Making Your Trade Show Booth Design Stand Out

Did you know that 92% of trade show attendees go to learn about new products and services? Don’t let your trade show booth design cause your company to miss out on this traffic.

Trade shows are networking events for those within the same industry as your company. These events could be the most intelligent method of gaining brand awareness. Hiring professional modeling agency for your trade show will increase the chances of its success.

If your booth is too subtle, it may get passed over by your potential traffic. Make sure you design your stall so that you will draw the attention of the attendees. If you are looking for 10 x 20 trade show rental, you can follow the absolute guide on Google.

Consider Your Trade Booth’s Location

Most of us who have attended trade shows will have noticed that the location of your booth is critical. This fact is also true for designing your booth.

If you are attending your first trade show as a company, you may find your booth along the outside area of the show. A good trade show booth design will take into account its location and surrounding area.

Central Booth’s

Those companies lucky enough to get a center booth will have more room to play with your design. You can put in place a full 360 view of their booth.

Having this view will allow you more options for your design. You won’t be focusing all your advertising in one direction. Install some standalone posters to space around the entire perimeter of your booth.

Outer Area Booth

Those situated in the outer area may have a booth grouped alongside other companies. This will cause you to focus all your attention in one direction.

An upside to this is you will have wall space around you to use to your advantage. As mentioned, you will have your focus aimed in one direction. Focus on everything you have in that single direction.

Use the Best Graphics for Your Trade Show Booth Design

With the rise of technology, graphics are developing in new and exciting ways. Take advantage of this rise and use the best pictures for your booth design.

You can use graphics in some impressively imaginative ways. Look into what graphics are available to you within your budget.

Is your first trade show booth? If so, you may not want to go for the most expensive graphics. But, you also don’t want to go for the cheapest.

You should try to make your booth stand out against those surrounding you. But, you don’t want to spend your entire budget on amazing graphics to fall behind on other aspects.

One of the best trade show booth design tips is to ensure your graphics fit with your company. If you are advertising a computer-based company, you won’t want pictures promoting sports.

Central Booth’s

If you have a central booth, you can aim for your larger graphics to grab people’s attention. Your booth will be more successful if you can make passers-by stop and talk about your product or service.

Outer Area Booth

If you have a smaller booth within a grouping, you won’t want the most prominent and loudest graphics. You will want to target a more subtle graphic to draw people into your booth.

Don’t Forget to Implement the Right Flooring

People often forget about the flooring of a booth. But, the cool trade show booth designs will want to use the perfect flooring to stand out.

The company hosting the trade show won’t spend a lot of money having individual flooring for each booth. However, this is something that you should do.

Many companies won’t consider this. You will stand out straight away with this one simple addition.

When designing your booth’s floor, you will want to consider the amount of traffic you could bring in. Your floor will need to be durable and safe for your visitors to walk-on for the entirety of the trade show.

Use Your Lighting to Stand Out

To create an effective trade show booth design, you will want to consider the lighting. There are a couple of ways for you to use lighting for your booth.

One important method is to use it to make your booth visible to your traffic. When you are talking to your visitors, you will want them to see what you are talking about what you have to offer. If your booth is too dark, it will be harder to draw in the traffic.

You could even use LED lights of different colors to catch the eye of passers-by. People are like magpies. Bright shiny lights will attract them.

Take Note of the Smaller Elements

You don’t want all this work to fall short on the more minor details. Try including free things to hand out from your booth. If word gets around the trade show that you are handing out free items, traffic will come crawling in.

Make your stall entertaining in some way. Hire trade show models who will interact directly to your potential customers or maybe implement a game of some kind to bring people back to your cubicle. 

Does your booth correctly advertise your product or service? If not, then try adding your product for people to test. The aim of a trade show is to make people remember you when they leave.

If all these notes worry you, some companies can help with your design. Such companies as best exhibits rockway exhibits can take the pressure off your shoulders. By taking the complex parts of the plan for you, you can focus more on the trade show itself.

Make Your Trade Show Booth Popular

Now you know ways to improve your trade show booth design. Use these tips to make your booth the ‘go to’ booth of the whole trade show.

Implement the best graphics available to you. Choose the best flooring for your booth.

Make sure to choose the best lighting. Don’t forget the more minor elements of your booth.

Go ahead and read our other blogs on such subjects as Technology or Business. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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