Services that a Moving Company should Offer

Moving to a new home is (almost) always a complicated process. Although we can consider doing the move on our own, the best thing to do for your nerves and your back is to leave the move in the hands of professionals. But the services that a good moving company should offer go much further than transporting furniture from one house to another. At H2H movers LA we want to offer you a guide on the basic services that every moving company should offer.

To find a moving company that we can really trust, it is important to confirm that we are dealing with a real moving company, not a broker. A moving broker is not licensed to transport belongings; rather, they book the move and then contract with a shipping or parcel company, at the lowest price they can find.

Main Services of Moving Companies

1. Customer Service

Every moving company must provide you with all the information you need and conveniently advise you on the key operational aspects of the move, as well as specify a detailed budget based on the moving services to be provided.

2. Visit the Client’s Home

It is convenient for a specialized operator from the company to come to your home to evaluate the items that are going to be moved and the operation that will be necessary to carry out the move (packaging material, vehicles, personnel, etc.), in order to prepare a detailed budget. In the event that it is finally agreed that the company is going to carry out the transfer, it is also important that the professionals draw up an inventory that includes all the belongings that are going to be transported.

3. Insurance And Moving Contract

It is highly recommended to carefully read the terms of the contract and check that it includes:

  • The data of the moving company.
  • An inventory of the items to be transported.
  • The journey of the movie.
  • Date of completion (start and end).
  • The total price to pay.

It is also convenient that you request information on the types of insurance available and that you consult what the basic insurance covers that the moving company must-have.

4. Preparation Of Furniture For The Move

The moving company must offer you the possibility of having its operators take care of the packaging of the belongings (providing the material if necessary), as well as the assembly and disassembly of furniture and heavy objects.

At this point, you should consider that the professionals have the experience, technical knowledge, and the right materials to ensure that all your belongings arrive in perfect condition at their destination (and hiring them will save you a lot of effort and headaches).

5. Vehicles And Machinery For The Transfer

The company must have the appropriate vehicles and machinery (lifting platforms, etc.) to complete any type of move with the maximum guarantees of safety and quality of service.

In addition to offering you all these basic services at the best prices on the market, at H2H movers LA with long-distance movers experts we give you moving hours when you hire a storage room at any of our centers and we only charge you from the moment we arrive at your home, with no travel or minimum hours. 


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