Fast X Showtimes: Where to Watch and Stream [Latest Updates]

Ready to catch the high-speed action of Fast X? You’re not alone! As a part of the adrenaline-fueled “Fast & Furious” franchise, this Universal production is guaranteed to be packed with thrilling car races and remarkable stunts.

This blog post is your comprehensive guide to finding Fast X showtimes, choosing a rental or streaming platform, and preparing for the anticipated release. Don’t stall – start your engines, and let’s dive into where you can watch Fast X!

Content Highlights

  • Fast X can be watched on Peacock, rented or purchased on Amazon Prime Video, and is available on various other streaming platforms.
  • The movie “Fast X” is currently showing in theaters. You can find showtimes near you using Fandango, Regal Theatres, AMC Theaters, or Cinemark Theaters.
  • Fast X is predicted to be released on Peacock in August 2023. It may also become available for streaming on other platforms like Prime Video.
  • You can stream previous Fast & Furious movies on HBO Max, rent or purchase them on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and more digital platforms.

Where to Watch and Stream Fast X

Fast X can be easily accessed on Peacock, rented or purchased on Amazon Prime Video, and available on various other streaming platforms.

Available on Peacock

You can watch Fast X on Peacock. It’s a great site to see this movie. To do this, you will use the Peacock app. The Universal company made a deal with Peacock so they could stream Fast X.

After it shows in theaters, it will start streaming on Peacock. Most people think that will happen around August or early September.

Rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video lets you watch Fast X. You can rent or buy it. To rent, you will pay $20. If you want to own it, the cost is $25. There’s also a bonus! An X-Ray edition of Fast X is there for fans on Amazon Prime Video.

Other Streaming Platforms

You can also watch Fast X on Netflix. A lot of people use this platform because it is easy to use. Search for “Fast X” in the search bar at the top of the page. You will find Fast X among many other car chase films.

Vudu is another choice to rent or own Fast X. This site has a huge list of movies, including all the hit cars and action films like Fast X.

Fast X Showtimes

Check out the showtimes for Fast X in theaters and find screenings near you.

In theaters

“Fast X” is now showing in theaters near you. You can catch this high-speed, action-packed movie on the big screen and experience all the adrenaline-fueled excitement firsthand. Find “Fast X” showtimes at your local theater and purchase tickets to secure your spot for this thrilling ride.

Don’t miss out on seeing the latest installment of the Fast and Furious series in cinemas today!

Finding Showtimes Near You

You can easily find showtimes for the movie “Fast X” near you. Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Use Fandango: Fandango allows you to search for movie times and buy tickets for “Fast X.” You can also earn double rewards when purchasing tickets through their platform.
  2. Check Regal Theatres: Regal Theatres provides showtimes for “Fast X” and has trailers and information about upcoming movies related to the Fast and Furious franchise.
  3. Explore AMC Theaters: AMC Theaters also offers “Fast X” showtimes. You can watch trailers, buy tickets, and even join their loyalty program for special perks.
  4. Look into Cinemark Theaters: Cinemark theaters provide showtimes and tickets for “Fast X.” Additionally, you can reserve seats, pre-order food and drinks, and enjoy luxury seating options.

Fast X Streaming Release Status

Fast X is predicted to be released on Peacock, with availability on other streaming platforms.

Predicted Release Date on Peacock

Fast X will be released on Peacock, a streaming platform, in August 2023. The exact date has not been announced yet, but fans can anticipate seeing the movie around that time.

Stay tuned for updates on when Fast X will be available for streaming on Peacock!

Availability on Other Streaming Platforms

“Fast X” will be available to stream on Prime Video after it leaves Peacock, but the exact streaming date on either platform is not mentioned. It is unclear if “Fast X” will also be available on Netflix or other streaming platforms.

The article does not provide specific information about the availability of “Fast X” for free streaming on any platform.

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How to Watch Previous Fast and Furious Movies

Stream previous Fast and Furious movies on various platforms or rent/purchase them for viewing.

Streaming Options

You can stream the Fast & Furious movies on various platforms. Here are some streaming options:

  • HBO Max: You can stream the first Fast & Furious movie on HBO Max.
  • Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play: You can rent or buy the first Fast & Furious movie on these platforms.
  • Peacock: Fast X may be available for streaming on Peacock once it is released.
  • Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video: Fast X might be available for streaming on one of these platforms if they acquire the rights.

