original releases — The Other Black Girl and Krapopolis.

The Other Black Girl on September 13

Premiering Wednesday, September 13, 2023 on Hulu is the series “The Other Black Girl”. The eight-episode show follows African-American editorial assistant Nella who grows ever more aware and frustrated of the whiteness that dominates her workplace.

With no one to look out or up for her in a world where racism and sexism keeps her down, it isn’t until an unexpected apprentice named Hazel enters that NF feels like she finally belongs.

By exploring challenging topics such as race dynamics among women of color, gender bias within industries, and the power of sisterhood between two vastly different individuals – this series captures an incredibly powerful story with immense realism.

Krapopolis on September 25

September 25th is a highly anticipated date for Hulu and its subscribers as it marks the release of the much-awaited series “Krapopolis.” The show has been created by Dan Harmon (known for shows like “Community” and “Rick & Morty”) and will feature an exciting mix of comedy, action, drama, and adventure.

This new show on Hulu adds to their already diverse offerings of content from genres spanning movies, TV series, documentaries etc., giving viewers plenty to enjoy this September 2023.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the launch with curiosity about what humoristic perspectives Dan Harmon would bring in this exciting new project – some say it could be his greatest work yet! With so much enthusiasm surrounding “Krapopolis,” September 25th promises excitement for all Hulu users – everyone can look forward to exploring masterfully crafted story lines brought alive by an ingenious creative mind.

Highlights of New Movies and TV Shows on Hulu in September 2023

• Mad Max: Fury Road (2015): George Miller’s post-apocalyptic action film stars Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron as they try to survive in a desert wasteland.

How to Access Hulu and Stream September 2023 Releases

Accessing Hulu and streaming the September 2023 releases is easy. To get started, you first need to sign up for a subscription. Hulu offers different plans depending on your needs, ranging from basic packages to more comprehensive ones that include over-the-air channels like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.

Once you’ve signed up for a plan, you can access the service either through an app or in your browser by visiting

For mobile users, apps are available on Android devices via Google Play and on iOS devices through Apple’s App Store or iTunes store. On TVs or gaming systems such as Xbox One or PS4 , visit their respective stores to download the app for free — no additional console membership required! You can also stream Hulu content with Chromecast (Google Cast) compatible applications using your smartphone or tablet device while connected to Wi-Fi network at home.

Navigating the interface once inside is simple — when hovering over titles of interest simply select play button which will take you directly into viewing experience! Alternatively previously watched items may be resumed by selecting ‘Resume’ option at bottom left hand corner of main page on TV/console platforms while individual items within series listings menus provide brief descriptions alongside duration times under ‘details’ information sections making it easier than ever before find favorite shows quickly within platform without fuss !

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For better understanding about the Hulu September 2023 schedule, check the answers below.

1.What shows are available on Hulu in September 2023?

Hulu’s September 2023 schedule includes a range of movies and TV shows, such as Disney+ originals, classic films, Emmy Award-winning series, and exclusive content.

2. Is there an updated version of the Hulu schedule for September 2023?

Yes, the latest updates to the Hulu schedule for September 2023 include new titles like “The Mandalorian” season 3 and numerous Hollywood blockbusters from 2021/2022.

3. Are any live sports available with my Hulu subscription in September 2023?

Depening on your plan choice, some subscribers may have access to certain live sports coverage through their connection inSeptember 2033 – however this is subject to change at any time .

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