Renting or Purchasing

You can easily rent or purchase the Fast and Furious movies through digital platforms. They are available on popular streaming services like HBO Max, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Direct TV, Vudu, Microsoft, YouTube, AppleTV, and Redbox.

If you want to catch up on the whole saga before watching Fast X, you can stream the previous movies on these platforms. As for Fast X itself, it’s now available to buy or rent at home.

So grab some popcorn and enjoy the high-speed action from the comfort of your couch!

Fast X Cast and Rating

fast x main cast

The main cast of Fast X includes Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, and John Cena. The movie has a rating of PG-13 and a runtime of approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Main Cast Members

In Fast X, the main cast includes familiar faces from previous movies. Vin Diesel takes on the role of Dominic Toretto, the skilled and fearless driver who leads a team of talented individuals.

Michelle Rodriguez plays Letty Ortiz, Dom’s wife, and an equally skilled driver. Tyrese Gibson portrays Roman, known for his wit and charm. Joining the franchise is Jason Momoa as Dante, adding his brand of intensity to the film.

Brie Larson joins in as Tess, bringing her talent and charisma. Together, this talented ensemble brings their characters to life in thrilling race scenes and action-packed moments throughout Fast X.

Rating and Runtime

Fast X has received a rating of PG-13 from the MPAA. It may not be suitable for young children, as it contains intense sequences of violence and action, some language, and suggestive material.

The movie runs 141 minutes, or 2 hours and 21 minutes.

Other High-Speed Movies to Watch

Get your adrenaline pumping with these recommendations for high-speed movies to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Recommendations for Similar Movies

If you enjoyed watching “Fast X” and want to see more high-speed action, there are other movies you can check out. These recommendations include films featuring thrilling car chases and intense racing scenes similar to those in “Fast X.” So, if you’re a fan of fast cars and adrenaline-pumping action, these movies should be on your watchlist.

Fast X Trailer

Watch the official trailer for Fast X and get a sneak peek of the action-packed film.

Watch the Official Trailer

[Video Credits @The Fast Saga]

The official trailer for “Fast X” is now available to watch! This action-packed preview gives you a sneak peek into the adrenaline-fueled world of fast cars, epic stunts, and intense chases.

As your favorite characters return for another thrilling chapter, get blown away by jaw-dropping visuals and heart-pounding moments. Don’t miss out on all the excitement – check out the official trailer now and get hyped for the upcoming “Fast X” release!

Fast X Online in 2023

Discover where and how to watch Fast X online in 2023, including availability, pricing, and renting or purchasing options.

Availability and Pricing on Streaming Platforms

Fast X is available to stream on various platforms, each with its pricing.

Platform Availability Pricing
Peacock Coming Soon TBA
Amazon Prime Video Available to rent or purchase $19.99
Roku devices and Roku TVs Available to rent or purchase $19.99
123movies and Reddit Free to watch Free
Netflix Not Available N/A

Please note that the movie is unavailable on Peacock or Netflix.

Renting or Purchasing Options

You have a few options for renting or purchasing Fast X. If you want to watch it in 2023, you can rent it for $19.99. Or, if you prefer to own it, you can purchase it for $24. These options give you flexibility depending on your preference and budget.

By choosing either option, you can enjoy the latest instalment of the Fast and Furious series at your convenience. Don’t forget that there are different platforms where you can find Fast X, including Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services like Direct TV, Google Play, Vudu, Microsoft, YouTube, AppleTV, and Redbox.

Unfortunately, though, Fast X is not available on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check some commonly asked questions on Fast X showtimes here.

1. Where can I find showtimes for Fast X?

You can find showtimes for Fast X by checking your local movie theater’s website, using a movie ticketing app, or searching online.

2. Can I watch Fast X on streaming platforms?

You can stream Fast X on various platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. Check the availability and subscription requirements of each platform.

3. Is there an age restriction to watch Fast X?

Fast X may have an age restriction depending on its rating. It is recommended to check the movie’s rating before watching it with children to ensure it is appropriate.

4. Are there any discounts available for watching Fast X in theaters?

Some theaters may offer discounts for certain days or times, student discounts, or loyalty program benefits. Check with your local theater for any available discounts when watching Fast X.

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